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  1. I agree with this post. Yeah thats what the Eagles did to us. Shut down the run , so did the Packers and we got blown out. Ryan isnt as great as everyone is making him out to be. He got exposed. He sucks at throwing the deep ball. Hes only good at check downs, slants and throwing to the sidelines. You said it best. A good qb can win without a run game. Vick does it all the time. Truth is Ryan is equivalent to Sanchez,Romo and flaco. You shut down their run games and those qbs are horrible.
  2. Problem aint gonzales. Its Ryan. Its funny how every time Ryan has a bad game its always somebody elses fault. First you blamed Murlarkey now youre blaming a hall of fame tight end. Gonzo has been great every season hes been in the league and Now all of a sudden he plays with Ryan and hes not so good. Maybe if he had Vick throwing to him he wouldve had a better season. You guys better realize Ryan is not the answer for this team. Its always excuses for the kid. He cant throw the deep ball well either. Hes only half way decent at throwing slants and throwing to the sidelines. He is not a champ
  3. He cant deliver the deep ball consistently and people wonder why murlarkey isnt opening up his playbook more. I think has to do more with Ryan than Murlarkey. Its the Oc's job to play to a players strenghths and not his weaknesses. Murlarkey knows more about Ryan than either of us. Ryan can only checkdown, throw a slant, or to the sidelines. He is a very limited QB.
  4. If Ryan doesnt get any better by next season. You have to realize he is what he is and move on is all im saying.
  5. Thats Ryan. Hes the one that threw a pick 6 in the playoffs,fumbled threw another stupid pick and got sacked 4 times. Guess what Ryan has a better Oline than Vick ,But yeah i guess Ryan can pick up blitzes huh? Ryan is nothing more than another version of Tony Romo. We wont ever win a superbowl with him. If i had to bet who would win a superbowl first i would say Vick. Atleast he didnt get beat by 20+ pts and turn the ball over 3 TIMES. Vick threw for 300 yds had a rushing TD and a passing one. Ryan only threw for 186 yds- unacceptable. You call that a championship caliber qb? Boy stop.
  6. Vick didnt throw a pick six, fumble and throw another interception. Vicks team didnt get blown out by 20+ pts at home like Ryans. Vick had 2 tds and they didnt come in garbage time. Vick threw for close to 300 yds. Ryan passed for only 186. Vick is miles better than Ryan and it aint even close. Vick won a playoff game in less than 3 seasons. Ryan been here 3 seasons with a better coach and more weapons that what Vick had and he still cant even win 1 playoff game.
  7. If an OC is closing the playbook after Ryans rookie season well then maybe that should tell you something. Maybe he knows more about Ryan and knows he isnt as great as you all think he is. Its the OC's job to call plays to the player's strengths. He doesnt trust Ryan to open the book further or maybe just maybe Ryan has alot of weaknesses you guys dont know about. Be careful what you wish for. I personally think Ryan is what he is. Another version of Tony Romo he will win ya games but choke in the ones that matter the most. Ryan isnt a championship caliber QB, just face it. We could bring in a
  8. Its funny how everytime Ryan has a bad game its murlarkeys fault but it was never knapps fault when Vick had a bad game. I find that odd. You guys always try to point fingers at this man. He didnt hold a gun to Ryans head on the sideline and make him throw a pick six. He also didnt make Ryan throw another pick and then fumble. Ryan has to take some of the blame. I get so frustrated at everyone trying to blame everybody except Ryan. He has to play better and its as simple as that.
  10. Matty ice always melts under pressure. Funny they made this thread and Ryan throws a pick six and gives Greenbay more points. Ryan had 3 turnovers and our fans are blaming everyone except Ryan. Everytime he has a bad game. Its always somebody elses fault. I guess Mike Murlarky put a gun to Ryans head on the sidelines and told him to throw those 2 picks with one of them being returned for 6pts and fumbling. Ryan has a better defense than Vick had also. Vick won a playoff game his first season as our starter without even studying film. I hear about how Ryan works his tail off and yet he still h
  11. No Ryan screwed us, with his pick six he threw right to that DB, his fumble and his other interception.
  12. I mean Matt plays well and has winning seasons. But so did Romo Ryan can get his team to the playoffs but never win in his first 3 seasons, but so did Romo Ryan has an arsenal of weapons,but still chokes in the playoffs but so did Romo. In Romos first 3 seasons he didnt even win a playoff game and he had an offense full of pro bowlers My point is maybe Ryan isnt this great qb we thought he was. He may be more like a Sanchez,Cutler,Flaco, Romo type qb He may give you a few winning seasons as long as you surround him with a good defense and Running game , but truly is just not a championship ca
  13. Vick won in the playoffs his first season as our starter. Ryan been here 3 seasons and hadnt won one and he had more weapons than Vick did when he was here. Matter a fact he lost worse than Vick did to greenbay and turned the ball over more. You can keep them stats. None of that means anything if you cant atleast win 1 playoff game.
  14. O really. I find it hilarious. How everyone has suddenly dissapeared from this topic. Well i got paid today.
  15. It didnt take Vick 3 seasons to win a playoff game. Looks like Ryan is the one that choked. All that talk and all that hype about us going to the superbowl. Turns out we have a better defense than the Eagles and Greenbay put up 48 on us. Vick hasnt been blown out at home all season. What happened to all this talk about we to good at home and cant be beat? You make all these threads bashing Vick when hes not on our team. Yet Ryan only had 1 td pass and the falcons offense only scored 14pts we wouldve lost by more pts if our special teams didnt score. LOL Looks like Ryan is the one that CHOKED
  16. What do all of them have in common? They have a top 5 defense thats forces fumbles or gets alot of turnovers and they all have superb run games. None of them are good qbs. I wish somebody would come up to me and say " Cutler is a good QB" when the Bears went to the superbowl with Rex Gross Man
  17. I am , im a realist. When people try to bring up Vick. I correct them. Secondly why are we talking about Vick in this thread in the first place? Ryan wont ever be on his level. Ryan will be a decent qb im sure. But Vick is a special talent that only comes around once every 20 yrs. As far as bets go. Im a falcons fan, but i know they will lose. I bet alot on games. Its not uncommon to bet against your own team when you know they will lose. Ive made plenty of money off of it over the yrs.
  18. I bet $250 on this game and i will be sure to collect it after the Falcons lose. You on the other hand wont be anywhere to be found after this game.
  19. Vick won in the playoffs WITHOUT STUDYING HIS PLAYBOOK. So as far as those stats go you may as well throw that out the window. Save your breath. I would much rather win playoff games instead of just having great numbers. This is Ryan's 3rd season and how many playoff victories does he have? exactly like i thought and he still wont have one after today. Secondly you mention all these stats when those were two different Falcons teams. Ryan has a better coach than Vick had and more weapons. Vick was playing with rookie Roddy. Ryan got the mature Roddy White that stopped dropping passes. Ryan has
  20. This is Vick's first season starting in 4 years so lets take that into account so eventually he would wear down. Of course nobody expected the Eagles to even make it to the playoffs. That team is flawed all the way around from their special teams never getting Vick a short field and always starting from the 20 or from his endzone. They have the last ranked redzone defense which means they always get scored on in the redzone no matter how bad the team is that they are playing. As far as the blitzes go. Vick reckognizes them , but he chose to go for the long ball instead of taking the checkdown
  21. Starks is better than Jackson. Greenbay will beat the Falcons watch. They let the Eagles back up quarterback Kevin Kolb beat them.
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