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  1. Well, we don't even know who is going to end up on the final 53 yet, but I'd say he certainly has a shot at replacing the 4th HB or 6th WR especially considering that he'll virtually play the same role that we'll be looking for out of those guys.
  2. I think Chase Coffman could have been a productive TE if he was drafted into an offense that played to his strengths. He's more of a Jimmy Graham/Jermichael Finley type of guy. Unfortunately, not many offenses utilize their TE's the way the Saints and Packers do. I think him being waived by the Bucs has to say something though.
  3. You are correct sir. Roger Goodell didn't like the idea of "casual" fans clicking over to watch a game and not being able to recognize a team that was wearing their throwbacks.
  4. Same here. I love the way the Ravens do their business. Much respect for Ozzie Newsome. The Eagles, Seahawks, and Bengals have been taking quite a few of my favorite players lately as well.
  5. My exact thoughts also. We may not have many pro-bowlers this season. I think Julio and Asante have the best chance.
  6. The top 100 is crap and the AFC is crap in terms of talent. A.J. Green was only better in receiving yards, but Julio Jones missed a lot of time. Had Julio not missed all of those games nobody would even be arguing this right now. He was on pace to put up monstrous stats for a rookie WR.
  7. I wouldn't be so sure about that. I don't have a spread sheet backing it up, but Gonzalez was usually only double teamed in certain situations and there were several games where Julio saw more doubles than Roddy.
  8. http://profootballta...he-nfl/related/ I'm not really much for starting those bandwagons of picking players up, unless it is somebody that I really, really like. This kid right here would be perfect for us. There's really no doubt in my mind that he wouldn't make any NFL team he decided to sign with. He'd be one of the fastest players in the league immediately and he is a threat at RB, WR, and RS. He would've been drafted in the top 4 rounds had he declared. I seriously hope we take a look at him if he is serious about an NFL career.
  9. Julio Jones was double covered quite often though. Sure, it helps to have all of the other pieces to help him out, but I have no doubt in my mind that he would have been much more productive if he was the focus of the offense. Don't get me wrong though. I like A.J. Green a lot, but there are so many parameters that you can account for and give favor to one or the other. There really isn't much that A.J. is better than Julio at.
  10. His throwing motion is completely fine. It has never been an issue. With that said, I think people are too particular with throwing motions.
  11. I live Chris Ivory. I think he would be an excellent pick-up. He'd be the best RB in FA if he got cut in my opinion.
  12. You can't live by PFF numbers man. It's just a FB and a 3rd string TE also, so what are you so upset about?
  13. LT - Sam Baker LG - Justin Blalock C - Todd McClure RG - Garrett Reynolds RT - Tyson Clabo Call me crazy, but I have a pretty good feeling this will be our week 1 starting line-up.
  14. I thought he was the most impressive player of the 2nd half. He was completely dominant. He used his hands very well and took advantage of his lengthy arms. He was great at rushing the passer and defending against the run. He has a nose for the ball and plays lights out. He definitely looked like he was playing against inferior talent. I would like to the coaches put him up against some stronger opponents and see how he fares.
  15. Chase Coffman is trash. He's like a bigger, less athletic version of LaMark Brown. He's not even a real TE and never has been. I'd be disappointed if he made it over the current crop of young guys we have vying for that #3 spot. Lousaka Polite could be intriguing, but he's very one-sided.
  16. Eh. Their squad is lacking this year. They look like a team that will hover around 8-8 this season. I don't really see any way we lose this game. I mean every game is tough, but this is one of those games I'm not extremely worried about. Which means I will be disappointed more if we lose this game as opposed to losing a game to the Packers or a team of that stature.
  17. Colt McCoy is a good QB. I would not mind him on our team at all. He could probably be had for a 6th.
  18. Levy isn't available. I'm not too worried about the concussion, honestly.
  19. It's not an NFL rule is it? I know they can get crazy when it comes to accessories and stuff. I've always noticed that the Giants wear the blue undershirts. Perhaps the team sets an official "undershirt" color at the beginning of the season? I'm not sure if it's a rule or not, but I've always thought black would look better than white for us. Glad to see our players wearing it tonight.
