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  1. Giving Freeman a big contract... NEVER PAY YOUR RUNNINGBACKS
  2. 4 picks in top 70.. Not bad in a rebuild....
  3. We need to get pick numero uno.. Trade the pick for a ransom... And then lets build that nasty D line that we really miss.
  4. When can we release Freeman without taking a big hit? I said from the beginning. Never pay your running backs... Just keep on drafting one in the middle/late rounds every year.
  5. I really cant remember when NFC was not the best conference.. It seems lightyears ahead of AFC. THink about the Patriots. They play MIami, Buffalo and Jets every ******** year..: A guarantee 5-1 record at least. Our division always seem stacked.
  6. I remember the only game they played together. First game at the season @Carolina... We killed their O line that day. https://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore?gameId=260910029 The Panthers had 215 total offense yards that day.
  7. Seriously. Who would want Hopkins more than Julio??? I really dont get that. Hopkins is not even in my top 5 of WR. I would pick Julio, Beckham, AJ Green, Mike Evans, Michael Thomas and Antonio Brown before him. Maybe just me.
  8. I still hate that we gave Freeman that contract. #NEVERPAYYOURRUNNINGBACKS
  9. Two of the most idiotic wins in NFL history... we had an unique possibility for a top 2 pick.
  10. This is really bad news. Panthers will end up with a better draft slot than us.
  11. As feared a terrible win. That was our chance for a top 3 pick. Idiots
  12. The problem is that I have no doubt that we will beat the Cardinals and ruin everything.
  13. Perfect Sunday. Falcons lose, Giants win, Bills win, 49'ers win, Raiders win. We will be a much better team next year. We need impact players on the DL and OL.
  14. Perfect. We need a loss.
  15. I really dont understand why people are mad about this loss.. It is all about draft position now.