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  1. Had a blast at the game. Got on TV celebrating the Sanu touchdown. Decided not to rent a 200 2.8 - just thought it was a little too much trouble. Regretted it some, the sx50 doesn't autofocus quickly enough and isn't good at high ISO. Not too many shots, but here's a couple:
  2. Loving those shots of Berry, especially the excellent shots of the eagles! I don't make it up there often, but I have a few decent shots of the eagles - not as good as the ones you posted, though! Ma Eagle: B3, the day after he fledged:
  3. To answer my own question, I finally found a policy that says no lenses over 6 inches in length. I'm thinking that I may rent a Canon 200 2.8II, which meets this criteria. My other option is using my sx50, which is a really cool bridge camera with lots of reach but not nearly as good IQ and focusing as a dslr. Some people say to just go and enjoy the game, but I really like trying to get cool shots. I know if I don't take a camera I'll regret it. Here's one of my favorite shots ever, taken with a cheap film camera and lens, from the upper level at Atlanta/Fulton County Stadium. Sid Bream beginning his slide to win the '92 NLCS:
  4. Nice shots, Mookie. I believe I see Berry College in there. Class of '88 here. I have a 100-400 mk1, but I bought a Sigma 150-600 Contemporary lens last year and used that mostly in Yellowstone. Usually you 'll want as much reach as you can get, but there are times that 400mm would have been enough. If your 100-400 takes teleconverters well, a 1.4 would definitely be useful. I love my Sigma, though. I kept my 100-400 because I prefer the push pull zoom for shooting my daughter's youth sports.
  5. Thanks for the reply, Mookie. I'll try to find an answer before game time. I'd like to take Marta but won't do it unless I know I won't get turned away at the door. Plan B is to get there very early and be at the gates when they open. That way, if I get turned back I should have time to return to the car. The Tetons are awesome. I spent 4 days there before heading up into Yellowstone. When I was younger, I climbed the Grand Teton. Some photos from this year's trip: 1. A cinnamon colored black bear in GTNP. It was my only bear encounter there (I was unlucky in my timing, as there were Grizzlies on Pilgrim Creek Road just before and after I was there. 2. A Grizzly nicknamed "Raspberry" in Yellowstone. This is the mother of "Snow", the cub I posted earlier. 3. Old Faithful at night: 4. Lightning near Old Faithful: 5. The Milky Way over Lake Yellowstone: 6. Bison in Hayden Valley: 7. A Grizzly not willing to share his elk breakfast with a pesky raven: 8. A Pronghorn Antelope chasing a coyote:
  6. Haven't been on the forum in a while and found this thread while searching for photography rules for the Georgia Dome. Can any of you fellow photographers help? I scored a front row end zone seat for our first playoff game. Is there a six inch lens policy? I'd like to bring my 100-400 or a 70-200. Anyway, nice thread. I'll try to contribute some shots in the future. Here's one of my favorites from this summer - I spent 3 weeks in Yellowstone...