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  1. He won in the playoffs his first season as starter. His second season HE GOT INJURED IN PRESEASON AND MISSED MORE THAN HAVE THE GAMES, THEN HE CAME BACK WON OUT only losing 1 game. In 04 HE GOT US TO THE NFC GAME. IN 05" IN 06 " Mora showed how horrible he was as a head coach and was fired. He went to Seattle and got fired again. In 05" and in 06" Our defense was horrible as well.Warrick Dunn was no longer in his prime. So basically the only weapons Vick had on offense them years was his Tight end. Roddy was a rookie and looked lost out there, dropping a ton of passes. Vick is 10 times better than Ryan and knows how to throw the deep ball accurately.
  2. Thank you. Exactly our defense was horrible in 05" and 06" But they blame Vick for all that. Thats typical of a delusional Ryan Hugger. They dont use their common sense at all.
  3. Vick wont ever make a good team great and cant read defenses huh? You just showed how stupid most Ryan huggers are. Hes been reading defenses and blitzes all season. The lions blitzed him all game when he played them and they have one of the best defensive fronts in the league with SUH. He made them pay and a few other teams. Vick made the Eagles great this season. The whole right side of their Oline were nothing but third stringers. His Center was even a back up. Shut up dude you have no idea what youre talking about . You sound like a fool. Vick also got no help from his defense being ranked last in the redzone in the last 25 yrs. His defense was so bad they set a record. Ryan couldnt carry any team that had a horrible defense and a bad Oline i could assure you that. Matter a fact neither would Brady, Brees, nor Manning couldve done what Vick done behind that line. Ryan sucks. Live with it. Vick had 2 tds , and passed for almost 300 yds against a good greenbay defense. He only lost by 4pts not to mention his kicker missed 2 field goals that wouldve won that game.. On the other hand Ryan against that very same defense sucked with no spit. He only passed for 186 yds,1td, and had 3 turnovers. One going for a pick six. Truth is Falcons wont ever win a superbowl as long as that weak, noodle, armed bum is on our team. He Got whipped so bad by Greenbay the fans left by half time thanks to Matty Ice. Looks like he got melted Saturday night.
  4. Ryan first 3 seasons he lost every playoff game weve been in Vicks first 3 seasons as our starter. He won 2 playoff games and got us one game shy of a superbowl with half the arsenal of weapons weve surrounded Ryan with . Ryan also had a better coach. 3 winning seasons dont mean sh.. If you get blown out at home so bad in a playoff game that your fans start leaving at halftime courtesy of Matt Ryan
  5. Schaub was better than Vick HUH? but VICK beat beat the snot of schaub and that Texans team this season and he had better stats than schaub with a much worse defense and Oline so you be the judge. Like i said you Ryan Huggers are delusional
  6. Which one matters the most 3 winning seasons by Ryan or Vick almost getting us to the superbowl in the same amount of seasons it took for Ryan to get blown out in a playoff game at home? Ryan has an 0-2 record in the playoffs.
  7. what do you call Dunta Robinson? lol quit being delusional my friend Vick >> Ryan and everybody knows it.
  8. Can you name me any good recievers that Vick had during his tenure as here? Save it dude. Vick had a decent rb and Algae thats it. Roddy wasnt drated til 05" and everyone knows he sucked and dropped a ton of passes his rookie season. He only started 13 games while Vick was here also. He lost his starting job til the middle of the 06 season. So before you try and say that you may as well throw that argument out the window. On the other hand Ryan not only has a better coach, but he has better weapons. Pro bowl Rb, and another great RB in Snelling. A pro bowl Wide reciever with two other good recievers Jenkins and Harry Douglas . He also has a Hall of Fame pro bowl Tight End AND HE CANT EVEN WIN 1 PLAYOFF GAME
  9. Hahahaha Vick didnt start a game in 4 yrs and he still is better than Ryan so save it . Vick was a starting qb in the league for Four years before he went to prison and he didnt start for four more seasons when he got out. Which means he has only been a starting qb in the NFL for 5 seasons TOTAL. I LIKE HOW GUYS TRY TO SAY VICK HAS BEEN A STARTING QB IN THE LEAGUE FOR NINE AND 10 YRS WHEN HE WAS NOT EVEN A STARTER FOR ALL THOSE YRS. You Ryan huggers Are delusional and try to make up every excuse to make Ryan look better than Vick and you always Fail everytime.
  10. SCREW THEM WEAK WINNING SEASONS. You know what Vick done his first 3 seasons as our starter? HE DID MORE THAN RYAN WHETHER YOU GUYS WANT TO ADMIT OR NOT AND YOU KNOW IT. His first starting season was 02" We beat Greenbay in the playoffs His second season 03" He got injured in the preseason and missed nearly the entire season, but when he came back he won out an only lost 1 game. His 3rd season 04" He got us ONE GAME SHORT OF A SUPERBOWL=NFC GAME I think that right there is better than just having 3 winning seasons and NOT WINNING ATLEAST ONE PLAYOFF GAME. So that false LIE ABOUT RYAN DID MORE THAN VICK IS B.S SO SAVE IT. Ryan even has more weapons and a better coach than Vick did to AND YET HE GETS BLOWN OUT IN THE GA DOME SO BAD THAT OUR FANS LEFT AFTER THE HALF. YEAH RYAN IS GREAT ALRIGHT.