  20. There are a lot of players I want to see more of. Especially, Garrett Reynolds. I know he tanked it last season, but we've all heard the reports that he's been playing quite well this off-season. He looked pretty good tonight. Hopefully he can redeem himself. My two favorites tonight were Dominique Davis and Jonathan Massaquoi. I'm a huge Massaquoi fan and he was just insanely dominant. I know he was playing against scrubs, but the kid looks to me like he could really be something special for us. Great use of his hands tonight to get separation and he really knows how to play his lengthy arms to his advantage. He's a smart player too. I would not count him out to be a big contributor for us in the next 2-3 years and I know this is extremely early to be predicting that, but he's a guy I've been very high on since last season. Dominique Davis was great too. I haven't seen him in action yet, but he looked really good. Just by this small sample size, I'd say he definitely has the tools to be our back-up QB. 2nd best arm on the team and you can just tell he's a competitor.
  21. Yeah, until Matt Ryan gets a bruised lung and has to sit out for 2 weeks.
  22. Matt Cassel and Matt Flynn both made tons of money by keeping their teams competitive after their starting QB was inactive. I mean, I get what you are saying, but we've literally made zero attempts to get a better back-up QB. Just watching Tyrod Taylor tonight, I'm convinced that we are in a bad situation. Sure, the Ravens would suffer tremendously if they lost Joe Flacco, but Tyrod Taylor looks to be in a better position to win them some games over Chris Redman for us. It's an important position. If Matt Ryan was out for the entire season, sure in the grand scheme of things it'd be hard to expect someone to step up like Matt Cassel did for the Patriots, but if Matt Ryan was out for 2 games, it'd be nice to have someone come in and be able to keep us somewhat competitive.
  23. For anyone that's interested in other people's opinions of our team, this should be right up your alley. I haven't watched any replays or anything of that matter. This is straight from what I saw while I was watching the game live, so of course I'm going to miss a few things. I'm not going to go into detail, I'm just going to give a few quick reviews. QB: Matt Ryan - Played great. Had an interception that he stared down, but it's nothing to worry about. He looks like he has definitely improved in his game. I was very surprised by some of the throws he was making. Although it's just 1 pre-season game, it's definitely something to get excited about. Chris Redman - He didn't really have a great game at all. It's hard to tell if it was the fault or his supporting cast. Regardless, it's really nothing new that we didn't already know. John Parker Wilson - He wasn't horrible, but he wasn't very good. He still plays like he's scared and he doesn't have great ball placement, but he did start to turn it up. Just like Chris Redman, it's really nothing new though. Dominique Davis - I have to admit, I haven't really jumped on his bandwagon at all, because I haven't seen him play. This kid looks really good. He was our entire offense when he came in and he made some great throws and even better he played with confidence. He had an interception on his first throw, but that was LaMark Brown's fault. I was very surprised by his ability and intelligence to keep a play alive without nose-diving like JPW. His arm looks to be the second best on the team, but I only saw a small sample. He's definitely somebody to keep an eye on though, I think the reality of him cracking the roster is much more possible than I had originally thought. RB: Michael Turner - Nothing to really say here. I didn't see anything from him. Minimal push, but it is the pre-season and I'm sure our coaches are looking to keep him rested. JacQuizz Rodgers - He started off slow, but he picked it up later on. He had some nice cuts through the middle. He definitely looks like he can play. I'm still not convinced he's the game changer that some believe he is though. He was the best RB on our team tonight though. Dimitri Nance - I don't like the kid. He had a fumble that lead to a TD and he's just never really shown me anything of significance ever. Antone Smith - Nothing much to report here either. He did take a pretty nice hit on a screen play, but he's just not very good. WR: Julio Jones - Simply amazing. He's going to be a big time player this season. I don't even care if it's just a few series of the 1st pre-season game. He's a very, very special player. Roddy White - He wasn't really the focal point of our short-lived offensive attack tonight, but he made some solid grabs, just like usual. Everyone knows he's a good receiver, so there's not much to really report here. I am curious if tonight was a preview of things to come though. Julio Jones may be taking over sooner than some of us had anticipated. Kevin Cone - He made some nice grabs and at one point, I'd say he was our best offensive play maker on the field. As of right now, he looks better than the other receivers vying for that #5 spot. Drew Davis - He looked better than I thought he would. He certainly has a shot at making this team and I wouldn't be upset if he did. He's a decent player and made some nice plays tonight. Him and Kevin Cone were the best of that group vying for a spot on the team. James Rodgers - I only noticed him on kick return. He's tough, but I didn't see anything spectacular. TE: Michael Palmer - As expected, he looks better than any of the other guys I saw play tonight. I think he's got a pretty decent future on our team. He might not ever be the number 1 guy, but he definitely looks like he'll be good depth for us. LaMark Brown - I was a bit disappointed. I expected to see more from him and the only real play I remember from him was the tipped pass that caused Dominique Davis to record his first NFL interception. He was pretty much wide open and the pass was very catchable, but it bounced off of his hands and into the hands of a defender. Adam Nissley - He caught a few passes. He took a pretty bit hit in the knee and got hurt from it, but he managed to hold onto the ball. I'd like to see more of him, but not really anything to get excited about. Aron White - Pretty much the same as Adam Nissley. He caught a few passes. Nothing spectacular. He did ruin a drive by fumbling the football, but it happens. OL: I didn't pay too much attention to the OL and it's much easier to see mistakes than successes. Especially, when you're not explicitly watching it. I noticed Sam Baker was his normal self, not good, not bad. He gave up some pressures and he won some of his battles sometimes. Garrett Reynolds had a nice solo block on Haloti Ngata that helped JacQuizz Rodgers punch in the TD. He absolutely man handled him, which is a pretty good feat, considering the goal line is where guys like Ngata usually dominate. Andrew Jackson didn't look very great from what I saw. He gave up a pretty bad sack on Chris Redman, I do believe. DE: John Abraham - I noticed our DE's were standing up quite a bit. Abraham was able to get some good pressure doing this. He looked like typical Abraham. He collapsed the pocket that led to Joe Flacco getting tripped up and basically sacking himself. Kroy Biermann - Typical Kroy. He looked good and he was attributed for a sack on the play Abraham collapsed the pocket. He played well. Lawrence Sidbury - He got a lot of reps and he did particularly well in terms of pressuring the QB, but he looked like he got washed out on a few running plays. He had enough looks that leads me to think he may be taking a more prominent role in our defense this season. Cliff Matthews - He's a lot bigger than I thought and he's quite athletic. He played well throughout the game. I'm pretty sure I saw him line up at DT on occasion, but I might be wrong. Needless to say, he looks good and he definitely caught my eye in a positive way. Jonathan Massaquoi - I thought he was absolutely dominant. He primarily played against a bunch of guys fighting for roster spots, but he looked every bit the part that I expected him to. He was great in both pass rushing and run stopping. I honestly thought he was the best player on our defense in the 4th quarter. He definitely looks like he should've been playing against tougher competition tonight. DT: Peria Jerry - He had some nice plays. It'd be interesting to see if he can return to the form that we saw before his injury. Tonight he looked like the guy that we wanted him to be when we drafted him. Travian Robertson - He played well. He had some great push down the middle of the line. I really want to see more of this guy. LB: Stephen Nicholas - He was absolutely beasting out there in the 1st quarter. If he plays like this all season, then we are going to be in very good company. He played extremely well. Akeem Dent - I thought Dent was pretty good. I don't think the drop-off from Curtis Lofton to him will be as bad as I originally anticipated, but I do think there will be some growing pains. He looked better than I thought, though his coverage game was a bit lacking tonight. Spencer Adkins - Didn't see too much of this guy, but I did notice he was in the chase a lot. He's got nice speed, which is nothing new, but he didn't do anything to really open my eyes. Robert James - This man played pretty well tonight. This might actually be the year he makes the team. He's fast as lightning bruh. Definitely can't wait to see more of him throughout the pre-season. CB: Dominique Franks - He wasn't bad out there tonight, not special either; however, he's got potential to be our future punt returner. More so than just about anybody else, I'd say. Darrin Walls - I thought he played coverage pretty well. He wasn't bad, but it's hard to judge CB's sometimes. Robert McClain - He played the best out of everyone I saw in the 2nd half, I thought. He was pretty solid on coverage. He had a pass interference call, but it was very good coverage. He also had a nice pick. He surprised me, but with our CB's we already have, I don't have much hope to see him. He looks like a good player though. S: Shann Schillinger - I'm a fan of his. I really would like to see him make the team. He was in pretty good position throughout the night. Nothing spectacular, but that's how it is with DB's sometimes. Charles Mitchell - I think he's going to be a good player. He has a nose for the ball. He seemed to be around it quite a bit. I've got high hopes for him. Well, there ya' go. Have fun with it. There's not a lot of negativity, because I generally pay attention the guys that look promising. If I didn't list them, I didn't notice them. That doesn't mean they're bad or good. They just didn't really do anything to catch my eye tonight.
  24. We certainly have a SB caliber team, but so do atleast 7 other NFC teams. It's going to be competitive.
  25. JPW is a lot better than some of you give him credit for.
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