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  1. Darnold just hasn't started enough games. I wouldn't be surprised if he stays another year, could do wonders for his career. I'd imagine Josh Rosen as the top QB in the draft.
  2. Ya know (this is stupid but), I've always wondered if that's the reason we have a hard time with the Cardinals and Chiefs.
  3. Yeah, if they kept the clock running, we probably would've dog-piled --( time could've run out beforehand). Then they have to get the ball, spot it, get set, etc. Doesn't that usually take 15 or more seconds anyway?
  4. I went to high school with a girl who's last name is Hunt and her father's name is Michael. Mike for short.
  5. I guess you guys forgot how the Dolphins destroyed us the last two years in preseason. This was a marked improvement. I'm just glad we only have a competition on ONE OL spot, not the entire thing. I do like that we're plugging in a veteran (to our system) instead of a rookie. Let the best man win out.
  6. And don't forget, Campbell will be able to actually see this year, too.
  7. RB: Brian Hill: I really hope he can help ice games, ala Turner did under Mularkey. Andre Roberts: Really interested in seeing him return punts, especially if our Defense is that much better.
  8. Bigger question: I wonder if Ryan will be above Cam? How could the No. 1 guy drop below somebody not in the 100 last year? (Ya know, without admitting their list is ridiculous).
  9. Last 10 MVP's: Ryan, Cam, Rodgers, Peyton, AP, Rodgers, Brady, Peyton, Peyton, Brady.
  10. If we have pressure up the middle, there's no where to go -- It's not like the QB can just bootleg around our very fast pass-rushers. If this works out, it'll be a dream scenario for our Defense.
  11. The reigning MVP didn't even MAKE the Top 100 list last year. That's how crazy these lists are.
  12. I think Sark fits the Brotherhood culture a lot better than Shanny and he'll be amenable to Matt's strengths. Kyle always had a big ego as the boy-genius which has stayed with his career, good-and-bad. Hopefully, Sark will find a good balance and keep us as a prolific offense.
  13. Yup, that's exactly why we stayed at 6 and drafted Jake (who was a sure-thing and had a family pedigree.) Lewan threatened to rape a woman that accused Michigan's kicker of sexual assault.