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  1. I don't care about "a pretty good team". I care about one thing, and one thing only. Anything less is a failure. A waste of time and money and energy. A betrayal of my loyalty and fandom since Bartkowski was our quarterback. And this team, with these lines, can not and will not win a championship. We have the best skill position talent in the league. We have lines that hamper and shackle them, limiting their effectiveness. We have zero depth because TD insists on squandering picks every year. The picks we do use after round three are near-zero contributors. We are so close to a championship, and I believe TD's fanatical obsession with fast little guys, and his disdain of big hoss's in the trenches, has doomed us to being also-rans yet again. We'll likely make the playoffs as a wildcard and get swept out again because we can't control either line of scrimmage.
  2. Blow through ineffective blockers to sack or harass Matt Ryan, or stuff Jackson in the backfield. That might work.
  3. True. I never said he couldn't block in college. But that 45 degree forward lean is going to get him a facemask full of sod almost every time in the NFL. I will say this: he isn't afraid or hesitant to block. He really gets into it. He just needs to learn how to do it properly in the NFL. I think it was a bad pick because we need other positions immediately, and he has a lot to learn. But I am not saying he will never be able to play. He has a lot of potential. I just wanted someone drafted that could help us right here, this season.
  4. Look at my draft. I was responding to someone else who said that he was a good pick despite not being good enough to play. If you draft him, you better envision him being able to contribute.
  5. Oh my. Someone thinks poorly of me! WhatEVER shall I do?!!? Suckit wussyboy. If saying that a rookie needs to learn something gets you offended, then you need to be offended a lot more often.
  6. So why is it so horrifying to say that he needs to learn how to block?
  7. So you think that its perfectly ok to NOT teach him proper technique? Once again, you little sissyfied pansy insecure TD asslickers are acting like I'm saying he just flat will never play. I'm saying he has to learn proper technique. So quit whining about the fact that he isn't a polished out-of-the-box NFL style blocker and go back to licking TD's taint.
  8. Look at how Gronk compresses, bends his knees right before impact, gets low, and completely wipes out an all pro defensive end, Terrell Suggs.
  9. Again: if the guy can't play, what's the point? What good is "smart" if "but can't throw" is the next phrase? Would that not be the job of a QB coach?
  10. You're right. And I have never heard anyone say Gonzo is a good blocker. He has gotten better over the years, but he's not a pancake-maker by any stretch. And this is all I'm saying about Toilolo: he is not a good blocker now. He might become one, but he isn't one now. His too-tall technique will get him Konz'd until he learns to play with his knees bent instead of his waist, and to keep his pads over his feet a bit more so he has better balance and control.
  11. Look at Toilolo's blocks. Most of them he is leaning forward at a 45 degree angle. A good NFL defensive end will rip and blow roght by him, leaving him face down on the turf. When leaning like that, your pads in front of your feet to such a degree, you're off balance, unable to control your body. Your momentum. That is why people say he is an in-line blocker. If he can get someone moving backward, his size and strength will allow him to keep them moving backward. But NFL defensive linemen won't let him lock up on them so easily, and will be bigger, stronger, and coached to play lower than what he is used to. They will be more effective at getting inside his elbows and under his pads.
  12. I always do. Just like when I posted a half-dozen picks of Konz playing too tall, too straight up. Like I said above, you can get away with that in college. Not in the NFL, though.
  13. He oftentimes gets his guy blocked because of his size. But that technique won't work in the NFL. Peter Konz was in a similar position. Physical size and strength served him just fine in college; in the pros that didn't work out so well. I'm not saying Toilolo will never be able to block. I'm saying that as-is, he plays too high, bends at the waist instead of his knees, doesn't establish a position to get leverage, and will get trucked in the NFL against NFL defensive ends. Can he learn proper technique? Absolutely! But as I noted elsewhere, this coaching staff has not developed or coached up any players yet. That is why I am so fearful of Konz as our only option at C. If the coaches haven't coached that too-tall crap out of him, we're going to be screwed, and with no option to get un-screwed.
  14. Think about what you just said. We drafted a guy who is smart, but who can't play if needed. Isn't that position called "Quarterback Coach"? Isn't the idea of a #2 QB to have a guy who can come off the bench and win games? Or at least not lose them due to an inability to actually throw the ball?
  15. 1) And we have cut/not-resigned players since then. We can not field a valid team. No RG. No MLB. No #2 CB (until the draftees sign). We filled one hole and left 2 others effectively empty and vacant. 2) Warford was available instead of a #4 CB with Crohn's Disease at #2; Zavier Gooden was available had we not stupidly squandered our #3. 4) So they drafted someone for 4 years from now while we still have no players capable of starting at several positions right freaking now?!!? 5) Constantly trading away picks to get sure-fire guys is killing our depth, and has left us with holes at starting positions. He has drafted exactly ZERO starters after round 4. He has a huge miss with an injury-prone first round bust. Sounds like either crazy or incompetent to me.
  16. Unfortunately for him, he had to actually play. His faults were exposed, much as Matt Barkley's faults were. Horrible technique as a blocker. Slow and clumsy coming off the line. Poor route runner. His only attribute is his size. Can his shortcomings be overcome via coaching? Sure, its possible. Its also possible he never gets it. This coaching staff has a horrible track record with developing talent, so don't hold your breath on his being coached up.
  17. I believe he'll stick with #2. Its been pretty good to him so far.
  18. Always expect the unexpected! But if you do, the unexpected becomes the expected--- leaving you to be blindsided by the previously expected now-unexpected.
  19. http://cdn.ebaumsworld.com/mediaFiles/picture/751397/83189001.gif
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