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  1. Yea...no, its not in the best interests of "SHOW ME YOUR TDS" to just give you Mathews. Sorry bud, but i'm thinking an agreement can be made. Check out my counter offer an tell me what a great opportunity im presenting. Oh and i think the trade wasn't blocked cause only cheff caresd, need a caertain number of votes to veto the trade. But, i could be wrong?
  2. Bubba... you cant be serious?? You some how think KB is a backup, bud... and i say that cause it just cant be.
  3. Durty and will fighting again?
  4. Got my Season tickets today!!!!!!

  5. RIP Malcolm Glazer, thank you for all youve done! #Godbless

  6. Mike Evans SON, called it!

  7. week 3 Falcon nation, Week 3!


  9. it'll match my ugly *** face!
  10. with the 7th pick in the 2014 nfl draft the tampabay buccaneers select MIKE EVANS wr taxas am....

  11. Whats good falcon nation!

  12. Raheem morris is back with the bucs
  13. dont count on hurting freeman to bail you out next week! THE BUCS ARE COMING, SON!!!!!

  14. dont count on hurting freeman to bail you out next week! THE BUCS ARE COMING, SON!!!!!

  15. Anyone else watch that year of the QB on E60 last night???????

  16. Freeman for MVP, go getem' brooklyn!

    1. AF89


      Most Victimised Pirate?

    2. Twoism


      Mike Vick's Parrot.

  17. Bucmam

    1. Got Lombardi?

      Got Lombardi?

      Failc*nts is more like it :)

    2. Got Lombardi?

      Got Lombardi?

      Matty Stain "Shat", duh!!

    3. Falconsken


      Do you ever shut the **** up... jesus mary and joeseph...

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  18. Gritz ur 2/3 right, which is more than ususl.

  19. Anyone else at the movies ready for some transformers 3???????

  20. ur team is SOFT, skar. Come find out why in RC. :D

  21. Joshie pooh > mattie melt

    1. Statick


      Joshie pooh? It's no wonder you guys are called Tampon Gay.

    2. Buc-man™®


      Lol, ima get that joshie pooh going!

    3. B^rooklyn


      Joshie Pooh?' 0_o Really BucMan... Really??'

  22. thinks joshie pooh is better than matt ryan??

  23. happy birthday bub