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  1. There's the video. I haven't seen it in awhile. Still not agreeing with you on the arm though. I've seen a lot of Andrew Luck in college and his arm is adequate, just like Matt Ryan's arm. I'll try to dig some videos that highlight Luck's deep passes if I can. They're really not all that stellar.
  2. I'm confident Matt Ryan would come very close to making that same pass in the given situation. He threw almost beat out Chad Henne in the long distance throwing competition in college and they weren't allowed to step up like Andrew Luck did in that video.
  3. I'd say they're about even in terms of arm strength. Andrew Luck can't throw a deep ball any better than Matt Ryan.
  4. Well, I'm not much of a fan of DT in the 1st, but I like Kawann Short. I'd also rather go RB in the 2nd and LB in the 4th, because we're gonna' need to get our guy for the future at RB and we should be fine with just adding depth at the LB position. I'm not a fan of drafting K's at all. 7th round isn't so bad, but I'd rather bring in some UDFA's. As far as prospects go, I was just saying that, because I haven't had the chance to start looking at at some of these later round guys, so I don't know how I feel about them.
  5. I think the NFC South is the best division. Every team in our division is capable of winning the Division Title and making a playoff run this season. You can't really say that without being taken seriously about any other division, not to mention I'm not one to completely buy into the Detroit Lions either. Sure, they're a good team, but I think they're in the same boat as Carolina and Tampa Bay for us. The only division that I think is really in contention with us would be the NFC East. They have 3 Superbowl caliber teams, and the Redskins aren't exactly the worst team in the league.
  6. I love the positions you addressed. Maybe not necessarily the rounds or prospects, although I do like some of them, but I think this is realistic to our needs.
  7. Not too bad. Honestly, what DT doesn't go hot and cold though? lol
  8. They're all the same type of QB. Smart game managers with a less than elite arm, yet still capable of making all of the throws. Andrew Luck was a great prospect, but I think his stock was a bit inflated. I liked Matt Leinart as a prospect more and I'd probably rank Matt Barkley ahead of him also. (Another Matt Ryan-type guy.)
  9. Haha, just saw Miko give you a shout out on twitter Peyton! You better take that offer up man!
  10. I really hope he doesn't catch 4 passes. I think this is awesome.
  11. I've never heard of the Breakout Star of the Year award or the Most Improved Player award. Anyways, no chance that Brent Grimes gets the DPOY. Sean Weatherspoon or John Abraham would have been better options. ****, William Moore would have been a better choice. And there is absolutely no chance that Peter Konz get's OROY. I think it would've made more sense to put Jonathan Massaquoi's name in for DROY, because he actually has a better shot than Konz, even if he doesn't start and Konz does.
  12. So an offensive guard is supposed to have the 2nd most productive season in the NFC South this year? Yeah, okay. Pat Y is still an idiot.
  13. I don't see this happening. Although, I wouldn't mind moving Dent to the strong side.
  14. We wanted 2 penetrating DT's. All of the DT's drafted by TD have been typical 3 techs.
  15. There is less of a negative stigma with Chad Johnson. Not to mention, T.O. chose a very bad time in his career to tear his ACL.
  16. I have to admit the 0-1 record for the playoffs is a bit of a joke prediction on my part, but I expect a solid season from our team regardless. I put Hawley/Reynolds, because I thought it meant from the 2011 season.
  17. Before anyone takes the comments from Chad Johnson literally... He tells A LOT of people he's going to whoop their *** and what-not. There's not any beef between them.
  18. W-L Record: 10-6 Breakout Star: Julio Jones Starter that will be replaced: Garrett Reynolds/Joe Hawley Offensive Ranking: 8th Defensive Ranking: 6th Playoffs Record: 0-1
  19. Not quite. A safety would come in and play the Sam position. 6 DB's wouldne on the field, just like a dime package, but it would operate more like a nickel formation. I think we'd either see Owens/Franks play nickel, while Dunta moves to the safety and Moore plays the "big nickel" role, or we'll see hope come in and play that role, which seems logical, since hope is a bit of a bigger safety.
  20. The thing that I disagree with is that you don't see "just another guy" having rookie seasons like that. I'd feel completely comfortable in saying that it is the single greatest rookie season of all time, not just QB's.
  21. Aaron Rodgers threw for 4,000 yards his first year as a starting QB and the Packers went 6-10 also. I don't think wins should negate the ability of a player. This isn't like basketball where 1 all-star can lead a team to success. This is football and it requires a team effort to win games.
  22. He completely carried his team. He's the only reason they were competitive.
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