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  1. The black people in Atlanta will never support a white QB the way they supported VickMexico. It's unfortunate, but true. Even if the Falcons win a SB in the near future, I don't think it will ever be as packed as it was when VickThug was here. The Falcons could have sucked with VickDogfighter at QB, but as long as he was scrambling once in a while holding the football like a stolen loaf of bread, the black people in Atlanta would go to the games to watch their idol. Black people love thugs and bad-boys. That's why VickHerpes jersey was such a huge seller when Philly took a shot on him, and
  2. ATLANTA FALCONS VS CLEVELAND BROWNS Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick (7), running a quarterback keeper, fumbles the ball and has his helmet knocked off while teammate Wayne Gandy (72) tries to get the ball in third quarter play against the Cleveland Browns at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, November 12, 2006. Cleveland ultimately recovered the fumble. The Browns defeated the Falcons 17-13. (UPI Photo/John Dickerson)..
  3. Or this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKD31R7Y1_c
  4. Can Matty Melt do this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eePlCW37wXA
  5. Big deal, who hasn't? That ho... That's why I have no idea who my daddy be and why I'm such a jackhole.
  6. Vick had a much better defense, and still lost to a ton of sub .500 teams like it was going out of style, but Ryan can't run like Vick, can he? Or throw the ball really really hard, huh? Take THAT!
  7. Hey D-Bag, go push that pencil where the sun don't shine and get the flock off the board with your sorryazz Cowgirls.
  8. LOL....true dat. You know that's why I love me some Vick and hate me some Matt Ryan. When you look solely at their play and performance, only a crack smoker would say Vick is better. But Vick is my homeboy, no matter what. He's the only reason I became a Falcon fan.....and why I'm now a Philly fan trolling these boards for attention.
  9. Roddy needs to shut up. He was close to a bust before Ryan got here. At the same time, I'm sure Roddy realizes the importance of a great QB and when a team would be better of without them (like us without Vick....soooooo much better). When Ryan got here, Roddy became confident and cocky (and 100 times better) because he knows Ryan will get him the ball instead of running around with the ball in one hand like it's a stolen loaf of bread. Roddy had a lot of receptions this year coming back to the QB, when he knows Vick would have just taken off running. You could tell how happy Roddy is, a
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