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  1. Embrace the suck is in reference to the Navy SEAL group they worked with last off season. That is one of the motto's they use to describe the daily grind and improving each day.
  2. Hey guys, I am flying down to Atlanta in October for the game against Buffalo October 1st. I have been watching some tickets, but wanted to first see if any season ticket holders on here are interested in selling for that game. Looking for anywhere on the lower level at the new stadium. Thanks!
  3. I appreciate that. I went back and watched him a little more and I can see your point about playing leo, so I went back and edited that part. I still don't see the explosion and athleticism to bend the corner that I believe the Falcons prefer (TD has mentioned it time and time again). He does use his hands better than I initially thought however.
  4. Well I am sorry to hear you took it the wrong way. I thank you for calling me a good writer because I don't consider myself that. I see comparisons to Reed in terms of size, run stopping, and motor. That's what I am trying to get across. Certainly many see players differently and that's what makes scouting for the draft fun and challenging.
  5. Yea, I know. He would play DT for us and slide in as a starter next season after Poe leaves. I would guess in the mean time he would rotate and give us some much needed depth. I would see us selecting him in more of a trade down scenario rather than at 31.
  6. I agree on everything except Kpassagnon. His combine really pushed his stock into the late first/early second. Raiders love him at 23, though I doubt they select him there.
  7. Agreed. I doubt he will be as well.
  8. hey man your welcome to your opinion. Still cant argue it is going to be true come draft day. I do it for fun, not for a living.
  9. Agreed. I have convinced myself it will be Rivers, Kpassagnon, or a trade down.
  10. Yes. If we went guard in the first, I could live with Watt in the second. He still doesn't fit the Falcons search for pure speed and athleticism, but he does play hard which the Falcons value.
  11. TJ Watt is not fast on tape. It has nothing to do with him being Caucasian. Especially not compared to a player like Derek Rivers or Haasan Reddick. Yes, I realize we play a 4-3 under. No, it is not the same as the 3-4. Concepts can be similar yes, but we typically don't stand pass rushers up like you would in a 3-4. I guarantee the Falcons will not draft TJ Watt. You can live and die off the combine numbers all you want. Watt is not an athletic pass rusher, he is a high effort player. From his NFL Profile: WEAKNESSES Not overly twitched-up as an athlete. Short strider who lacks explosion out of stance and up the field to bend the edge as a pass rusher. Foot quickness is average and needs to win with technique and great hand play. Won't generate enough acceleration to crank up speed-to-power rush with consistency. Plays with a narrow base. Needs to play with more consistent bend to play through redirection by offensive line. Will have to add power in his base to hold point of attack against tackles. Pass rush menu will need more options against NFL tackles. It's not like I am the only one saying it and I made it up. The Falcons would pick Rivers, Reddick, or Kpassagnon over Watt without hesitation. You say a 4.75 is average so 4.69 isn't slow. I said it isn't slow, he actually timed better than many thought. There is a very big difference between timed speed and game speed, and you know he does not fly around the field like Deion Jones, D'Vondre Campbell, Keanu Neal, and others Quinn has selected.
  12. Why dont you elaborate? Almost every mock has had the Falcons selecting Watt at one point. Is it not reasonable to write a piece explaining why they won't?
  13. Don't you think we have bigger needs to address right now though? Reed will be fine for another year.
  14. Agreed his combine numbers were good, but you cant say he plays that fast on tape. He is a high effort player with a good motor.
  15. Great point! I was focused on the athleticism. Knee injuries adds to it for sure.