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  1. QB: (2) Matt Ryan, Chris Redman RB: (3) Michael Turner, Jason Snelling, JacQuizz Rodgers FB: (2) Mike Cox, Bradie Ewing WR: (5) Roddy White, Julio Jones, Harry Douglas, Kerry Meier, Kevin Cone TE: (4) Tony Gonzalez, Michael Palmer, Tommy Gallarda, LaMark Brown OT: (4) Sam Baker, Tyson Clabo, Will Svitek, Lamar Holmes OG: (3) Justin Blalock, Garrett Reynolds, Peter Konz C: (2) Todd McClure, Joe Hawley DE: (6) John Abraham, Ray Edwards, Kroy Biermann, Lawrence Sidbury, Cliff Matthews, Jonathan Massaquoi DT: (4) Jonathan Babineaux, Corey Peters, Peria Jerry, Vance Walker LB: (5) Sean Weatherspoon, Stephen Nicholas, Akeem Dent, Mike Peterson, Spencer Adkins CB: (6) Asante Samuel, Brent Grimes, Dunta Robinson, Chris Owens, Dominique Franks, Darrin Walls S: (4) Thomas DeCoud, William Moore, Chris Hope, Charles Mitchell ST: (3) Matt Bryant, Matt Bosher, Joe Zelenka
  2. I'm with Mr. Right on this one. You either have it or you don't. Nothing wrong with either.
  3. Eh, it's not really a big deal to me right now. If there are still issues as the season gets closer, then I'll be concerned, but TC just started.
  4. Not many people are happy with our back-up QB situation. We don't really have the money to bring in any big name guys though and Chris Redman knows the system well. I don't think we'll bring anybody in this season.
  5. He would cost entirely too much money. I've heard that he's wanting to be paid like Larry Fitzgerald.
  6. I think you'll find more teams in this league that would rather have Matt Ryan over Joe Flacco. Flacco is a good player, but he was also thrust onto a great team, while Ryan had to start basically from scratch. Not to mention, Flacco's lows are much lower than Ryan's lows. I still think it's close though, but I'd give Ryan the edge. Ray Rice gets the win over Michael Turner because of versatility and age. They're both good RB's, but if Turner was the same age as Rice, I think we'd have ourselves a much closer argument. Regardless, you gotta' look at things how they are presented. Roddy White absolutely destroys Anquan Boldin. You won't find a team in the league that would prefer Boldin over White.
  7. Well, if the referees didn't blow the whistle, then he was actually doing the right thing. Good players play to the whistle, regardless of what happens on the field. I remember a few years ago in a Tampa Bay game a college player had caught a pass and his knees touched the ground without being touched by an opposing player and he laid the ball down and everyone thought the play was dead, but there was no whistle blown and all of a sudden you see Derrick Brooks snatch the ball up and sprint to the endzone for a touchdown.
  8. Jeremy Shockey was one of my favorite players when he played for the Giants. I haven't really liked him much since then for some reason, but I'd definitely welcome him.
  9. I think they like to keep it a surprise. I imagine on the first day they'll try to get a decent group out there though.
  10. Great pick-up for them. They just shipped Otah to the Jets.
  11. Well, Ray Edwards started and played in all 16 games last season. I'm not sure the situations are all that similar. We took a flier on Lofa Tatupu and it obviously didn't help us, but I don't think it's something that's going to kill us. With Edwards, we signed a young, promising, and talented DE to play for us for the next 5 years or so. Tatupu was really only ever expected to be a stop-gap guy similar to how we used Mike Peterson. On a positive note from this injury, we get to see Akeem Dent in action and we'll know if the MLB is a definite need by next season.
  12. I'd much rather have his brother Erin, but E.J. is a good player. I don't expect us to sign him or someone like him though. We're going to look for the cheap.
  13. They were running zones on that play. Sproles was in Lofton's zone when he made the catch. Lofton's job is to pick Sproles up instead of making Weatherspoon chase him like that.
  14. Yeah, I'm just basing this off the assumption that he did it while lifting weights and from my knowledge that usually equates to some type of tear.
  15. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but this type of injury is typically serious. At the very least, I expect him to miss a couple of months, but in reality he's probably done.
  16. I agree with you g-dawg, but I also agree with vel. I think the depth is an area of concern, but the value of the LB position has seen quite a decline in recent years so I'm not as worried about it as much as I am with other positions with depth concerns. (Namely the WR and TE positions.)
  17. I don't see it. I think the Panthers will get better on both sides of the ball.
  18. I agree, but on the plus side, LB is one of those few positions where you can plug a guy in and not be completely ruined.
  19. There is a difference in the velocity of a throw and the distance of a throw. I do agree with that, but I'm not buying that Andrew Luck has a better deep ball than Matt Ryan. I'm not saying Matt is better, but they both are not good deep throwers. If I had either one of them on my team, I would not be incorporating a lot of deep throws into the playbook.
  20. It is the weakest spot on our defense in terms of depth. I'm not sure if we'll pick anybody up though.
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