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  1. Like others have suggested, I would say that you stay somewhere fairly close to the dome, but not too...as it's not in the best area. Also, take MARTA. Parking is really expensive (unless you and some other people are going to split it) and usually a pain to find a spot. OR you can park in some random parking lots for less and HOPE that your car is there after the game. With MARTA you wouldn't have to worry about that. Which game are you thinking of coming to? I hope you enjoy it!!
  2. I'm glad to see that he's watching and re-watching the game. I feel that, in most sports, you learn MORE from a lose than you do a win. Personally, I feel like one of his biggest obstacle right now is his nerves. It's understandable to be upset, especially when your first offensive play goes like THAT. But, it seemed like he was still thinking about it through the 1st and some of the 2nd quarter...throwing some really high passes. I feel like good things are going to come for Murray...it's just going to take some experience.
  3. I may be "borrowing" that for my computer at home. Thanks for posting!
  4. can't wait for Thursday night! Ray Lewis...we're coming for ya!

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