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  1. Billy Ocean for student life coordinator. At least you could coordinate when the guys get Johnny Blazed and keep them on a non-peeing week schedule. And, grease the pockets of the RA's too while youre at it. You da man! Skeet so much they call him....
  2. Hey good for him. None of my biz if he was a scapegoat or not..just saw a chance to throw a jab..I'm sorely frustrated with all things football..and even more so all things UGA football. On that note glad to see Lakatos' deal is finally official. Next up CWF. Maybe we will have a little more change in the air and get rid of that stinch of apathy in BM. OK OK..I quit...for now lol
  3. I understand. I'm not saying that its perfect. And I get that it maybe slightly extreme. That being said I think we could use an incremental move in that direction.
  4. Hey may be the scapegoat..but I have to say I like the fact that his job was on the line even after only losing 2 games. Continuity is great..but so is a little pressure to motivate excellence not just pretty good. I have consistently suppkrted our coaches, but complacency seems to be where we are right now. Maybe just perception and a little apathy on my part after our performance last couple years..but sure seems to be the case
  5. ok. Makes more sense. Guess I just inferred that from the tone of your post. My bad. Yes, he has raised the level of SC footballl, no arguing there. To what degree yall contonue that remains to,be seen. But, as of now, yall are relevant and should be for at least next year. I think itd be easy for yall to slip back for same reasons I feel Spurrier may have taken yall to yalls ceiling. But, Charlie Strong or some great young guy maybe able to defy the odds at some point. Stranger things have happened.
  6. No harm intended, but I think youre dreaming if you think his "peak" is realistic at USCe. That was at UF for starters and at that time he brought an innovative approach to the game, not to mention being 15 or so years younger. And, also level of competetion has seriously imcreased nationally. Much less disparity between the haves and have nots. That may be advantageous in some ways, but it means other teams more aggressively and victoriously recruiting the cream of the crop talent. I dont think USCe can year in year out win enough of those battles out of state for top notch talent to be Natty title contenders. Yall have yet to even win the SEC
  7. I agree. Better than used to be. But, without Clowney and Shaw I think yall take a little step back. And, IMO same thing happened this year. Not saying yall are bad, but ceiling isnt as high. Davis has done great, recievers may be better next year. Dylan isnt a slob, but can he carry the team like Shaw has at times im not so sure. Many question marks imo. but I do think you will be in talk to stay in top 2/3 for the East. But, even for UGA, it doesnt mean we're great. If we were honest, the East hasnt been the same in a few years where it was the powerhouse it used to be. Just dont get complacent. It can stall a program. I wonder (and lean towards it being true) if that has happened to UGA. The mentality becomes 10 or so wins is better than most, so we are doing good, no need for change, aggression, etc
  8. Yall lost to Tenn this yr. Dont think theyll decline. I believe youre overestimating where you guys are for the most part. Youre much better than the 90's sure, but not a shoe in to beat all of those teams you are thinking will be wins. Id say you have better shot at AU than youd think also.Do think 10 wins is conceivable sure, but to me thats no longer elite. its.just better than avg
  9. So, since so many coaches uses it and feel it is a statistically good call, youd be hard pressed to say CTG made an idiotic call. Sure that is a good amount of evidence against the call. But, Id be willing to be outside the sensational catch, the odds favor the playcall in that scenario. Those are only pointed out because of their sensational nature and beating the D to prove a point. How many vids or plays could be posted to demonstrate the efficacy of that call? Probably way more. He just found evidence to prove his point. Doesnt mean its necessarily the whole truth.
  10. agreed QB or the lack thereof is on coaches. but, someone bought into the hype of Driskell. Many people thought he'd be the next hot thing including recruiting services. I mean he was a 5*...i mean those guys r always right, kinda like Mark May :/
  11. lol :P good sport you are. i agree with the general premise of your statement. but, they also beat us and we are in the same boat. i dont think we realize how much those particular injuries decimate not only a teams ability, but their morale, confidence, etc. TG3 is prime example.. Sure, he is head and shoulders the best player we have, but he brings more than his running, he brings another attitude to our team. Not to mention the same could be said for Bennett and Murray. Hes a security blanket that when he isnt there, theres an anxiousness about Murray. UF is struggling, but you cant possibly meausre the impact losing that many key players had on a teams overall performance.
  12. Well, we all know if Mark May says its truth...smh. Not sure Id ever use him as my reference point for a credible opinion to validate anything, much less something related to CFB.. probably a nice guy, but his arguments are generally won only because he picks on the senility of Lou Holtz who has trouble rememebring where he is most of the time. It could only be easier to win a debate with Lee Corso or perhaps Verne Lundquist. One of those guys will probably be his next cohost so he can keep picking on the elderly and memory challenged
  13. im a cmr supporter for the most part, but his attitude hasnt been great during in game interviews, cant comment on others but in game has been not so good. he seems frustrated to say the least, almost unhappy
  14. Noticed JHC is playing too. Havent seen that mentioned yet
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