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  1. The problem with the falcons is they always lose 1 or 2 games that seem like easy Ws on paper... and then beat a team they have no business beating. Ill never forget how good they made Geno Smith look when they played the Jets. YIKES
  2. that throw to Pitts was clutch. Shout out to the OL today as well. They have seemingly improved each week
  3. 100%... I agree that Ryan may not be the best at throwing bombs but he is still clutch throwing bullets 10-30 yards in between tight windows. That's his strength
  4. please win. I can't handle any more pent up rage directed at Matt Ryan
  5. i noticed this a lot. And then a few plays later he comes alive again.
  6. was hoping cominsky would take that leap... especially after being name dropped by Pees
  7. You expect him not to get flustered after that!?
  8. People literally want Ryan to be Jesus at this point
  9. Blows my mind how quick people are to throw Ryan under the bus. Dude takes years off his life playing for this team. Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, ANYONE would've been humiliated this sunday in a falcons uniform.
  10. The Rhythm on offense was so good the first 2 drives. I'm not sure what happened, but that was proof that the ability for the offense is there.
  11. Really curious to see what he can get out of our LB cores speed... & dante fowler.
  12. sounds like Andrews is practically a lock at this point. He must be gelling well with matthews or something, cause week 1 left a lot to be desired.
  13. she never even acknowledged the falcon fans on twitter, asking about the change. Weird indeed
  14. I'm a fan. There was just not much chance of him surviving in San Fran with both Jimmy G and Lance.
  15. Time to stop getting your info from Arthur blanks son
  16. Has to be. He plays at a high level while he gets clobbered on the field, and by the fans of his own team.
  17. Nobody transitions/changes direction like Ridley. Unreal skills.
  18. I woner why WIlliam Sweet got cut, when he didn't even get any snaps in the preseason game
  19. falcons twitter is currently a warzone
  20. I need to see franks relying on throwing the ball more. He's a project at best, not the 2nd QB
  21. who the heck is going to play guard though. Can't be andrews unless this game was some fluke. I'm really bummed we didn't see dalman play there today. I know he got his reps at center, but we should be in panic mode for that guard position.
  22. REALLY wonder why we havent seen dalman at guard yet
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