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  1. Lol i was just making an observation i dont care, but i unfollowed him, bc he liked so many of her tweets and she post drivel. I only use twitter for football and wrestling.
  2. He is always hitting on kroy beermans step daughter on twitter
  3. Wont last how else is he going to hit on kroys step daughter
  4. Im 50/50 it was obvious quinn was not sold on brown or carpenter last yr. So hennessy i think is in the mix
  5. I love this pick. The other two meh. I like aj but think he is a project. And we need a center but think third was too high. If he can indeed play guard then it makes a whole lot more sense.
  6. Depending on the cost i wouldnt hate this. We need a short yd td machine and if we can get his contract to around 5 million with no gurantee, than it makes sense
  7. No homer bias here. I've never agreed with them on their offensive line rankings. It is hard to really know who's got what blocking assignment on the offenseive line. They have graded some good offensive lines low while grading some middle of the roads to bad offensive lines High
  8. If the Titan somehow mess around and go to the Super Bowl with Ryan Tannehill throwing less than a hundred yards a game I'm going to laugh and it goes to show you how great the Titans offensive line truly is
  9. Jake is an avg starting lt. Lewan is a beast, who is mean. I hope kaleb has that streak
  10. I dont trust pff i think lewan is all around better. Titans is my afc team, been watching him for yrs
  11. I never trusted jake coming out bc he had old party boy running around constantly back at texas
  12. Lol naw lewan is better at both but run blocking is night and day better than jake.
  13. Please tell me also how jake matthews is as good as lewan again. Tried telling some of yall fools
  14. Lol please tell me how the pocket passer is a dying breed again lol
  15. Watching the san Francisco falcons is fun lol. I miss levine a te who can block
  16. Gives a new meaning to the show 30 for 30 the Jameis Winston Saga
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