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  1. because Ryan did more than enough on his part to win that game. The opposing QB actually did just about everything to try and lose it. Ryan Clark would have had a better argument if he said that Matty and the falcons were cursed.
  2. im still not sure what's going on in here
  3. my minds telling me no, but my body, my bodies tellin me yes
  4. Had to be done, but he represented the falcons well
  5. none of these QBs will have the career Ryan has had thus far.
  6. i could easily see him becoming a falcon that plays really well somewhere else. I'd like to see what the new staff can do. He is still raw
  7. I see it every game, and watch the fans of said team abandon the QB who gives his all despite being clobbered week in week out
  8. fundamentals aside, you see who your DAWGs are mentally in this kind of drill. The defender in this clip AINT IT
  9. Further cementing that drafting a QB this season would be a WASTE! I'm just saying!
  10. just look at the mini drama that has happened with aaron rodgers and the packers. They should absolutely build around Matt this draft.
  11. Sorry Ryan haters... but Ryan and Julio are a big part of what made this job attractive for potential coaches. LOVE this
  12. Dan Quinns biggest mistakes: 1. Hiring Dirk Koetter 2. Using Sark as a scapegoat 3. Letting Patrick Di Marco go
  13. Matt Ryan is behind Tannehill in terms of ability? Did i read that right?
  14. Matt Ryan deserves this opportunity for consistency for at least 2 seasons... for real.
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