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  1. I have said from the beginning. No injuries and he will get 10sacks+. He will net us a third round pick next off season.
  2. A big win that we have so many vets and coaches that knows the players.
  3. The devil created preseason games... Really a win if they are gone.
  4. We got him the fifth round... Amazing steal
  5. Lets say we get the first pick. Let me know who you want and why you think this player would be the best we could ask for. Maybe even a top 3. No discussion about trading the pick. Just which player do you want the most and why?
  6. Seriously, is this a joke? Normally I dont comment on rankings. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but Panthers and Giants? Seriously. Above us? It is not even worth a discussion.
  7. So bottom line. Mention one thing that you are really looking forward to that is not related to the Falcons. A way to get more hyped for the 2020 season. I will go with the Redskins D line. I dont like their roster at all, but the D line?? Oh my god. It can really be world beaters. Kerrigan still going strong, Montez Sweat 1st rounder from last year showed great ability, Chase Young most hyped rookie DE ever and then you have a middle with Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne. These guys are strong on 1st, 2nd and 3rd down. Really exciting to see this young D line in action. Can create real havoc.
  8. I loved Roddy, but no way he makes it to the HoF
  9. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2020/5/28/21271459/how-likely-are-the-falcons-to-add-a-major-contributor-after-june-1 According to the Falcoholic we will have 8mio of cap space after we have paid for our draft class. So what are we going to do? Not what you want us to do, but what you think is going to happen..
  10. I actually have Gurley in a combination with the O Line... Are we able to run the ball then everything will work out for the offense and the defense... That is the main thing.
  11. How can a DT run like that? The best pick in Difitroff history. A fifth round for that beast? Besides that he seems like the perfect lockerroomguy.
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