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  1. ha ha ha yeah right lol
  2. I did too he and chris lindstrom wouldnt leave until every kid had one
  3. you can tell he has a big heart and I love his humor
  4. told yall I really liked brown, and ty didnt too bad either. Pass protection was good considering how many blitzes our rbs missed a couple of key pick ups though
  5. I think my prediction is looking good so far, 3 d line got a sack and clayborn almost got one as well. Very nice rotation. still dont see double digit sacks for anyone but who knows
  6. I love sanu but money wise i dont see how we keep him
  7. actually wasnt duke in on the fumble play
  8. great pt about moving the pocket and changing the launch pt
  9. go back and watch the first drive, that is where we ran the most, we only ran the ball 15 times all night. he was picking up nice clips going left of matthews
  10. outside zone is what was working last night, for the most part up the gut was not
  11. dont get me wrong I dont want to go completely back to small smitty ball. I had no problem with those three deep shots aka 2 to ridley and one to hardy, but smart play is good too