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  1. 50/50 Asante Decoud or moore would have held onto that 2nd interception unlike Alford
  2. as much as kotter likes to throw he would have ran it in 16 during the 4th quarter at the superbowl, At least I think so. Do I want more handoffs, yes I do, but more than that I want 2 to 4 yard dumpoff passes to the rb. That is my big problem with kotter, all short yrd plays seem to be screens. We went from mike murlarkey who hated screens, to dirk who loves and I mean LOVES screens. Can we just meet in the middle
  3. as much as fans make fun of mike nolans schemes, they were working until the linebacking group fell completely off a cliff by mid season, I will never forget old as dirt dallas clarke running wild through the middle of our defense when he played for tampa bay.
  4. meh as all falcons teams, we allowed opponents to come back far too often, so he was below avg there too in 12. Turner did not fumble a lot though, so that was a great thing
  5. predictability is fine if no one can stop it. as you pointed out turner scored a lot of tds, those were not 20 yd plus tds, they were short yardage ones. freeman was not scoring those last yr. Same thing with kotter's old shovel pass, how many times did we use it in 12, and it was never stopped much. The big issue is we didnt have anything close to a tony g last yr ora short yardage back. Julio is great but he is not a real redzone threat. Im hoping gurley and ridley in yr 3 can find the gaps in the redzone for tds.
  6. our secondary in 12 was easily top 5 in the league, asante, decould, and moore were turnover machines, they has 17 turnovers between the three of them alone. We have not sniffed that really under quinn
  7. disagree, when turner was in the game you knew what was coming, which in goaline situations who cares, he was a bowling ball to the endzone from 2 yds out, but he was no real threat to catch the ball even in his younger days, or to run away from people in 12. Plus while I would say the o line was great in pass blocking, it was one reason why kotters 7 step drop worked so well in 2012, the were very below avg run blockers, which was only exacerbated by turner no longer having any burst to the hole. thats what im hoping gurleyd oes for us this yr a quick burst to the hole, im far less concerned about his long game speed. we already know he catches way better than turner, but can he consistently get us 3 yds for first downs and touchdowns by hitting the hole and moving the pile with his big body. If he can still break away too, than we are gravy.
  8. Dude he was terrible overall. I agree he could still get touch tds in short yard situations. But as a complete running back he was awful that's why quiz got more and more of his touches and he was nothing to write home about either a downgraded version of Freeman
  9. Turner was not amazing at all in fact he kind of sucked, besides the playoff game against the Seahawks. he was running in quicksand cuz he was no longer turner the burner but turner the burger. The best thing he did do for us was get short yards but he couldn't catch out of the backfield to save his life and he was way overweight
  10. Our offense was good in 2012 our defensive line ok and the secondary was pretty great for the most part, where it fell apart was the linebacking group. they got worse and worse as the yr went on and by the playoffs they were getting abused over the middle constantly
  11. Didnt read thread but thats a no for me dawg
  12. As somebody that used to play that position a long time ago.I do not think we had a good lb group. I think we have a great player and a whole bunch of Meh players. at least for last year. I don't know about this year
  13. He played well against the seahawks, and yes he was good at short yardage, but lets not act like he was the burner anymore. More like the plodder. The linebackers were exposed mid point through that yr, when dallas clarke ran wild through the middle of our defense
  14. 2012 was a good to great offensive squad. The defense was exposed by mid point that yr, especially our lb group
  15. The o-line was great at pass-blocking in 2012 it was sam Baker's only Good year. Run blocking was highly suspect plus Michael Turner Had gotten old fat and slow that's one reason I think this year could be better cuz at least we have a lot of young Talent on the line besides Mack. I really like Lindstrom and Mcgary. Lg just needs to be ok.
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