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  1. Man, if Pees can get this D to middle of the road and drastically improve our 3rd down D... even without JJ, we could surprise teams!!!
  2. Personally, I think JOK goes 33, but if he’s there at 35 and we pass... that’ll be a major disappointment! -JOK -Williams -Samuel Jr -Morerig -Radunz
  3. Has skills to likely play either, but I think Pees would love to use him as a chess piece matchup OLB... JOKer, at the risk of being cheesy!
  4. Nah man, Lance has legit wheel my guy! Jameis is a statue. I don’t see that comparison in the least.
  5. I like Davis too, I hated watching him carrying 6 players for 12yds the first time we played them tho... Smfh
  6. As he should say... that wouldn’t make me flinch if I were in the FO
  7. Apples to apples... I’d trade down and take Lance. He’s a bit more raw than the others, but a year under Ryan with the new regime could serve Lance very very well. Super boom potential, I don’t see bust unless he were to get injured.
  8. I like the idea of trading down and hoarding picks, especially moving down in small increments... but the value in these trades aren’t there! Can’t be as simple as 1800=1600+200 this year because of the value still on the board. With who’s left on that board, I’d say a 2k point return value is a minimum! IMO
  9. I co-sign this!!! Trade him to NE for 15,47 and next yr 2nd. Draft Wilson at 4. Draft Barmore at 15 and build from there! Maybe Collins drops into late 1st and we can move up into first again. Sign a vet to mentor Wilson and compete for the job
  10. Trade down grab another 2&3 and take OLB Zaven Collins! Use another pick on S Talanoa Hufanga! If we can’t get Wilson, trade out and shoot some youngblood into the D! Collins has GAMECHANGER written all over him! Hufanga reminds me of Troy Polamalu.
  11. We’d need to give up 5k in trade value for them to even pick up the phone!!! Trevor is a Jag if he’s healthy!
  12. Were y’all even watching the gm?!?! it was a religious experience!.... to see the hand of God come down and swat that football wide right was something to behold! Still in awe! Lol. That was wild
  13. Yeah, I mean we dominated TOP, forced turnovers, only turned it over once. The only complaint we could have was that the run game was just bad, but we didn’t abandon it and become one dimensional. Well done.
  14. For me, I’m either stupid or a gluten for punishment... likely both! It’s depressing to see the us be the laughing stock of the league. Smfh. I always stood up for MR2, but I think it’s time. Sign me up for Trey Lance!!!
  15. Mb coach, I shoulda caught that ball, but you did call a f**king timeout!!!
  16. Todays gm was an embarrassing lose! We played more than well enough to win this gm! The fact that the hands team doesn’t know the **** rules is baffling, and after a timeout! Smfh. We need to really smack the s**t out people in the coming wks or I’ll be jumping in that Fire DQ bandwagon too. Losing is one thing, this gm was a freaking disgrace!!! 😡😡😡
  17. That ball shoulda been hopped on at the 40 and ended in victory formation!
  18. 😜😜😜... I’m fine... 🤪🤪🤪... totally fine!
  19. Why on Earth would you post this for me to see... I’ve been trying my best not to get too excited about Atlanta Falcons Football... Now you went and post this and now I want that Adam Sandler remote so I can fast forward through two stupid weeks of home-schooling 3 girls, straight to week 1... lol In all seriousness tho... I am super geeked to see what we can put together this year. We have a tough starting schedule with like 4/5 against ESPN top 10 teams, but I’m of the “gotta beat the best to be the best” variety! RM should great promise as DC and the word is that coach Joe Whitt Jr has the DBs attacking the football... I can’t wait!!! Improved pass rush—>🤞🏼 + Opportunistic secondary + Possible top 5 O... Call me “cautiously optimistic!” #DoItFortheA #ATL #Brotherhood
  20. Lol. According to that chart, Ricardo Allen is a 13M/yr FS! Lmfao
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