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  1. yeah matt ryan ran him over for td number 2
  2. I love poole best tackler on the team either him or rico, but I swear sometimes he is flat footed too like on cams first td pass
  3. poe played like dog doo today thank god and like I said senat and Mclain played fine considering duke was pissing the bed behind them. they kept the o line off of the lbs but duke was always out of the spot, especially on passing downs. Our pass rush needs work, we are missing clayborn
  4. matthews through 2 games so far is the best of the linemen from my eye test.
  5. yep and a De if takk is hurt
  6. that is true but some of that needs to go on quinn and Manuel for playing soft and way off
  7. rico is becoming a nb next week I tihnk
  8. problem is we may never see that again injuries are piling up
  9. I assume it was a ridley mistake but it looked like matt was trying to target calvin not hoop, but who knows for sure
  10. fitz does this every two yrs or so, thats why he got paid by the jets. and maybe just maybe the bucs are putting it together, I was a huge fan of dirk as an OC, and they got talent galore. mike evans is a beast. jackson got that long speed, and oj howard is no rookie TE anymore. only thing they are missing is a true running game
  11. I do have a question about a play from this game though. that one where hoop and calvin were in the same lane/zone is that a depth issue or a rookie issue or what, bc I do remember that happening a good bit last yrs
  12. he is not wrong though, matt looked really bad and missed on a wide open freeman in the endzone.
  13. duke literally has no football instincts what so ever. there so many plays where it would have been better if he just pulled a fold out chair onto the field sat down and watched lol. like so....
  14. we held up well against the run considering duke riley was GAR BAGE
  15. fusco has looked good wes was more good than bad, jake matthews looked the best on the line. there are some chinks in macks armor showing. and ryan schrader was helped a lot by tes, but was better than last week