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  1. I definitely would like Sanu back as the slot receiver. Also, I trust him more in a RPO than Gage. In 2016 I really liked Rosen and thought he'd be a quality NFL QB. The comeback against A&M reminded me of Matt's against VT.
  2. I remember quite a few years ago, Cowherd said that Matt Ryan was just like all the other Matt's: Stafford, Schaub, Cassel, Flynn, Leinart, etc. Also, if you take away Jordan Love's best year and his worst, you're left with... nothing.
  3. As everybody is saying, we were always beaten soundly by the Eagles and Bucs those years. We had a chance in 2004, in the coldest game the team ever played, but it was just a chance. The Eagles were the team that knocked us out of the playoffs in 02, 04, and were the last team Vick ever faced with the Falcons in 06.
  4. We shouldn't have given up a 17 point lead in 2012 and would've definitely beaten the Ravens that year. And we know about the "greatest collapse in football history." That's two we lost. Like the Denver thing mentioned, we need to win at least two championships with Ryan/Julio to not think about those as much.
  5. Takk is 5-times the pass rusher this guy is, though. (Not that it's saying much, but still.)
  6. http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2016/8/4/12379894/matt-ryan-pick-interception-practice-kyle-shanahan Don't freak out that Matt Ryan got picked off by his coach By Jeanna Thomas Quarterbacks throw interceptions during training camp. It’s a fact of life. Matt Ryan threw an interception today, which isn’t a big deal in and of itself. This particular interception becomes a bit more interesting because the pass, which was intended for tight end Austin Hooper, was intercepted by Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. In training camp, just like in real game situations,
  7. Most of this lack of cross-training has to do with most sports being big business and year-round these days. Kids used to play baseball in the summer, football in the fall, basketball in the winter/spring, but now they have these expensive camps and leagues that happen all year. There's a few differing opinions on this, but some of the older guys think playing different sports helped prevent injury, since you're not focused on only certain muscle groups. However, most of the sports, namely football, have gotten pretty complicated where it's harder to spread attention to other things.
  8. Found this on Ebay, size 7 1/4" http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nike-Alanta-Falcons-Size-7-1-4-Baseball-Cap-Hat-Lid-Free-Shipping-O-/131811585436?hash=item1eb0952d9c:g:plIAAOSwu1VW4wb0
  9. Ryan started his career with 5 winning seasons in a row. Then we made McClure retire and haven't had one yet.
  10. Roddy also mentioned how Ryan's early seasons, etc. had Todd McClure calling the line and pointing out the Mike linebacker. Since Person wasn't a real Center, Ryan had to make the line calls as well as the WCO plays and note the defensive adjustments. Roddy agreed that Alex Mack will really help the team in this area.
  11. This was a kick return in the 4th quarter. Somebody titled the video wrong.
  12. Dalton's so lucky he made that guy miss, or it would've been really ugly.
  13. Are we going to give up on Gradkowski completely? Was he an improvement at all the last couple games? The interior was looking pretty bad, but I don't remember how poor (or otherwise) he played.
  14. Quinn seems to be a lot more mature than Mora. Mora lived-and-died with Knapp, Gibbs, and Donatell. So far, Shanahan looks a much better fit with Ryan. (The same type of offense that didn't work with Vick). Michael Turner really went downhill after we lost our Pro-Bowl fullback. Even now you can see how much DiMarco helps Freeman in the running game. Also, Quinn seems to be a much more decisive coach than Smith.
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