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  1. Highly unlikely. The cost would be too high.
  2. Seems like Turner is starting to go downhill, unfortunately.
  3. World English Dictionary give (ɡɪv) — vb (when intr, foll by of ) , gives , giving , gave , given 1. ( also intr ) to present or deliver voluntarily (something that is one's own) to the permanent possession of another or others 2. ( often foll by for ) to transfer (something that is one's own, esp money) to the possession of another as part of an exchange: to give fifty pounds for a painting
  4. No, we technically gave up 5 picks for one pick. We still had to part with five draft picks, even if we get a draft pick in return.
  5. The players don't want to accept a Collective Bargaining Agreement that the players feel is worse than the Collective Bargaining Agreement they had previously in place. The notion that the owners didn't stop anything is false. The owners opted out of the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement, which is essentially stopping the Collective Bargaining Agreement that they had in place from continuing after March third of this year.
  6. I agree with you. I don't think there is going to be a DE worth taking at pick 27. I believe that A.J Green would have a tremendous effect on the offense. I don't believe that Clayborn, Reed, or Houston, are much better than the De's we already have on the roster
  7. I want the Falcons to do this trade. If this report is accurate, then it is clear that the falcons want a better starting wide receiver. I believe Micheal Jenkins should be a back-up WR at best.
  8. I don't think there is any doubt that TD made a mistake when he took Weatherspoon over Dez Bryant. I believe Dez Bryant is a pro bowl caliber player. I don't believe Weatherspoon is ever going to be even close to the player that Bryant is.
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