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  1. I definitely would like Sanu back as the slot receiver. Also, I trust him more in a RPO than Gage. In 2016 I really liked Rosen and thought he'd be a quality NFL QB. The comeback against A&M reminded me of Matt's against VT.
  2. I remember quite a few years ago, Cowherd said that Matt Ryan was just like all the other Matt's: Stafford, Schaub, Cassel, Flynn, Leinart, etc. Also, if you take away Jordan Love's best year and his worst, you're left with... nothing.
  3. As everybody is saying, we were always beaten soundly by the Eagles and Bucs those years. We had a chance in 2004, in the coldest game the team ever played, but it was just a chance. The Eagles were the team that knocked us out of the playoffs in 02, 04, and were the last team Vick ever faced with the Falcons in 06.
  4. We shouldn't have given up a 17 point lead in 2012 and would've definitely beaten the Ravens that year. And we know about the "greatest collapse in football history." That's two we lost. Like the Denver thing mentioned, we need to win at least two championships with Ryan/Julio to not think about those as much.
  5. Takk is 5-times the pass rusher this guy is, though. (Not that it's saying much, but still.)
  6. He had no idea what D Led was talking about. I guess it's really true he doesn't pay attention to all the outside shenanigans going on.
  7. He didn't want his team arguing so he pulled the plug. Isn't that all that happened?
  8. I'm glad Alex Grey's sticking around. Maybe one day he can contribute a little.
  9. I actually liked seeing Ridley returning kicks, but i get using Hardy instead. My only question is why wasn't he returning punts and kicks the last few years? He returned punts in college.
  10. Bengals just cut (GTech's) Michael Johnson. Dunno what he still has, though.
  11. Yeah, the one is glorious. It's 5 different reactions to the Minnesota Miracle.
  12. Bucs really loaded up on defense this year. (Albeit with Mike Smith coaching them.)
  13. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/team/history/ring-of-honor.html For some reason, the Falcons website has updated this list with Warrick Dunn from last year. I guess the better question is, who should go into it next? I feel like Roddy should be this year's entrant. Maybe Morten Andersen.
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