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  1. My boy Jamies looked better in his second outing, lets see if Winston can keep building on that. Tampas passing game already looks head an shoulders better than Tennessees, L&L might be 2 for 2 in the first round. Look out mattie ice, Jamie's might jus be taking that 3rd best qb in the division crown from ya!
  2. Itll get there, then sum once free beats out Ryan T.
  3. **** bud, im sorry to hear that... Makes you think
  4. Not getting in the "whos better" pennis showing contest, but the difference maker imo comes down to qb... romos better an more consistent, romo is by no means "elite" but evermore so, neither is Ryan. Ill use this example... Does it really matter whos supercharged V12 supercar(dez,julio) might be faster, when at the end of the day it all comes down to the driver(romo,ryan).
  5. Id take another crack at joshie mcclown before i wished for such ridiculousness.
  6. Smh... amazing what some settle for
  7. No thanks, night is always darkest right before dawn... Football is NEXT month, Almost here fellas.
  8. I remember a certain Jbopper here back in the day... welcome back bub!
  9. Ill join, what the heII... But only if i can have Winston!
  10. Work, work, an then work some more. I wana go to Tokyo
  11. Lol stone cold was the man too, him an the rock were always my favorites.
  12. Thugs dont use champagne bottles, this is a classic case of rich white people going hood... ive seen it before
  13. FF7 was life changing! Cloud still better be in it with Barrett
  14. Yes, and please prove that your "crotchless pants" are infact crotchless. Perhaps a selfie??
  15. The first sign your qb isn't worth 100mill... Mike smiths franchise qb
  16. Wheres the fun in that, why else would i sit down while I pee?? So my balls can go fishing...
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