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  1. if he lets DK go, I'm good with him staying. NO PACKAGE deal with those 2.
  2. well at least your avatar already has a clown in it
  3. who is he supposed to throw it to? Hardly anyone is open half the time, and the routes take too long to develop with this kind of pressure/collapsing pocket
  4. I couldnt have drawn this up any better. Shaky organization, and a CA kid going from CA ->ATL--> OHIO LMAO! beautiful
  5. you really think both the saints and bucs are going to sweep the falcons?
  6. cominsky couldve had 2 sacks in critical moments (4th Q) but he was held and it wasnt called. I like what I saw from him
  7. defense is getting better each week, but like it's been said. The offense is NOT GOOD when they play conservative ball. The run game isn't working at all. I'm starting to think that hill should be the starter over gurley as well. There is just more explosive play potential with him. No more passes should be thrown to Hill though.
  8. what about in the trenches? If the NFL were 7 on 7, or flag football, this would be a valid point
  9. im ashamed to say that this is the quality of thread I would make... with that said, I understand and support you OP. WRs leave ATL and dont pan up to what they were when they were here
  10. we could have gotten a 2nd?!? Oh rehire everyone that got fired and fire them again
  11. Takk is a pass rush move away (other than bullrush) from being a top DE. Social Media mental midget though, and I can't help but think this tweet was his way of saying he wants out but ATL wont grant him that request. I think he will be a STUD wherever he goes next, but ATL isn't it.
  12. MAGIC time BABY. I believe. I didn't think there was any chance the falcons would have ended last season the way they did, and look. The falcons have the talent. And I think the coaching will get better as the season continues. The falcons were incompetent offensive play calling from blowing out the panthers last thursday
  13. good timing. If the falcons cant beat denver without ridley, then they should officially tank
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