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  1. great number.
  2. I still think they are going to restructure shredder and let them battle it out. which I think is the right move simply bc I feel like we will have a rookie starting RG and I dont think I want a rookie starting RT as well. I still hope we bring a te in that can truly block. I hope we double dip at guard in the draft like one in the first aka our new RG and maybe a 4th or 5th pick to sit a yr behind wes and learn on the job for lg. Id either cut beasley or restructure. make sure to bring back irvin, than spend a good amount on another DE that can play the run and pass. Id draft a big DT and then try to bring in a FA either at FS or CB. Id draft a rb later like rounds 4-6. Id double dip at LB by drafting a lb in 2nd round than maybe a 6th pick again like we did on that yale dude foye bc after deion jones there is a lot of question marks and I firmly believe duke riley is not the answer.
  3. He looked better than shrader that yr too, in limited snaps. Ever since that injury shredder been on a downward slope
  4. I think One rookie will start on the online I think left guard will be Wes. Right Guard will be a first or second-round pick. Who will be backed up by Fusco the more I think about it. I think he'll be sticking around least for this year which I don't know what his cap hit is this year. is it lower or is it bigger I'm not a huge fan but I think he is better than Ben Garland
  5. If I'm being honest I think this means either Ryan Schrader will be cut or he'll have his contract re done. which to me is a good thing because it will be incentive-based and right tackle will truly be a competition this year. I mean if his contract gets reduced you get two starting right tackles for the price of one because shredder was grossly overpaid
  6. Ty is a right tackle through and through his run-blocking is better at the tackle spit. I saw him knockmore people off in the Run game then Shredder ever did. Shrader was getting pushed back two yards at a clip
  7. Once again we agree for once Falcon fan 1970 the only way I'd keep Beasley is on a massive contract reduction.
  8. We hardly ever agree but we agree here I would also let Tevin Coleman go and not even try to resign him
  9. Nope i am schrader was always massively overrated here. He was the rudy of the offense like paul worillow was for defense
  10. If every coach could take a late round or udfa, and teach them up, no coach would ever be fired. And there would be no reason for high round pics. Levine would be a steal at that price. Like i said saubert has done nothing in the nfl yet at all. Two yrs and 48 whole yds..... wow thats great. And his blocking stinks.
  11. exactly I much rather have levine on a third and 1 or 2 than mr get blowm back schrader. Like ive said this yr. its no shock to me that schrader fell off a cliff after levine left. I also hate this myth that a good blocking TE is a dime a dozen. Paulsen is below avg I would love to see where he ranks on pff. before that we tried bear pascoe who also sucked monkey balls
  12. very true and he has made all 16 games his entire career except 17 he missed one game.
  13. agree but your not going to get that all in one offseason. we need a lg a rg and a RT. levine can help the rt situation without breaking the bank. no one is saying give him 5 million a yr. just give him what he had before which was a million a yr for 2 or 3 yrs
  14. correct shanny had him on the field a lot in 3 te sets. we threw and ran out that formation a lot. his biggest flaw is he is useless as a redzone threat which does stink bc of his size he should be better
  15. levine has 8 tds and about a 1000 yds in 6 yrs. he avgs about 10 yds a catch. so no he is no great catching TE but he is better than some give him credit for. I wouldnt break the bank for him. the bigger issue is he should have never been let go. we had him extended at 3 yrs for like 3 or 4 million before we cut him in yr 2. he was def worth that. he is a far better wr and blocking TE than logan paulsen or eric saubert at this pt. If he wants to come home on a team friendly deal im all for it