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  1. I have always thought Ryan was a Peyton-lite... Peyton is the GREATEST QB of all time in my opinion. Brady is the most successful of all time.
  2. We are not worthy. It isn't a coincidence that the falcons started winning when Lindstrom came back either.
  3. Let the younger guys step up. It's time for Oliver & Sheppard to take a leap. We've seen them have the ability. I think bringing back Wreh-Wilson is one of the best off season moves we've made.
  4. The best perk, is that the media will have to respect Ryan & the Falcons if they play how I expect them to this season. All eyes are going to be on Brady & Tampa and I expect Ryan to show up
  5. I like DQ, but **** it hurts knowing we let Kyle Shanahan walk away. The Falcons have sucked on defense for as long as I can remember, and the 49ers are already a top defensive team. Now if we could have a top 15 defense combined with Shanahans offense, we would have a Superbowl or 2 already.
  6. maybe not related, but it makes me sick needing to defend Matt Ryan on twitter every week
  7. I'll take Ryan year 2 in the same system over Brady in a major environmental change during COVID
  8. TG3 did look a little stiff, and like he doesn't play a lick of basketball lol.
  9. Ridley has stood out, as being on another level ,on every footage I've seen this offseason.
  10. I'm pretty happy that Walker is already out there bonding and working with the LBs
  11. He might be done in the NFL.
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