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  1. Ryan is not good at throwing Deep thats why MM doesnt do it much. Its not rocket science kid. People keep saying Mm not opening up the playbook for Ryan when the problem is Ryan is a limited QB with a very weak arm And cant throw the deep ball well. MM is only calling plays to Matts strengths and trying not to let him embarrass himself like he did last night with those 3 turnovers in which one of them turned into a pick six. As an OC i think MM has done a great job. Hes doing what he was paid to do and thats put his players in the best position he can to help them succeed and thats what he di
  2. Birds of a feather flock together. They probably wear their white sheets over their heads as well. I said the same thing. These are the same people that hated Vick before he even got in trouble when he was here. Ive always said, those dogs were just an excuse these people use to hate that man. Vick served his time for killing an animal and lost 100 of millions of dollars and they still hate him over killing a few mutts? Them dogs are just an excuse. We went out an got Ryan and people left before the game even ended last night. He cant even sell out the dome like Vick did nor win a playoff gam
  3. Shut up dude. Ryan lost the Falcons the game. He lost worse than Vick and he has a better defense. He threw 2 picks, one was returned for a TD, changing the momentum of the game and he also fumbled turning the ball over to Greenbay again. Told you the falcons would lose and were overrated. Vick is miles better than Ryan and its not even close. We surrounded Ryan with more talent on offense than Vick ever had and he still cant win a playoff game. Falcons got destroyed at home in the playoffs. Vick won in the playoffs his first season as a starter. Ryan been a Falcon for 3 seasons and failed to
  4. Racist boy stop sending me PMs. Its amazing how i reported your PM to the mods and youre still allowed to post. Its amazing how i made a thread showing proof with the same pic thats in my sig of the message you sent me and THEY REMOVED IT. I find that very interesting, So if anybody wants to see what the racist Master Exploder sent me Look at my sig.
  5. Kevin Kolb against us, was 23/29, had a 79.3 completion percentage, 3 tds, 326 yrds passing, with 133.6 QB rating now lets look at Ryans stats in that same game Ryan was 23/42, 54.8 completion percentage, 250 yds passing, 78.5 QB rating, 1 interception, and 2 TDS , AGAINST THE LAST RANKED REDZONE DEFENSE IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE IN THE LAST 25 YEARS. DONT YOU DARE SIT UP HERE AND TELL ME, MATT RYAN IS BETTER THAN KEVIN KOLB. We had better trade for Kolb unless we want to continue to lose in the playoffs. Or if the Eagles change their minds about trading Kolb, Then Ryan should only get one more sea
  6. Dude im talking about us getting Kolb if the eagles decide they want to trade him
  7. Dude sanchez has a defense that gets him turnovers all the time. Bradys defense sucks. Kolbs defense sucked when he was starting for the Eagles, but he still wins games. Kolb doesnt need to depend on a run game to play great. Ryan struggles and showed time and time again he cant carry this team if our defense or rbs have a bad day. Kolb is in a pass happy offense. So Murlarkey could open the playbook more for him. Im just saying that when kolb is up for trade get him. Qbs dont come around like him often.
  8. thats because kolb wasnt the starter dude SHUT UP! Kolb is better than Ryan. He beat us easily and sent us home. he outplayed ryan. WE Better get this kid because if Ryan doesnt pan out. We wouldve missed out. He HAD TWO 300+ YD PASSING GAMES IN HIS FIRST 2 STARTS
  9. Kevin Kolb is a better qb dude. Stop im not trolling. you Have to get Kolb now because he is a proven winner. Kevin kolb beat us handidly, He is better than Ryan dude. We need to trade Ryan for Kolb. If we dont just give Ryan ONLY one more season to atleast win a playoff game.
  10. How am i ******** when Kevin Kolb outplayed Ryan and beat us handidly in Philly? Huh? Please explain?
  11. Nobody liked my prediction about the Saints and Greenbay beating us. Everyone laughed when i said Greenbay would shut down our run game and force Ryan to put the team on his back, but what happens not only did ryan Fail to carry this team, but he threw 2 picks, one a pick six and he fumbled the ball right to greenbay and we got blown out at home. Ryan is not a QB that can carry a team when the defense and run game are playing bad. Vick can. Philly had the last ranked redzone defense in 25yrs. Yes that means worse than the winless Lions redzone defense was. Yet Vick had to outscore teams despi
  12. Yeah they blame everybody except him when he clearly played like trash. one of his picks was returned for a TD that changed the momentum of the game.
  13. Kevin kolb out played Matt Ryan and beat us handidly when we played the Eagles. Now Ryan has no weapons huh? When will the excuses stop? He has a probowl reciever, pro bowl rb and a Hall of Fame TE. Vick didnt have many weapons when he was here and won us playoff game in a shorter time period than Ryan. Matter a fact his weapons werent as good as what Ryan has now. So you can throw that argument right out the window.
  14. You left out he had the worst Oline in the league as well. His RT &RG were 3rd stringers.
  15. He got injured the first time the played washington. He only played 3 series dude. He destroyed them the next time he played them. In the drives he played in the first time they played Greenbay he came in as a wildcat player no first team reps as the starter in practice or anything.
  16. Vick didnt lose 4 games. He lost two in the regular season to the Bears and Vikings. He didnt start til the 3rd qtr the first time he played greenbay while the eagles were already down 20-3. Ryan lost 3, get it right
  17. Plaxico gets out this year should we make a run fo him. Do you think Jenkins will still be here next season?
  18. Why did Vick win a playoff game in shorter period than Ryan did as a Falcon huh and Ryan has more weapons? Can you answer me that? How did Vick get us to an NFC game- You know one game short of a superbowl? without even studying. Ryan wont ever be as good as Vick dude give it a rest. If Ryan can read a D so good why did he have 3 turnovers and didnt slide his protection whenever greenbay blitzed him? Once again man stop embarrassing yourself.
  19. Vick didnt return to his old form in the playoffs. He had the worst Oline in the league. His RT & RG were 3rd stringers. His defense was ranked last in the redzone in the entire league in the last 25 yrs. Do your research buddy. Meaning they were worse than the winless lions. He had to outscore teams while defenders lived in his back field due to his horrid Oline. On the other hand Ryan not only has a good Oline but a decent defense and got blowed out at home. So cut the crap already would you
  20. Ryan is better than Vick ? but played worse than him against the same opponent? Dude do you know how stupid you sound? Vick passed for almost 300 tds on Greenbay and had 2tds with a bad Oline. Ryan only had 1 TD, 3 turnovers one that was a pick six and changed the momentum of the game and to top that off he only passed for 186 yds. Dude stop embarrassing yourself.
  21. Algae crumpler was decent , but Gonzales is a hall of famer and by the way roddy only started 13 games when Vick was here and was a drop aholic. He didnt start in 06 til like the middle of the season because he kept dropping passes all the time. Are you sure youre a falcons fan? Everybody here knows how Roddy used to drop alot of passes all the time. Warrick Dunn was no Michael turner so cut the crap. turner is RB that could take it to the house on any touch. He had 17 tds his first season as our starter. Which adds more proof that if you shut down our run game Ryan isnt good. Vick didnt have
  22. Yes he came into a great situation dont try to twist things up here. As far as having a new HC, New OC, and DC he wouldve gotten that anywhere he wouldve went. Hello he was coming from college. So everything wouldve been new to him anyways
  23. Here we go again. Its always everybody elses fault when Ryan clearly does something wrong. You guys need to stop with that crap. O so now its because he doesnt have enuff weapons huh? he has 3 probowlers on offense
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