  11. Ryan has a very weak arm. He doesnt overthrow them they have to slow down for his deep passes especially Roddy. So it may appear hes overthrowing them, but hes not. Hes just not that accurate throwing the deep ball and yall keep crying about MM opening up the playbook for him. CHILD PLEASE! Ryan is a limited QB and Murlarkey knows it
  12. Youre wrong. Ryan is not a better passer than Vick. Vicks completion pct is 63% Ryans is 62 % Ryans Qb rating is 91 Vicks is 100% Ryan couldnt hold Vicks jock strap. The reason vick started running so much at the end of the season was because the whole right side of his offensive line are third stringers and kept getting beat so Vick had to run for his life. It wasnt no Vick reverting back to atlanta Vick like the media claimed. Everytime he snapped the ball a defender was already in his back field. Yet he stilll won games and he had a horrible defense
  13. Do you realize how bad our defense was in 05" and 06"? Warrick Dunn was no longer in his prime and was getting old for a RB. Do you remember that? I remember that season we played the Giants and Warrick ran the ball from the 20 yrd line and took it all the way to the house but he looked very slow and winded before he even got there. He never took another one to the house after that . That season we went 7-9 our defense was even worse i remember the last game of that season. Carolina kept running a wildcat play over and over again and our defense couldnt stop it. Yeah thats Vick fault huh? Not to mention Mora was a horrible coach.
  14. Ive always said this. Vick is 10 times better than Ryan anyone that tries to even argue that is a fool. YES EVEN BETTER AS A FALCON THAN RYAN. They use the excuse 3 winning seasons. When Vick wouldve had back to back winning seasons if he didnt get injured in the pre season in 03" When he came back he won most of the games left and only lost one. Vicks 3rd season as our starter HE GOT US TO THE NFC GAME. RYANS 3RD SEASON HE GOT US BLOWN OUT SO BAD IN THE DOME THAT THE FANS LEFT BY THE HALF. Therefore thats 2 PLAYOFF WINS IN HIS FIRST 3 SEASONS AS OUR STARTER. I'D MUCH RATHER HAVE THAT THAN A WINNING SEASON AND BE 0-2 in the playoffs LIKE RYAN Thirdly Jim Mora was not a good coach. Us getting to the NFC was all Vick and not mora. Mora failed at two franchises. He failed here and in Seattle. They brag about our winning seasons when Ryan has had nothing but easy schedules every since hes been here. When teams shut down our run game Ryan cant carry this team unless its a team under 500. that we are playing. What good are winning seasons if your QB cant even win ONE playoff game in 3 seasons with a ton of weapons.
  15. O please we need to get Kolb. Hes super accurate. He outplayed Ryan and destroyed us when we played the eagles. He had a 79.3 completion pct, 326 yds passing, 3tds, and a 133.6 qb rating Matt Ryan on the other hand had only passed for 250 yards, had a 79% qb rating, 54.8 completion pct, 1 int, and 2 tds against the worst redzone defense in the league. Kevin Kolb is a steal we need to trade Ryan for him. Kolb doesnt have to rely on a run game to win games. Like Ryan, you should our run game down and Ryan sucks. hes been in the league 3 seasons and cant even win 1 playoff game. Vick won us one his first season as a starter with half the weapons Ryan has. Ryan got blown out so bad the fans were leaving after the half. LOL
  16. I dont get hate Pms . I get racist ones if you see why i get them maybe you are a racist as well. Now Go throw your white sheet over your head.
  17. Sorry for your loss i didnt read all that other stuff at first. I hope your nephew gets well. Never lose faith. Doctors can be wrong sometimes. Sorry about your son. If you dont mind my asking what happened to him?
  18. Kevin Kolb is better than Ryan not only does he have a far better completion pct, but 133.6 qb rating to go with it and the Eagles dont even run the ball that much. If we traded Ryan for Kolb everybody here would thank me. Id take Kolb in a big game over Ryan anyday. The kids got game
  19. If we stick with Ryan, i hope Kolb stays with the Eagles one more season then his contract will be up the following season and everyone by then will recognize Ryan is what he is. If our run game is struggling Ryan is not effective. He got exposed 3 times by good teams this season . The Eagles exposed him and blew us out. Drew Brees tried to gift wrap the game for Matt Ryan on a silver platter and Ryan failed. Heck our defense scored more tds than he did in the game against the Saints. Ryan only had one passing TD and he was at HOME. Same thing against GB 1 pass TD, passed for 186 yds. We need to get rid of him and bring in KOLB. Ryan also has a very week arm and cant throw the deep ball.
  20. Its never Ryans fault right? How about the saints game that Drew Brees tried to hand to us on a silver platter and our defense scoring more Tds than Ryan? How about that pick six ryan threw and his fumble and other interception against GB. I guess that wasnt his fault either huh?
  21. No youre wrong. All i do is tell the truth. Hey dont get mad at me, because im not afraid to say what other people want to say, but are just afraid to.
  22. Exactly. I would rather have Kevin Kolb he even passed for 300+ yards on you guys and yall was his first start, then the following week he done it the Chiefs. The Kid has game. I hope the front office trades Ryan for him. Kolb said he wants to be traded and he doesnt have to depend on a run game to win. The Kid blew us out and had a 79.3 completion pct. Ryan on the other hand had a 54.8 completion pct and the eagles defense sucks
  23. *sighs* Grabs heart* That was such a heart felt speech. *Gives you a standing ovation* I totally agree with this post. You couldnt have said it any better my friend.
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