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  1. DQ bet on this man and he didn't even bother showing up. lol
  2. Can’t see us getting much
  3. Tired of seeing the RB/TE/FB take a flat route on 3rd down and gain 30+ yards
  4. Falcons will beat the Rams.
  5. Unfortunately I think the falcons will beat the Rams somehow, which means Quinn will be here longer.
  6. Matt Doesn't have the confidence in his protection yet to have his feet set.
  7. MNF

    Takk only has a bullrush. He would need a deeper skill set in order to do that
  8. MNF

    and yet people still say that Ryan isn't on the same level as the top QBs around here
  9. Sounds like everyone is going to keep guessing each week to try and be right. Don’t be surprised if Quinn lasts the entire season
  10. I'm definitely not as disappointed watching the game anymore. I expect to be embarrassed each week
  11. i wouldnt be surprised if he gets the entire season
  12. came in to say this pretty much word for word. If not Grace, then at least Foye, but the campbell experiment isn't working. He's regressing at this point
  13. Go ahead and let him be the interim HC. Might as well at this point
  14. Chuck Smith had a pretty **** good idea in the latest AJC video around the 33 minute mark. I'd post it but I don't know how to post youtube videos here. Link: Video Link It was a defensive line scheme that plays towards their strengths especially BEASLEY. It almost made too much sense.