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  1. yeah im really bothered ha ha ha just stating facts of the video that you missed dude peace.
  2. dont need to watch it again it was really 50/50 for every nice thing said a back handed thing was said. he has had up and down yrs (fact he has had one bad yr ever), he should be ranked 25th. his peers are tentative about putting him up there. all these things were said and more, and like I said sanu, takk, ricardo allen, and even mike evans all thought number 10 was laughable, but it is whatever matt might not care or he could be really mad he will never say, I do like the fact that his brothers rallied, that never happened on old falcons teams
  3. Final thing im going to say about it is that yes the list is just entertainment but I think players do care what their peers think, I think they even care more what other players think to some extent than what an espn writer thinks; a writer who probably never has even touched a football. I think this is evident by how many players tweeted about where matt ryan ranked within mere seconds of the show airing. that means they were watching the show just like us schmucks. my fav tweet is from sanu
  4. For those who are saying you don't give a sh*t you must give a Lil poo poo bc you are posting memes
  5. they just showed 110 to 101 an no alex mack lol
  6. Im not to big on all the bulletin board material bs but if this dont put a chip on your shoulder nothing will.
  7. it really is crazy one player said he wouldnt have matt higher than 25
  8. should be top 5, he was a top 5 player last yr bar none
  9. gazoo head just imploded but it is way too low lol.
  10. Obviously Roddy was one of the three I was talking about. Freeman and Coleman blow turner, quizz, and snelling out the water in 12. He'll Coleman is a better wr than Harry Douglas was. What has Harry Douglas done since he left the falcond a whole Lotta nothing, besides Talib threatening to beat him up for taking cheap shots. Matt was 27 in 12 he was no rookie lol. Once again 7>3 try again. Coleman had more rec. yds and touchdowns as a backup rb than Harry Douglas did in 12. Lol
  11. you really dont think freeman, sanu, gabriel, and coleman dont make up for an aging TG. We have way more passing options now than 12. In 12 we had 3 legit targets, roddy, julio and TG. last yr we had 5 legit threats and 2 still really good options in hooper and tamme before injury. 7>3 simple math. 9.3 to 7.7 which is do to scheme and a real running game threat so our play action was lethal last yr. in 12 quizz was fine but he is no freeman and turner would only show up every 4 or 5 weeks. Turner had his first 100 yd game in week 4 and didnt have his next til week 9, in fact thats the only two games turner broke 100 yds during the regular season; in fact there were 2 games where he basically avg 1 yd a carry. The one thing turner did still do well was be a consistent redzone threat he had 10 tds. As far as o line play I somewhat agree chester did struggle some but got a lot better as the yr went on as jake matthews started to struggle pretty bad especially against speed rushers. the two most consistent on the line were schrader and mack. Also the notion that we played nothing but terrible defenses is false in the playoffs alone in 12 we faced the two best defenses in the league and beat 1 of them and should have beat the 49ners. The defenses in this playoff run were far weaker especially the packers who could barely field a team.
  12. true but I dont think the falcons faced far greater defenses in 16 than 12, I think it was about even. yes the falcons played KC, Broncos, and Seahawks which were top defenses last yr but we also faced the saints twice which was awful this yr, the panthers twice, which their defense was awful this yrand the 49ers, and the rams. Also greenbays defense was far better. In 12 we faced the seahawks, 49ners, Broncos, and Cards which all had really good defenses. Also I would say the saints and the panthers defenses were better in 12 than 16.
  13. I guess it is how you define elite to me if your in the top 5 of any field that makes you elite and after rodgers, brees and brady I dont see anyone as good as matt from last yr, plus I judge qbs yr to yr not career. I only do that after they retire is when I look at legacy. Brady is the exception for me bc you cant argue with what he does yr after yr especially in the post season. For instance take drew brees if we are just going by tds, and yds and stats drew brees is probably the best qb ever, but his teams go 7-9 routinely every yr. Im not in their locker room but to me, one problem is brees and sean payton dont play small ball. yes the saints defense is terrible, but running the ball would help them stay off the field, and they have had good rbs over the yrs but never ran the ball enough, and I think that is on brees and payton being too cute or pig headed. Just like the falcons were in the superbowl. I honestly dont think brady outplayed us I think we outsmarted ourselves but not letting freeman run the ball. Bill and Brady have no problem playing small ball and taking the ball out of brady's hands when they need to.
  14. also to prove my pt that ryan did hold the ball a lot in 12 just look at the yds lost due to sacks. ryan was sacked 28 times in 12 and lost 210 yds bc he was taking deep drop backs. last yr ryan was sacked 37 times but only lost 235 yds bc he was not taking as many deep drop backs and was unloading quicker
  15. well the numbers dont support it. 08 might have been better but offense was ran through turner, ryan only threw the ball 434 times