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  1. trufant does indeed deserve to be benched his effort these last three or so weeks has sucked. thats one thing I an say about duke riley. while he was over drated at lest the effort to get better is there
  2. When it touch down like 5 minutes ago I mean like I said complete failure from staff down I've never seen it just go this bad this quick I mean it is hilariously bad
  3. This game tape needs to be burned this was horrible from top to bottom
  4. Lol no that was a horrible play call should have snuck it with Matt again
  5. I truly feel sorry for us all falcon fans
  6. all right im done for the day got yard work to do this was awful to watch. ps trufant is a bish, ran away from the play
  7. matt is playing like doo doo not fire on the ball at all
  8. yeah I think we are done today
  9. we are going to lose today
  10. in the d line defense they are putting a crap ton of plays on tape that have never seen before. three back sets. already counted 3 trick plays as well. but trufant and rocky are getting burnt to a crisp
  11. matts had plenty of time to throw apparently only person getting open is hooper, and calvins hands are truly suspect
  12. o line is holding up great how was nobody open
  13. browns slow wrs are literally running out of thee lives of trufant and rocky
  14. I know both just look lost as the rest of the team gels
  15. good job julio. o line is doing good matt seems shkey as crap. has thrown 2 or three very bad balls today.