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  1. why do we always lose to playoff teams all the fkn time, lost to the saints and eagles and steelers last year, now the bears, eagles we lose smfh
  2. matt threw for 300 yards, 250 those came on checkdowns, btw he didnt score any points, which u need to win the game. turner ran for 100, 68 of those came on 1 play, that he slowed down cuz hes too fat, the rest of the game he was INEFFECTIVE DL played great no doubt. everything else was absolute garbage
  3. he also missed an interception in the 3rd qtr. the dude has a good heart and hes a good kid, but hes not worthy of a 1st round pick right now, neither is peria jerry theyre both garbage
  4. yes ur right, but ****...how are we gonna beat them
  5. ya cuz we fkn wont win anything omg what dont u guys get, did u fkn see the beatdown ? it was BAD REALL BAD
  6. nope, but we sucked really hard today, did u see the game? like the real game ? DA BEARS????????????????????
  7. my claim has merit, did u not see how bad we sucked today?
  8. u might wanna remove the "explosive" tag under ur name lolz
  9. my point exactly. wasnt his fault he didnt get good stats, noodle arm ftl
  10. in other words we sucked and looked like ****, we couldnt run the ball we didnt try to run the ball,we couldnt complete a pass.... we sucked.
  11. 13-3 overrated garbage azz team, gtfo saints takin dis ****
  12. are they moronic really? if i woulda said bears by 30, wouldnt be a moron especially after what happened nerd.
  13. i dont think ryan has noodle arm, it should be Matt "checkdown" Ryan will throw 2-3 picks, with 1 touchdown when it doesn't matter. Turner will burst 1 good 30 yard run but be ineffective the rest of the game, our defensive line will show up, our secondary won't, neither will our coaching staff cuz eagles win and we have no chance of winning anything else for the next 3 years with these garbage coaches
  14. i don't know ask the front office, we didn't need defense we needed another receiver, bam there goes our next 2-3 years of talent. G ******* G FAILCONS, even if julio is good.
  15. in the past i used to get pissed, today i was just laughing at how bad a #1 seed could be, i don't know how we ever got to the playoffs, maybe we shoulda kept mike VICK, he bout to come in here and disect our defense.
  16. apparently QB is one of them...umm, linebacker, definately. o, how could we not forget cornerback, safety. Punter, although many of u may not notice this, bosher sucks balls. letting koenen go was a huge mistake.
  17. why don't you shut up and stop telling us to shut up, did u not just watch the game our fuken defense scored more points then our offense for ****s sake.
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