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  1. Lets keep these jerseys, but bring back the black helmet
  2. gotta be hard for him to see out of those squinty eyes
  3. cam is the biggest flamer i've ever seen
  4. looks more like he's saying F you mother Fers
  5. what the **** is this garbage?? F the panthers and every one of their fans!!!!
  6. as much as i like Jizz i couldn't bring myself to read it
  7. theres a high school near here that uses the old falcon logo and their colors and blue and white. looks weird
  8. pretty sure he does that every weekend after frequenting the local gay bars in charlotte
  9. i hardly ever call them the falcons i usually call them the dirty birds YESSIR!!
  10. Politely move so my boys Turner Jizz and Snelling can come through
  11. cam might be the gayest player in the league. i bet ovie even calls him a flamer
  12. the Chick Fil A sandwich is top 20 inventions of all time
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