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  1. The falcons as a whole were terrible week 1. But i thought the coaching for the defense was good, we just lack talent there, but the calls and a lot of the fits were right, but we couldnt close the deal on pressure. It was 7-6 at the half. The offense from top to bottom was a dumpster fire. Poor coaching, poor play calls, and very bad execution by the players. Special teams were fine, except for the punter, he has a long windup, i see a block coming very soon.
  2. Im saying that wont happen bc even if the coaching improves, we are talent deficient in a lot of areas. Could it happen, sure but the chances are highly unlikely. I honestly see only 4 wins that are at all possible on our schedule. We are too light upfront on both ends and we dont have even one legit outside rusher. Im not looking to win a lot, but to at least see a competitive fire across the board. A desire to be better, if i see that, i will ease up.
  3. I mean if that is true. Smith is willing to give pitts a break after 5 Plays but yet Jalen Mayfield was getting beat like a drum and was just left out there to die lol. something about this story does not check out
  4. I agree, I give us less than a 5% chance of us winning, but that's not what I'm looking for, I'm looking for competitiveness and more than six points. please at least give me some stat padding and good plays. if you know what I mean
  5. Once again if you look at my post over the last decade there not trolling, but since you don't want to take the bet I now know you don't have a sack. so please put me on ignore you coward
  6. I would not lol. Once again I'm not a troll look at my post history you ignoramus either take the bet or move along
  7. I'm guessing since you don't watch much football you won't take the bet cuz now you're backing down very quickly. also I would remind you murrary was hurt last year, during the last half of the season but you would know that if you actually watch the games and not just look at stats. Thanks for letting me know not to take you seriously goodbye
  8. @Snowen if you think the Eagles are just as good as the Cardinals let's place a bet on who will win more games this year simple as that. if I win I get to change your signature if you win I will do the same for you.
  9. If you think the Cardinals are just as bad as Eagles you do not watch football and I can't take you seriously
  10. I've always admitted when I was wrong, it just doesn't happen very often go look at my post history, I've been here forever. I was ultimately wrong back in the day about mike nolan. he did great for us for a year but then he fell off a cliff, I was wrong about him. I will gladly admit I was wrong about Arthur Smith I just don't see it happening.
  11. That is a great question. Their defense still sucks much like it did last year and their offensive line also completely fell apart and that I can't explain. Although I have much more confidence that they will figure out their offensive line problems long before the Falcons will. I would also say they faced a far better team than we did in the cards. that's the other thing people keep forgetting the Eagles might not win five more games this year either. they're not that good, just looked great against us.
  12. I saw when he got behind he struggled mightily to come back. Plus the Titans for the last couple of years also played in the easiest division in the AFC. While the Colts were decent last year why don't you go tell me the record of the other two teams in the AFC South since you like stats so much I promise you they are not good. 1-15 and 4-12. I don't like the higher as I've said. I would love to be proven wrong, but so far that Outlook doesn't seem likely to happen. I hated the play calls he did sunday, I hated how he handled preseason and the offseason, and I think his press conferences do just as much harm as good to the team. I just don't see much to like so far. For the record though I was also not a fan of the Terry Fontenot hiring either. But I haven't rode on him near as hard because Thomas dimitroff left him in such a huge hole
  13. Nope, I would love to crow on this. If he proves me wrong I will have no problem admitting that I was an idiot and foolish I just honestly don't see that happening.
  14. That is hard to say because actually I didn't like the crop this year at all. so we might have gotten the best of the bunch but to me that's not saying much. Because the Eagles great rookie head coach of last week will be back down in the dumps next when he faces a real team cuz he's not that good either, in my opinion. If you want to know the truth we should have given sarkisian a bit more time, I saw far more potential in him than I do Arthur Smith as far as being an innovative offensive coordinator
  15. Vandy that's a lie he did not get out coached because the Eagles did nothing that was unexpected. they played base four and zone cover behind it 90 percent of the time. and on offense they did nothing that was shocking, let's be honest the game plan might not have been good but he did not get out coached or outfoxed. His gameplan was not good, to start with after the first two scripted series. And he did nothing to make adjustments at halftime and it only got worse as his rookie left guard was thrown to the wolves
  16. Because a lot of y'all just look at Stats I'm not being mean when I say this. I watched the Titans games. I saw what plays he called and when. I saw what route combos he used and I saw what he did in situational football can you say the same? All his scripted plays are very good generally but if the situation turns and it's time to make adjustments he does not do the best job of that, and we saw that last Sunday. plus now he lacks a lot of the talent he had in Tennessee. The fact that Pitts was not out there in a lot of goal line situations is baffling and why your second round pick did not play much is all so baffling. Either you think they suck because they don't have the talent which is highly unlikely or you did not do a very good job coaching them up during the offseason, preseason? Once again what I saw was in him was an average offensive coordinator with great talent around him. I'm not saying I think he's terrible because I'm not but some of y'all were so up in the clouds about this yr because of what some stats told you and he's never going to be that guy at least I don't think so. Also as far as press conferences go some of the stuff he says is indeed refreshing and other times he probably should just keep his mouth shut bc I doubt he's winning many fans in the locker room.
  17. I think matt is a part of the problem in the Red Zone he's just not the main factor at all, but he does share some of the blame too over the yrs.
  18. Naw I'm going to watch but I'm not going to live in a fantasy land where it's going to magically get fixed by the bye week
  19. I know I've been saying this a lot lately but once again I told you Arthur Smith was not that great of an offense coordinator. he got part of a winning formula in Tennessee was a cog in the wheel. His play-calling is especially bad when he gets behind in a game, he goes very vanilla
  20. Just maybe some of the people are not haters but are actually calling what they see, just saying
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