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  1. Love the idea! He looks quick, fast, and violent! Yes please! He will need to attack and tackle at a lower POI I could see flags for targeting, just for the sheer impact shock! He wants to hurt people. That’s what I want in a true SS.
  2. I’d love to see him lined up as a FB and push the pile!
  3. The only knock on Julio is he doesn’t score enough TDs. However this doesn’t say fantasy WRs. Quintorris is the best and will go down as a top 5 all time! Let’s get him a ring Falcons!!!
  4. Julio Hopkins Thomas Hill Adams Im just a guy, but this is my list 1-5. Ugh, Thomas... he’s a certified beast tho!
  5. I’d miss the s**t out of him, but... Get us the Lombardi and I’ll bring him to his new city, him riding piggyback!!! #RiseUp
  6. Wish Deone Buchanan joined in... dudes gonna live in the box when he’s on the field.
  7. I def believe it would take more, but I’m on board for some Adams man!!! Dude is a legit game-changer!!! I feel we gotta go ALL IN now!!!
  8. Dennard, Curry, Griffen, Talib, Clay, Berry manipulate the salary cap and get any 2 of DB/Edge and I’ll a very very happy man! #RiseUp I oppose all violence against the innocent! Make America Safe Again! Stay Safe Y’all!!!!!!!
  9. 1. Brees- Super efficient, very accurate, and deadly at the end of ends 2. Ryan- If there has ever been a put up or shut up yr... this is it y’all. Like most, a part of me died when we lost that SB, a few wasted seasons since and I’m tired of the excuses... the FO has surrounded MR2 with 52 other 1st rounders so let’s f***ing get it! 😬 I can appreciate the effort the FO has shown, the aggressive stance they have taken in FA accumulating talent, but let’s not be the Browns here and be paper champions, let’s not squander the opportunity to take this league by storm. I still believe in the Brotherhood! I do believe we can and will choose to RiseUp! 3. Brady- Respect for The GOAT, but he’s NOT the same player, I’m scared of all his weapons, but that was not the question 4. Bridgewater- A possible Cinderella story candidate, but like most... not expecting too much from Car
  10. Top 10 is a maybe. I was originally thinking 12-15 which should be plenty fine with the talent at the skill positions. Another year in together, even with a Covid-offseason, the gelling should be evident with the added confidence of a year under the belt on the right side! Let’s hope a clear front runner jumps out for the LG position!
  11. Stingley will be the MOST POLISHED CB to come out since... dare I say... Primetime?!? Anyways, dude is a stud and wish he was at UGA. Stay healthy and ball out so I can get this pinNed in a cpl years! Lol Great call!!!
  12. I don’t trade consecutive 1s unless is draft night. My ‘21 1st and ‘22 2nd scare the **** out of me too, but I agree, him on this D would give us some legitimacy on the back end as well as the box!
  13. Gotcha mate. You in for a ‘21 1st and a ‘22 2nd?
  14. lol yes i know, i meant id need them to take him, giving us a few $M. Its not the NBA, i get it, i assumed ppl would understand what i meant.
  15. I’d offer a ‘21 1st and a ‘22 2nd and they take James Carpenter’s contract!
  16. That is way too much! No way in **** would I even consider that!!!
  17. Clowney, Adams trade, Logan Ryan... any of these guess would make an immediate impact on this D!
  18. I’m all aboard the Jamal Adams trade bandwagon, but this would be a wise consolation prize! I’ve loved EB since his days at Tenn and maybe laughed a little on that pick 2 in ‘16. If this guy is healthy and Adams is off the table... pull the trigger! #RiseUp
  19. Umm... yes please!!! ‘21 1st and a ‘22 2nd!
  20. I’d legit take the entire top row!
  21. Who is this guy? I never heard of him. He plays for the Falcons?!? :/PURP I LOVE #97!!!
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