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  1. I just want to understand why he pretended that the falcons never made an offer...
  2. I think he’s a great player, greater than sacks say as he affects the game in a big way... however he doesn’t come off to me as the kind of guy you want in the locker room.
  3. did you just ask this on twitter as well?
  4. Falcons V Saints not being on the list is almost criminal, and invalidate anything the author writes from this point on.
  5. What good would signing a tackle do, when we need a left guard?
  6. I feel like I saw this last year
  7. Hooper got paid for a reason. I'm as hyped about all 3 signings but to say he is better with no stats, or film to back it up is flat out wrong.
  8. Another bright spot is that McGary was surprisingly good at run blocking as well
  9. He deserves a rigged Super Bowl
  10. 8-10
  11. this photo never gets old. LOL We still gotta draft an end in the draft. I wonder if AJ Epenesa falls to the 2nd round
  12. Yeah he killed the falcons last year.
  13. **** I was hoping that we somehow got everson griffen but I cant be mad at this. DQ got his guy after all
  14. have a feeling he wont become a falcon, but I hope im wrong. I'd also much rather have Everson Griffen who I believe is a proven and consistent all around better player.
  15. better and likely cheaper than fowler. This is who I want more than anyone right now. He is a great all around player