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  1. Ya know (this is stupid but), I've always wondered if that's the reason we have a hard time with the Cardinals and Chiefs.
  2. Yeah, if they kept the clock running, we probably would've dog-piled --( time could've run out beforehand). Then they have to get the ball, spot it, get set, etc. Doesn't that usually take 15 or more seconds anyway?
  3. I went to high school with a girl who's last name is Hunt and her father's name is Michael. Mike for short.
  4. -
  5. I guess you guys forgot how the Dolphins destroyed us the last two years in preseason. This was a marked improvement. I'm just glad we only have a competition on ONE OL spot, not the entire thing. I do like that we're plugging in a veteran (to our system) instead of a rookie. Let the best man win out.
  6. And don't forget, Campbell will be able to actually see this year, too.
  7. RB: Brian Hill: I really hope he can help ice games, ala Turner did under Mularkey. Andre Roberts: Really interested in seeing him return punts, especially if our Defense is that much better.
  8. Bigger question: I wonder if Ryan will be above Cam? How could the No. 1 guy drop below somebody not in the 100 last year? (Ya know, without admitting their list is ridiculous).
  9. Last 10 MVP's: Ryan, Cam, Rodgers, Peyton, AP, Rodgers, Brady, Peyton, Peyton, Brady.
  10. If we have pressure up the middle, there's no where to go -- It's not like the QB can just bootleg around our very fast pass-rushers. If this works out, it'll be a dream scenario for our Defense.
  11. The reigning MVP didn't even MAKE the Top 100 list last year. That's how crazy these lists are.
  12. I think Sark fits the Brotherhood culture a lot better than Shanny and he'll be amenable to Matt's strengths. Kyle always had a big ego as the boy-genius which has stayed with his career, good-and-bad. Hopefully, Sark will find a good balance and keep us as a prolific offense.
  13. Yup, that's exactly why we stayed at 6 and drafted Jake (who was a sure-thing and had a family pedigree.) Lewan threatened to rape a woman that accused Michigan's kicker of sexual assault.
  14. Weems was on the Bears that year. We had Quizz returning kicks, for some reason.