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  1. Some did, we can go post digging on paul to see that. every yr was going to be his yr. Folks wanted him to be rocky so bad, but no Philadelphia steps anywhere in sight to run up lol.
  2. I didnt think shembo would be great, but a decent back up. Thomas picked 3 lbs in a row in 14, because of the dumpster fire that our linebacking group was, with Paul worrilow, joplo and Dent and the rest was a black hole of talent
  3. In 2014 we drafted shembo, smallwood, and spruill at lb. Not one decent special teamer in the bunch. Ps that is thomas worst draft to me. Same draft we got basketcase hageman, and dezmond southward. We did good on matthews and freeman.
  4. You can def find players in the third or later, we had have several on the team in the last couple yrs, grady comes to mind, coleman, foye who im not in love with like some are, has def passed his 6th round draft status. Plus I'm not even talking about them being Superstars or great starters. I'm talking about them being compitent linebackers dent even sucked on special teams as a third round, he should have not sucked on special teams that bad
  5. Dent was a third rounder, shembo was a 4th, just sad really. I'm not in love with our linebacking corps as it is but at least it's head and shoulders above what it was then.
  6. He was they all were, we had turds for days, with the likes of over the hill peterson, joplo, paul, i kick puppies shembo, and awful uga dud akeem dent. All turds in them cheeks
  7. He implied he was good enough and he never was point blank period. Should have never gotten that bad to begin with. That was one reason Mike Smith got fired, held onto Mike Peterson too long and then him and Thomas dimitroff drafted like 4 linebackers in one draft, and they all sucked
  8. Vanilla ice made a ton of money too that does not make him a great rapper. Paul worrilow was a below-average linebacker. Not Enough speed to cover anybody in space. I was so glad when he was gone
  9. If darby is a diamond in the rough, than paul worrilow was turd in them cheeks
  10. Well a lot of the pundits are saying julio to the titans wont move the needle much for them.
  11. Nope, although however minor an upgrade, i wish we would have kept Jenkins over harry douglas
  12. As someone who is not a gage fan, i hope so
  13. Im not a huge fan of gage, but he def over achieved his draft spot
  14. He never shuts up, interrupts the other host, and literally never says anything interesting besides the most generic talking points.
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