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  1. https://www.nfl.com/news/daniel-jeremiah-s-top-50-2021-nfl-draft-prospect-rankings-2-0 Discuss. INteresting to see Caleb Farley that high. How would you feel with Sewell in the first and Ajulari in the second round? To improve the trenches.
  2. Exactly. That is why I really want to move back in the first for an extra second 🙂
  3. I want to have quality at the FS position. That has been lacking since forever...
  4. Offense: Najee Harris, RB, Alabama Defense: Zaven Collins, OLB, Tulsa
  5. Fontenot starts by saying that after evaluating the whole roster the trenches seems to be the issue. Talk about the trenches has been going on for too many years. He wants to do something about it. NO MORE TALK!!! Free Agency: Anthony Harris, S - We finally make FS a priority and make Harris our big offseason signing. 4 year signing. Not much money for FA so we prioritize leadership and our secondary really needs it. Keanu Neal resigns with the team on a one year deal. TRADE: Cut: Ricardo Allen Allen Bailey James Carpenter Restructure: We extend b
  6. Except for the first year. Why did we never manage to add somebody opposite Abraham who could create pressure. They had 10 years to find a partner in crime for Abraham. Bad draft picks, bad free agents...
  7. My favorite player. Wish we could draft a young Abraham.
  8. So what do we do if Sewell is standing there? Can he play guard? Will it be the end for McGary?
  9. Just curious. I see Orlando Brown wants to play LT and that is not something he can do with the Ravens... This would be the price for trading for him. Isn't Matthews a better LT and couldn't we get the same AT LEAST??? I know he is five years younger, but still? Matthews at 29 should have some years left. https://www.si.com/nfl/ravens/news/ravens-brown021121 Here a few potential landing spots. 1. Jacksonville Jaguars Initial Asking Price: Second-round pick (No. 33 overall); Fourth-round in 2022. Outlook: It's a foregone conclusion the Jaguars are selecting Clemso
  10. Some of you guys pretends you want BPA, but when a certain position is BPA it is a no. Chase is a top 4 player in this draft. He would be amazing in Atlanta.
  11. I see Patrick Jones in the middle/late second round. But I like him
  12. Cant we make him a receiver coach. We need his mentality on the team.
  13. If we truly believe in BPA then Chase should be high on our list... I would like it. Take the best player and do that in the next rounds. Unless you can trade down that is the way to do it.
  14. Kwity Paye and an additional first round in 22. I would love this trade
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