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  1. I just need a simple question answered. Suppose you got stopped for your tint. Do you feel that is reason enough for the cop to search your car?
  2. I enjoyed it. Not so much the singing but the overall package wasn't bad at all. The on field choreography was really nice.
  3. It's not like they're gonna get hit or anything.
  4. If we have a shot at Aso then we have to take it. What's harder to find then a shut down corner? There aren't even 10 in the league if you ask me. I'd rather try and get him and then trade up for a top notch end. If you think BVG would run soft zone with that type of backfield then you're nuts. I believe he was playing to the strength of our defense all year. With a now elite backfield and a top 5 DE, we can run more exotic schemes.
  5. It can easily be argued that Aso is just as good or better. So if the jets had VJ and Aso rather then what they have, they'd still choose Aso.
  6. Wouldn't we have to be hyped first in order to be overrated?
  7. Do you think he would accept that even if it were possible? He could probably get a job else where rather then wasting his time with that.
  8. Maybe if he signed for what amounts to lunch money but with incentives for staying healthy and producing. Otherwise, it was great to have him but adios.
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