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  1. Less talk, more pics of dics...
  2. I personally have profiles to 5 different football mbs. Every team in the south team mb, plus the two falcon mbs. I enjoy the wide diversity of opinions, although i dont post more than a few posts/wk during the offseason. Things tend to come back together once the offseason is over.
  3. This!
  4. Go Lightning!

    1. mashburn*Fibonacci


      sorry for your loss. I do not watch hockey anymore. but it is something I really do miss. just Atlanta is not a place for hockey. never was, even with the thrashers..... anyhow sorry.

  5. ...
  6. Theres only so much the man can do with ZERO qb help.
  7. Winston, baby! im crableg skrong, ARE YOU!

  8. That would be quite the FA crop, shred.