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  1. We really only have the Broncos game left where people would consider us favorites. So that would make us 2-14. Would the Jets win two more games. Doubt it, but the NFC east will beat each other and get around 3-5 wins. Jets are playing the Patriots at home and Dolphins at home. No more chances of wins for them. So they will have the number one pick and Lawrence a jet. What are your thoughts?
  2. Maybe we should even more consider trading players when they can still make good stats games. We will have a bunch of meaningless wins now and be out of the Lawrence pursuit.
  3. Seriously. No more ending the season on a high note. 1) We need to get the best draft pick possible. Trever Lawrence? 2) Try and trade all player 30 years old+. Includes Ryan and Julio 3) Keep young talent
  4. Trade everything that is not young talent. I am sorry but that includes Matt and Julio. We really need to start all over and get as many draft picks as possible. The rebuilding starts now!!!
  5. I will say it again. If no injuries Takk will be considered our best D line man not named Grady when we get to seasons end.
  6. Exactly.. I actually think they have gotten worse.. I prefer Griffin to Ngakoue, they lost their big DT Joseph and many of their cornerbacks.
  7. This is one of the most interesting subjects before the season.. How is our pass rush going to be? I have really faith in Takk will have a good season(if no injuries), I believe Fowler will be a great addition and then we have Grady: So my expectations are high. I think our D line will be something that offenses fear.
  8. Hi Is it me or does it always seem like the NFC is getting better than the AFC as a whole every year. All the best players are always moved from an AFC team to a NFC. Never the other way around. Ngakoue from Jaguars to Vikings, Adams from Jets to Seahawks, Ramsey from Jaguars to the Rams, Hopkins from Texans to the Cardinals, etc.. Am I seeing ghosts here? I know people will say that the Chiefs and Ravens are two of the elite teams, but the AFC as a whole? NFC is a dog fight.
  9. This is a good way to see if you look at the glass as half full or half empty... Good Pass Rush or Bad O Line? Good defense or Bad Offense? The same discussion in each training camp. Unfortunately we cant compare ourself to other teams yet.
  10. I have said from the beginning. No injuries and he will get 10sacks+. He will net us a third round pick next off season.
  11. A big win that we have so many vets and coaches that knows the players.
  12. The devil created preseason games... Really a win if they are gone.
  13. Lets say we get the first pick. Let me know who you want and why you think this player would be the best we could ask for. Maybe even a top 3. No discussion about trading the pick. Just which player do you want the most and why?
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