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  1. loves him some josh freeman

  2. Nice win Conn, and nice sweep... :( enjoy the run

  3. nice win cody, enjoy the sweep.

  4. thanks homie, your falcons are looking darn good thus far. 4 in a row!!!!! its just killing me inside :)

  5. nice win cody, this four games ina row stuff is killing me, but nice win anyway. id hate to be the falcons come dec 5th!

  6. i cant believe this is like the 4th year we've known each other... crazyy, anyway i hope your B-day was as much fun as mine!!! :P

  7. lol how does it feel to be sooooo OLD!!!!!

  8. sorry JB for ending your winning streak.
  9. thanks for the kind words :P -bucman-

  10. shoot just trying to lay low, im a wanted man in these parts... pretty gay i know. how school man? you tearing things up at troy yet????

  11. yoooo cody whats good homie, its your boy!!!! the only bucs fan you like!