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  1. Its a division game of course its going to be tough
  2. IF the Team continues to play like they are now then only a fool would fire the head coach that the players obviously respect. Lets finish the season and see what happens right now we look like a good team that had a meltdown in the first half of the season.
  3. To be honest all that matters right now is that the team keeps playing like they are now.
  4. Ok ill play. What other profession in life rewards you to not even try at your job? These guys get paid to entertain, intentionally losing games is nor entertaining. Beating your Division opponents however is quite entertaining.
  5. NO. There is no question, all this talk of teams tanking is disgusting.
  6. Why the **** would we tank when we haven't lost a division game! sure i wouldn't mind having one of the qbs from this draft but ill take wins especially division wins any day.
  7. Draft picks be ****ed. Anything that adds a little more misery to that SEWER of a city is fine by me I hope we can do it again when they come to the dome on Turkey Day!
  8. I just left the saints board and it looked a lot like our boards have recently SO IM FEELING GREAT!
  9. This is definitely one of the ****tier starts I've seen, and looking ahead at the BRUTAL schedule there appears to only be more misery. If the D cant find a way to get a couple of stops a game I don't see a way we win another game this year.
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