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  1. from a physical standpoint, it makes a ton of sense
  2. Best thing is that he said he tried to be better than Julio each week. That’s the kind of mentality you want competitors to have. that tells me that Calvin wouldn’t ride julios jock and willingly be second fiddle
  3. the weird thing is I see PFF have Deion jones in many top 5 LB list images
  4. Same body type too. For some reason I always thought Roddy was 6'2-6'3, but nope. Him & Darby are around the same height at 6'0
  5. When is the last time the falcons even did this? Years ago against the Texans? (I don’t even know if it were the Texans anymore)
  6. That was a "I'll do it so they shut up" thank you that took maybe 10 seconds of thought, but that's more than I expected. I thought, "I'm outta there" would be all we would have
  7. heard him & julio had a falling out and that's partially why he left. Julio is mad Arthur Blank didn't take his side. per sources
  8. going to have a rude awakening with Ryan Tannehill throwing to him & no Arthur Smith
  9. I REALLY liked Sanus role as a falcon, and was bummed when they traded him away. I probably root for him more than any other player not on the team.
  10. shame he cant soak up knowledge from another physically gifted WR in Julio... (sorry i had to do it)
  11. I don't even feel confident about ATL D forcing a punt on 3rd & 20. They have been THAT bad. The mental side of things have been OFF for the defense. That kazee play highlights it perfectly. Guys just out there guessing.
  12. I didn't even realize that Calvin put up nearly 1400 receiving yards last season. Julios presence will be missed, but if AS can get even a decent running game going, I expect Ridley to take another HUGE leap like he did from year 1 to year 2
  13. Well if Ryan has a good season this year w/o julio, there will be a new narrative: "Its because he has calvin ridley & Kyle Pitts!!!!" unrelated note: julio wants to win and he is a big reason why the falcons cant pay any good players..
  14. I think Grady is a star, but i agree with everything else
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