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  1. Glanville was fun to listen to, but Mike Smith's numbers speak a loud truth.
  2. Ryan guided us to a W and is a classy player.
  3. Wish somehow this jerk would be fined. Didn't one of them kick Ryan's foot too?
  4. Win with The Chin? That's it; that's the plan?
  5. Could be more embarassing~ could be fans of those cheatin/arrogant Patriots: Belichick: 'We're a better team than we played today' Jan 16 1/16/2011 8:15:00 PM | More Matt Pepin of the Boston Globe reports New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick gave the Jets credit for executing plays and making things happen in their 28-21 victory at Gillette Stadium today, but also thinks the Patriots are better than they showed. "It's a disappointing way to end the season. You know, we just didn't do enough things well today to win, that's obvious, and the Jets did them well. So, just have to go on from h
  6. Gonzo recently said he was thinking of retiring. Perhaps he gets his wish.
  7. 'The offense needs more weapons, and most likely a new coordinator. (as most of us here are hoping I assume). It's disgusting how much better the offense does when it goes no huddle. I wouldn't be surprised to see them turn the offense into a pass first to open up the run style. And I would really prefer it that way because we play in a dome. Good point. Dome makes it soo much easier weatherwise & for field conditions (Heinz Field etc) . Not sure we would scheme just for that; but surely take advantage of it. That's true, the no huddle tempo brings us to life.
  8. 1) A "tweener" TE...able to get open deep and log big yards after reception. 2) A solid Left Tackle. 3) A tall Wr for pairing w/Ryan. 4) Help on D; a lockdown corner or upgrade @LB 5) An upgrade in punting.
  9. Rough year for Koenen; #28th in net. Not a lot of pop on punts. He's a FA and it's hard to see them giving him a tag, again. May be time for some competition in camp.
  10. What a crappy feeling to end with a rout. Gotta keep the perspective of an excellent season and a team TD is still tweaking in. We'll be back and Matty that much more seasoned & mature.
  11. The road tour will be interesting. Saint Louy is starting to shape-up under Spags & with Bradford maturing; or Seattle with Carrol sorting things out...either could be tough. Chi-town & Polian's outfit will obviously be challenging. The home contests really excite me, especially The Cheeseheads and Philamundelphia. Yes, some great football might well be in store. Again, I cannot wait for a Rogers/Ryan matchup... And yes...WartownFalcon has it right...lets do get to the Big Show in C'boy Stadium in 2011!
  12. Young/Brees/Ryan- all excellent & classy quarterbacks. Matt still has upside maturation in progress...we may not know how good he really is- yet! Young as an announcer- quite good, at least for me. He's good in that role; just as Bradshaw is great at making noise and blurting things out. Sounded right positive about Ryan too.
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