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  1. Give Ryan the best of everything and he'll lead this team to the superbowl.
  2. Guy wins the MVP but he's here because of the defense? Never change Ryan fans...never change.
  3. I think he'll be back to normal...just an average qb. Not terrible not great.
  4. Why are people over looking our elite qb? He's the greatest qb in Falcons history! I don't get it.
  5. I stopped reading at "not getting time to throw the ball." It's just not true. There were times this season where he had time to throw and he either missed the throw or threw a pick. I know you don't want to believe it but it happened.
  6. Denver has the number one defense in the league? They're good. Ryan doesn't face the number one defense in the league every week. What's his excuse?
  7. It's come to this huh? We have to look back to 2012 to validate Ryan? Sad...
  8. I don't understand how that's possible? He's so boring. Guess to each his own.
  9. How could this happen to the greatest Falcon qb ever?
  10. No obsession. It's the most important/high profile position on the team. No need to talk about Julio we all agree he's a beast. I have no desire to sit around and talk about linemen. We know the defense needs work. The only thing that's up for debate really is Ryan.
  11. I'd have to look and see who's going to be available. There are some guys I'd take over him in college that aren't coming out this year.
  12. Oh yea I'd much rather have a qb that was fun to watch. Matt is boring and we're a mediocre team. If we're going to be sub par I would at least like to be entertained. People keep saying that Matt's ability to read defenses is above average I just don't see it. I see this guy makes some incredibly bad reads. I'm not just talking about this season either. He has always had issues staring down receivers. I could snap the ball and look at that one guy (Tony G...now Julio) and hit him when he's open. I'm not saying he's an idiot but he's just average. With his limited athletic ability and average arm strength I need him to have Peyton Manning-like reading ability and he just doesn't.
  13. We're a mediocre team right now. Have been for the last three years. Matt Ryan is a part of the reason we're mediocre. I'd like to see someone else at the helm. I don't know why that's so hard to understand. In my opinion Ryan doesn't bring anything extraordinary to the table. Basic arm strength, basic athleticism (being kind), basic reading (defenses) abilities, etc. He's extraordinary at being meh...I want some one who gets the fan base excited because of their ability (examples: Rogers, Russell, Cam, etc).
  14. Check the name in the title of the thread. Why would I be talking about Julio Jones in this thread? It's a Matt Ryan thread. I know it's a team sport and I know that there are other who have failed as well. This post is about Ryan.
  15. Wow Top 5 now. Yea we'll never see eye to eye on this. Again with name-calling...so sad.
  16. You're really getting emotionally invested in this. I'm starting to think you might be related to Matt. You really think Matt was top 10 this year?
  17. The same game where he fumbled a critical snap? Or failed to lead the offense to some points in the second half that would have ended the game?
  18. Good read, but it reinforces my thoughts about Ryan. Why not move on? Since we can do this with practically any qb according to the blog. I've been on board with pouring all our money into Defense and o-line for a while. Rather have an elite defense than this "explosive offense (centered around a 100 mil dollar basic qb) we've been trying to build."
  19. We might as well be. We're mediocre right now and we have been for the last 3 seasons. How many seasons of mediocrity do we go through before we change things up? If Ryan leads the team to another sub .500 season do we just make more excuses and say well we'll try it again next year? Insanity...
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