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  1. They weren't bad seasons, but they had a lot more help from the rest of the team than Cam did. He carried that team.
  2. What's the logic? 1 person doesn't lead a team to the playoffs. Not even Tim Tebow. It's a combined effort.
  3. I think it's more-so that most players tend to get better with age and because of the phenomenal rookie season Cam Newton had, people naturally expect him to do things we've never seen before.
  4. Well, those are pretty much the top 10 QB performances of all-time and Cam Newton completely destroyed everybody else.
  5. Dan Marino is the only one that I can see any sort of argument for.
  6. Incredible is an appropriate word choice for Cam Newton.
  7. I don't agree with most of Pat Y's list at all, but here's a rough draft of what my top 10 would look like: 1. Drew Brees 2. Cam Newton 3. Matt Ryan 4. Jimmy Graham 5. Carl Nicks 6. Roddy White 7. Steve Smith 8. Darren Sproles 9. Michael Turner 10. Vincent Jackson
  8. Don't really understand the Matt Ryan stat comparisons. Cam Newton and Matt Ryan are both quality QB's. I just don't understand how people want to discredit Cam, because he plays for the Panthers.
  9. I don't know. I think signing James Rodgers might prove to be a bigger move.
  10. Yeah, it's about on par where he should be in my opinion.
  11. I was locked onto getting Brandon Pettigrew, Vontae Davis, or Evander Hood that year. I liked Jerry though and I was surprised he was still available at our pick, but it has been the worst 1st round pick of TD's career so far.
  12. How about we just become more efficient in the passing game and less predictable, so teams aren't constantly stacking 8 in the box?
  13. Sure you can. A lot of safeties are CB's who couldn't cover well enough in the NFL, but that doesn't even pertain to the "Big Nickel" package. That's just a package that our extra DB is going to have some safety like plays written in, whether it be blitzing, playing closer to the box, or coverage abilities. I assure you Dunta Robinson is capable of doing all of that. We are fine.
  14. He's a good player. I've always liked him, but he's also a situational player. I don't feel it's appropriate to put those guys higher than other players, but oh well. He's effective.
  15. Well, he's a skilled defensive coordinator. He'll make adjustments as he sees fit. Both Dunta Robinson and Darrin Walls are capable of playing safety also. I don't think it's a big deal really.
  16. Mike Mularkey is not a bad OC, but even a casual football fan can see that players like Harry Douglas should be incorporated into the offense more.
  17. I'd imagine he's going to incorporate Robinson over Chris Hope on any packages like that.
  18. Schillinger isn't THAT bad. We're fine with what we have a 4th safety isn't going to see the field at all except for special teams and we have young guys that could use that roster spot to develop. If we did have 2 of our safeties get injured then we would probably just sign a vet when that time came or move Robinson to safety temporarily.
  19. We have Mitchell and Schillinger as well.
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