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  1. Manning not only had a bad coach his first 3 seasons as a Colt, but he didnt have anywhere near the weapons Ryan has on Offense. Ryan has nothing but probowlers on his offense. Peyton didnt come into a great situation like Ryan did. Ryan came to Atlanta surrounded by an arsenal of great weapons and a good HC. So quit trying to compare Peytons situation to ryans its just stupid.
  2. Peyton was in the league 12 yrs b4 he even went to one? whats you point?
  3. Now this is just ridiculous. Why are we even bringing Vick up? This thread is about Ryan. Ryan in his first 3 seasons as our starter has choked in every playoff game weve been in. Even when Vick was lazy and not studying Film he still won us playoff games and got us to the NFC game. Okay if you want to compare the two. Vick has a worse Oline and much worse defense than Ryan and even he threw for nearly 300 yds and rushed for a TD and threw one. His kicker also missed 2 field goals that wouldve won them that game against greenbay. Yet Ryan on the other hand only threw for 186 yds and one Td, 2
  4. How could you be so sure? What if Ryan is horrible next season? then what? Should we still keep saying" O hes just a young QB" Fans need to quit babying him. This was his 3rd season that performance was very unacceptable. 3 turnovers, and one of them was a pick six. Only throwing for one TD and 186 yrds? You can be okay with that all you want , but im not.
  5. I wouldnt go that far as saying ryan will have a superbowl before Vick.
  6. Me personally. I think the kid is what he is. This offense is very limited due to his weak arm. He is not good at throwing the deep ball and when our run game is bad he struggles very badly. Its not that Murlarkey cant open up the playbook more, but maybe Ryan is just a limited QB. This is what i think , I say if we decide to trade him. Go after Kevin Kolb. He is begging the Eagles to trade him. The kid had two 300+ yrd games his first season as a starter and he beat us handidly. He is a great QB and he is young. If we do decide to keep Ryan give him just one more season and if he still cant
  7. I say we get Kolb the kid had two 300 yd back to back games in his first run as a starter. Thats just my opinion. I was never sold on ryan every since we drafted him. Weve been getting easy schedules his first 2 seasons. We only played 4 good teams this season and we lost to two and won the other 2 at home. Ryan weakness is he cant throw the deep ball unless its a slant. Hes only good at dinking and dunking. We put him the best situation to succeed with weapons and all and he chokes every time we get to the playoffs. Its starting to get frustrating
  8. This ^ thanks you very much. If we can i say trade him for Kevin Kolb. Kolb said that he wants to be traded
  9. Well unfortunately Ryan isnt as good as Vick yet and thats why our dome doesnt sell out even in the playoffs. if we played vick in the playoffs our dome wouldve been packed. Ryan has been in the league 3 seasons and he has more weapons and a better coach than Vick and he still cant win a playoff game. Its starting to get frustrating. Kevin kolb is up for trade. We need to trade Ryan for him. I guess we'll give Ryan one more year or so. Hopefully he steps up. if he doesnt he needs to go.
  10. The Vick statement was true whether anyone likes it or not. Ok well lets just stick to talking about Ryan. Turner isnt really a good recieving RB to catch screen passes in my opinion hes a down hill runner just like Snelling. Even if we did run of bunch of screens it wouldnt have worked. Philly tried that as well. Matt isnt that accurate throwing the deep ball unless its a slant. Listen man he is what he is.
  11. Just because someone tells the truth about Ryan doesnt mean theyre not a fan.
  12. Lazy Vick, not studying still better than Ryan- who works his tail off and still fails in the playoffs with more weapons than Vick had. Vick had a ton more of defenciencys on that Eagles team than Ryan. First he had the last ranked redzone defense in the last 25 yrs. Which means their redzone defense was worse than the winless Lions team in 08" So basically Vick had to out score everyteam. Not to mention his RT&RG got blown up every play as soon as the ball was snapped to him forcing him to run for his life. If you want to make comparisons. Vick had nearly 300 yds passing and 2 tds on gre
  13. Who said he was. With that being said trade Ryan for Kolb. Kolb is a much better qb. Hey its just a thought.
  14. All im saying is i dont like people tryning to blame MM everytime Ryan plays bad.
  15. Ive noticed this the last 3 seasons. Everytime Matt Ryan has a bad game. Its always somebodyelses fault. Ive heard things like Its Murlarkey not opening up his playbook enough. To Gonzo is not good anymore. Well Gonzales was great in the NFL until he started playing with Ryan. As far as Mike Murlarkey goes. PEOPLE ITS an OC'S JOB TO CALL PLAYS TO THE PLAYERS STRENGTHS. Hes knows more about Ryan than you or I. He knows Ryan isnt as great as you all make him out to be. Lets just be honest here for a sec. Ryan sucks at throwing the deep ball. Hes only good at check downs or throwing to the side
  16. Vick passed for nearly 300 yds, a td and rushed for another TD. Matter a fact hes was responsible for all their scores.Their kicker missed 2 easy field goals that wouldve won them the game. They didnt have a run game and they have the last ranked redzone defense in the league in the last 25 yrs. Do you know what that means? that means their redzone defense was worse than the Lions when they had a winless season. Yet Vick still out performed Ryan who had just 186 passing yards a td, with 3 turnovers and got sacked 4 times. One of them being returned for a TD. Even with all the flaws on that eag
  17. I want to see Matt Ryan gone. Hes been in the league 3 seasons with no playoff wins. He has a better coach and more weapons than Vick had and he still cant get the job done. He is not a championship caliber type QB. He cant throw the deep ball. Murlarkey cant open up his book more because of Ryans weaknesses. He is a very limited qb. He cant throw the deepball. Hes only good at checking the ball down or throwing to the sidelines. Shut down the run and Ryan cant get it done. I hope we trade him and get Kevin Kob from the Eagles now thats a real Qb.
  18. You do realize they had better defenses than Vick ever has had right? If you only had a brain.
  19. Well i think its safe to say Sanchez and Flaco have way better defenses than Vick has ever had. Both of their Defenses get them a ton of turnovers as well.
  20. Actually the eagles laid the blue print to beat us. They embarrassed us with a back up QB named Kolb.
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