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  1. I actually posted several reasons on the first page other than record as to why I think it's absurd to even consider firing Mularkey at this point in the season.
  2. I normally ignore things like this, but it's just adding fuel to the fire with the whole "Fire Mularkey" stuff. I know I'm not the only one who has witnessed numerous topics about this since mid-season last year. Have you actually counted how many topics are about this very subject that are currently active? I find it hard to have a positive outlook on a team as a fan when it seems like the norm for a lot of other fans is to throw the OC under a bus. But maybe it's my problem, but this is a message board, and like everyone else venting their frustration with the "Fire Mularkey" non-sense, I feel obligated to vent my frustration on them.
  3. We are currently 4-2, tied at the top of the NFC in standings. We are currently 9th in the NFL in yards per game (YPG), and 12th in points per game (PPG). I'll admit we had a lot of problems with the Philly game, but those problems existed on both sides of the ball also. I think people like you are causing the most annoying stir on the message boards all because you think you can coach an offense better than Mike Mularkey. It is really sad to see this much hate on a guy that has done a lot for our offense. Also, I'm just not up for throwing the offensive coordinator under the bus mid-season, when he is the one who took a 2007 offense that ranked 23rd in YPG and 29th in PPG and transformed it into an 11-5 team with a playoff run in 2008 with the 6th ranked offense in YPG and the 10th ranked offense in PPG. And even in 2009, with all of our injury woes, Mularkey still had us ranked 16th in YPG and 13th in PPG, and helped bring our team its first back-to-back winning seasons with a 9-7 record. I swear, sometimes after reading this board I forget how good our offense is, especially since we've played 3 teams in the top 10 in the NFL in yards allowed this season and 1 team that was ranked just outside of the top 10 at 11, yet we still have a top 10 offense this season thus far.
  4. Funny. But I'll start listening to this crap when we finish 4-12..
  5. I really liked this post a lot, and I think you are right on several points. I don't believe we're going to be looking to move Sam out of the starting line-up anytime soon, but he's gotta' give Matt some more time.
  6. This was kind of stating the obvious. We knew Ryan was good, and Baker wasn't that great. Hopefully we upgrade the LT position soon, but the question is what would we do with Baker? Would we move him to the right side or possibly guard? He might be better than Dahl.. Not sure if he would help out on our interior push that seems to be lacking this year though. I'm hoping he gets better and turns out to be a decent LT for us, but typically the LT is a position that you're either good at it, or you're not.
  7. I think Steve Breaston presents the most plausible argument in retaliation to these new rulings. I have generally been in favor of many things that Roger Goodell has changed over the years, because I like how he wants to make it a more professionaly, family game. However, you can't cross that line of telling players that they are hitting too hard. I've watched the replays of James Harrison's hits, and I understand the need for a fine in those situations, and I'm all for player safety, but when you start talking about the Dunta Robinson hit, then you're talking about the argument that Breaston makes. Illegal hits are one thing, but hard hits should not be included in this ruling.
  8. Your formulas are wrong. Also, DeSean wasn't in a full sprint when he got jacked up.
  9. There's nothing wrong with admitting that you made an ignorant statement. No need in trying to save yourself.. We all say stupid stuff every once in awhile! There's typically a few moves made here and there and we'll probably hear about some throughout the day, but I would not anticipate anything major. Big moves tend to happen in the off-season. Going back to San Diego, I'm not fully aware of the status on Vincent Jackson, but I'd be willing to bet that there are teams discussing him at this very point in time.
  10. Because he has tattoos on his neck and because he most likely would not play LB in our scheme. He'd probably be a DE.
  11. Well, as of right now it WAS a problem. I'm fairly certain that the coaches are aware of the situation and taking proper steps to reduce issues like this. However, this is still a game of strategy.. the right calls aren't always going to be made and sometimes there are going to be big plays. While, there are a few exceptions, most plays that go for a ton of yardage are the result of miscalculations on the defensive side of the ball. There is no way to predict when it's going to happen or stop it happening all together. Abe has even stated how they prepared to face a completely different offensive scheme than the one they faced Sunday. The best thing for us is to just put this behind us and see how our defense reacts to it. If it coninues to happen, then I'll agree that there is indeed an issue, but it's hard to make that call after one game, especially a game that had a few tricky plays that caught our defense off guard.
  12. It was me. Sorry guys, I'll try to not let that happen again.
  13. Also, if you want to complain about Matt Ryan's TD numbers compared to Manning, Rivers, and Brees then take a look at our rushing attemps per game compared to theirs.. Atlanta currently ranks 2nd in the NFL in rushing attempts per game, while Indianapolis ranks 20th, San Diego ranks 16th, and New Orleans ranks 23rd.. All 3 of these QB's have a lot more opportunities to get more TD's. In fact, I think it's quite amazing that we rank 2nd in rushing attemps per game and Matt Ryan is only trailing Brees and Rivers by 3 TD's. (With a better TD:INT ratio than Brees.)
  14. Matt Ryan is a 3rd year QB with a better TD:INT ratio than quite a few vets. So what if 4 time MVP Peyton Manning and 7 year pro Philip Rivers both have better TD:INT ratios better than him. Matt's still learning.. imagine what he's capable of when he's in his 7th year.
  15. We would've never hit rock bottom either. It's really hard to say where we would be if none of that never had happened. While, I don't think it's likely, it's very possible we could've made it back to the Superbowl and brought one home.. I think Vick is still a pro-bowl QB, and I think he would've been to a couple more had none of that mess ever happened. But, that's just reflecting on what could've been, and honestly, I think what we've got now is pretty **** good too.
  16. Hey guys, I'm not watching the game. Anyone care to update me with the score/quarter? Also, if anyone knows where to watch/listen to it online, I'd appreciate it if I could get a link. Thanks.
  17. I just wanted to chime in and say that Lawrence Sidbury is more likely to get reps at RDE than LDE in a game. I watched him throughout training camp and that is the spot that I always saw him line-up at and I'm pretty sure that's what he played in college. edit: I just checked the depth chart and he's listed as the back-up to Abraham at RDE, so IDK where him being primarily a LDE came from.
  18. I think the Bucs are gonna' dissapoint a lot of fans this season with such a strong start. I feel they're going to go back to being the Sucks very soon, possibly after the Saints light up the scoreboard on them this week. That's my pick atleast, but hey.. anything can happen, right?
  19. I did not mean to blow your mind, but that **** happens to me all the time!

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