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  1. I love them. The all Black and all White are amazing.
  2. Who do you like then? Let us know your top 10 defense Big Board
  3. I made a **** of a draft. I traded back with VIkings and still managed to get Kinlaw at 22. Then traded up with the Texans to get Zach Baun at 40. 22. Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina 40. Zack Baun OLB Wisconsin 78. Damon Arnette CB Ohio State 89. Matt Hennessy C Temple 143. Brandon Jones S Texas
  4. Cowboys are killing this draft... Kinlaw and Diggs....
  5. Opposite Takk??? Isn't he forgetting that we just signed Fowler?
  6. This is so good...
  7. https://www.bengals.com/news/bengals-release-dre-kirkpatrick This would complete our off season. We would not be forced to anything in the draft. Go get him, TD
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/three-round-2020-nfl-mock-draft-dolphins-patriots-bucs-browns-trade-up-to-address-key-needs/ Really some key additions we get here with good value. Epenesa is a steel with our pick in the second round and could be a good edition on passing downs next to Grady. Would be a good replacement if Takk dont succeed. CJ Henderson would be great in a strong passing division. An O Line of Matthews - Hennessy - Mack - Lindstrøm - McGary have top 5 potential. Only key miss is a linebacker. Maybe we find a gem in the fourth round, but we solve many issues in the first three rounds.
  9. Best defender in each round...
  10. What if people dont have any concern with Sheffield? But they fear that Oliver will be an issue?
  11. NFL Free Agency and the Draft has actually saved us in this Corona pandemic...
  12. The most thrilling part would be what Ulbrich can do with a first rounder at linebacker...
  13. 10 sacks in 3 years... Not bad for a middle linebacker. Dont see many Lions games though
  14. Chad Forbes @NFLDraftBites Former 1st Rd Pick #Lions Linebacker Jarrad Davis is available via trade. 25 Yrs Old will earn under $2M in 2020. Appears to have fallen out of favor with Matt Patricia’s coaching staff. I actually hate those "Bring him home TD" threads, but would this be an idea for a late pick? We could cross over linebacker and easier to focus on CB, DT and maybe LG. Just an idea. I think he will fit our hit and run defense.
  15. No matter what. It cant be worse than our current jersey. My wish for a black jersey is my main wish. Then I dont care too much about fonts, etc