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  1. Reeds edge setting in run blocking needs to be better, but yeah dude is a solid de/lb
  2. punts start at 20 not 25
  3. I thought both Neal and Allen had good games today, neither one were huge on a stat sheet but both were solid in coverage so kudos there. do think allen would have had an Int if not for a tipped ball. he was undercutting a route perfectly
  4. Clayborn when healthy is a 5 to 8 sacks guy nothing wrong with that on a team, especially as a backup. Can reed get a little love as well. He has been a solid pass rusher this yr as well
  5. agree with you on the defensive fronts in the run game, thats 2 outa 9 games for us at least to me
  6. think they played an ok game, but not great oh well. I def put this game in the good category. except for andre roberts and the o line as a whole
  7. brooks reed for the sack to clinch the game
  8. ehhh thought they were ok after everything.
  9. dude I want you to be right but I just dont know yet. seems cowboys have giving up this game perhaps
  10. honestly I have been impressed by three games this yr against greenbay, detroit, and now this game. the jets game was ok defense played great that game
  11. I have and they have taken turns letting guys lose that is not good
  12. how many is that for the yr for clay 7 or 8