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  1. I just love to see people who live in the past all the time they will never get in the way of the rest of us moving forward.
  2. New Orleans Police Department spokeswoman Remi Braden said Saturday in a statement that NOPD is also investigating an allegation of sexual assault filed against Sharper on Sept. 24.
  3. Funky Monkey & Kellen Winslow Jr masturbates en route to Boston Market http://simply-showbiz.com/blog/archives/64282
  4. Law enforcement sources tell us the 38-year-old was arrested on Friday and he is been linked to 2 sexual assaults one that occurred in Oct. 2013 and the other in January 2014. The identity of the alleged victim or victims has not been released. Sharper was booked at an L.A. jail and was released on $200k bail.
  5. What's up with Osi lining up that far offside which was a game changer.
  6. I don't think Rex or his father (RIP) would be any upgrade, a year after he got here people would be talking about replacing him also just like we are talking about replacing Nolan now. I guess the old 46 bears DC has passed away?
  7. Let's remember that Nolan's D picked Breesus 5 times last year.
  8. If people want a upgrade what about the DC for the Seahags? He held the second coming of Breesus to one TD, and less than 200 yds.
  9. Oh 27 points in the first half! Great!!! Was that a great play on the pic fumble for a TD by the Seahags!!!
  10. It's funny how in wartime the ring knocker always get fragged by their own men. Just saying.
  11. You must be new here?^^^ lornoth If the news is not about the northeastern teams, Dallas, Denver, or the left coast you want see it on NFLN.
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