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  1. He's leading the nfl in yards and tied with Julien Edlemen with receptions. Looks like Matty isn't targeting anyone else besides Julio this year. Gonzo dont even get the looks Ryan used to give him, and also Roddy on the field could catch but Ryan isnt targeting him also. Look for Julio to give Calvin Johnson a run for most receiving yards this year.
  2. My ballsy move was trade Marshawn Lynch for Wes Welker and Frank Gore in my ppr league.
  3. Right, so for example ball on 25 after kick return, play action, wideout beats Corner for 40 yards why don't the corner just tackle the wideout before the ball gets there to save 25 more yards and get the 15 yards only instead of giving up a big play?
  4. UGA wins this easily 10 points or more. Trust me I picked Clemson to beat UGA then UGA to beat SC. Also Ole Miss upset Bama!
  5. It's always just 15 yards automatically not the spot of the foul, why don't defenders just grab or hold the receivers to avoid a play longer than 15 yards or preventing a TD?
  6. Someone post that gif please! Btw HD had the potential his rookie year but sadly that was it, he's become a bum. We need a better slot wideout and returner.
  7. We could easily been 3-0 and y'all would still be complaining on how we blew the lead and barely won, get over yourself we just need to close out games. GUARANTEED we will win vs Pats or I WILL NOT post on here anymore.
  8. I think they want his consecutive streak Alive. Im sure if healthy Roddy would of still caught that 3rd and 15 that was overturned:
  9. Y'all doubting we won't make playoffs please feel free to leave the falcons wagon.
  10. We will finish 12-4, or 11-5 1st round bye we are tough at home. SF isn't the same, Seattle sucks on the road, only team scary is GB but I like our shoot out with them.
  11. Matt Ryan, he's the most winningest QB to start off his career. He won't let us down. As long as we make playoffs we take it 1 game at a time, you gotta win in the season to make playoffs now
  12. We will get spoon back, Roddy healthy, Bartu and Worrilow will have experience. We will do damage.
  13. Going into the season I knew we had to endure some losses, it's not a surprise to me. We will keep on rolling.
  14. Before the season started I stated we have 9 wins already even if we split our South rivals we will still get into playoffs. Let's go start with AFC East: I said we will have 3 wins there (my only loss was due to playing pats, but they aren't good anymore) so losing to Miami is our loss there. NFC West: We will also get 3 wins (lose to either SF/Seattle, won't lose to both only one) I honestly think we beat Seattle due to them being horrible and a complete different team away, SF away is questionable, we may sweep the west but let's go with 3-1. GB and Wash RG3 is not his normal self, sophom
  15. Pats W home field never lost twice in a row jets W easy blowout win Bye TB W bucs are in horrible shape ARI W no running game, we win with our offense Car W cam still sucks, we will beat them Sea W they suck on road, huge difference away TB W bring out the broom NO W we get our revenge, 1 score difference BUF W EJ Manuel will not beat us GB L Rodgers will light our d up lose by 4 Was W RG3 isn't the same, sophomore slump SF L? We can beat them they can also beat us CAR W we clinch home field advantage 12-4 or 13-3 factoring SF game
  16. Decoud and 1st round for Troy Polamalu, do it!
  17. Why don't we just fawking line up and run on 4th and short?
  18. Some thing about Miami made a few plays that changed the outcome blah blah blah
  19. 3-2 going into bye week ladies and gents
  20. Heck no our D is straight up garbage, how many times did our offense have to bail them out?
  21. ATL, GB and SF stumbled into 1-2 first 3 weeks. WOW AFC whooped 3 TOP NFC teams today.
  22. It's not like we have a Shutdown D on the goal line and also Nicholas held like sh1t on that TE TD.
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