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  1. Turner> Dunn Snelling>>Ducket Gonzales>> Crumpler Mature Roddy >> Rookie Roddy Jenkins ,well hes just Jenkins Ryan also has a good slot reciever 2 of em -Harry Douglas and Finneran.
  2. We have no explosive players on Offense ? HAHAHAHA MICHAEL VICK LAUGHS AT ALL OF THIS. When will the excuses for Ryan stop? This Kid was put in the best situation possible , with more weapons than Vick had. better coach,Yet he had 3 seasons to win a playoff game and failed every season. WE NEED TO GET KEVIN KOLB. He'll get us over the hump Ryan is not the answer. The sooner the front office realizes this. The Better.
  3. If we went after Kevin Kolb this offseason and Trade Ryan. We wouldnt have this problem. We have a great team, just need a QB that doesnt look like a deer in the headlights in a big game.
  4. Vick had better stats than your gf Ryan against the very same opponent. Vick passed for 300, he had 2 tds and his kicker missed two field goals that wouldve won that game however He lost by 4 pts However Ryan on the other hand threw for only 186 yards, 1 td, 3 turnovers one being for a pick six. Causing all our fans to leave by half time. Yeah Ryan is great alright. He got blown out at home by 27+ pts Vick had a banged up Oline and the last ranked redzone defense in the NFL and in the last 25 yrs and he still got his team in the playoffs. Of course he wouldnt get a number 1 seed with all the
  5. winning pct with No playoff wins Vick first 3 seasons as our starter 2 playoff wins and got us to the NFC game. Way better than Ryan being 0-2 in the playoffs with even more weapons than vick had.
  6. Kolb had 300+ Yard games in his first two NFL starts. This season he outplayed Ryan when the eagles blew us out. Kolb had passed 326 yds, 3tds, 79.3 completion pct, and 133.6 qb rating. Ryan had a 54.8 completion pct, 79% qb rating, 2 tds and 1 interception. Kevin Kolb would be a steal if we could get him. I just dont believe Ryan can get the Job done.
  7. So was your post reported . You disrespected me Tandy dont forget that. I reported you as well.
  8. Do you have Aids? Why do you call yourself the Magic man? Well why didnt you work any of yo magic Saturday night before Greenbay melted Matty Ice?
  9. They surely Do, You guys are lucky. I wish we had a qb like Drew Brees. Heck Drew Brees tried to gift wrap the game for Matt Ryan and Ryan failed horribly and your saints marched all over us. Man I keep telling these guys. We need Kevin Kolb he destroyed us and even out played Ryan. The kid is super accurate and he got game. He doesnt look like a lost deer in the headlights in big games like Ryan does.
  10. Yo Boy Ryan sucks and wont ever win a SB . So keep dreaming . You all can sob and cry all you want, but until we get Kelvin Kolb. WE WILL CONTINUE TO BE ONE AND DONE IN THE PLAYOFFS. LOL@ all of you who actually thought we would beat Greenbay in the playoffs. This team has been overrated all season. We beat the Pack when they had a ton of injuries and no run game. Ryan got exposed! He wont ever win a superbowl. Matter a fact Vick will win 2 rings before Ryan even wins ONE playoff game. Wanna make a Bet? Vick did more in his first 3 seasons as our starter than that weak. noodle armed Bum, Matt
  11. This season if we trade ryan for Kevin kolb. Kolb destroyed us when we played him. Ryan isnt the answer guys. We have a good team we just need a Qb. Kevin Kolb is super accurate. The front office should atleast look into it.
  12. I dont come up with bull. I tell the truth son. Everyone knows ryans pick six changed the entire momentum of the game
  13. Guess nobody wants to see the real reason we lost, they need to take a look at their boy ryan
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