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  1. From Canada but if Falcons win I'm going to the SUPERBOWL!!! So if anyone ones to meet up in houston I'd be interested.
  2. Writing in his 2015 NFL Draft Preview, personnel analyst Nolan Nawrocki compared Jarrett to a “poor man’s Brandon Mebane.” The 6-foot-1, 311-pound Mebane has had a productive career for the Seahawks, for whom new Atlanta head coach Dan Quinn was an assistant for four seasons. Jarrett would seem likely to compete for a role in Seattle’s DT rotation in Year One. And if he turns out like Mebane — a starter in all eight NFL seasons — then the Falcons will have made one of the best moves of Round Five http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/05/02/falcons-trade-up-with-vikings-select-clemson-dt-grady-jarrett/
  3. NCAA's all-time leading pass catcher and he is a heck of a blocker. Sure hands and a great blocker. Sounds like a great slot receiver to me
  4. Pete Prisco gave us an A- for this pick. "Atlanta is having an excellent draft. Hardy can come in and play the slot right away. Possession guy with sneaky athleticism."
  5. I don't think the numbers are bad if they set the contract up right. Pay him a low salary and make him earn a per game bonus for what he plays. Which could total $4.5 Million. Every second year this dude gets injured for the year and its quite the risk.
  6. how is the standard a list of the best teams? Standard Definition: used or accepted as normal or average. I feel like we fit the standard perfectly as we're somewhere in the middle of both.
  7. vaughn mcclure ‏@vxmcclure23 3m A few players said it was nice to see William Moore walking around the facility today without wearing a sling or protection for shoulder.
  8. Haha I'm not the one throwing my team under the bus. I'm pissed aswell but injuries lost us this game. We scored at will when we had a full o-line. I agree our defence needs work but it's not on smitty.
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