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  1. Who was that beast DL from Baylor? Oakley? He was doing well in the XFL. Shame what happened to him and I hope he gets a shot.
  2. For me this is the big one. When its on the line and all eyes are on him, he disappears plus he's not a game changer. He'll have a moments, but that's it. Not really worth investing more on him.
  3. No one expected a winning season for the Falcons. Much less a playoff appearance. What a way to kick off the beggining of a rookie QB, and Head Coach. Add in Ryan's first pass attempt for a TD.
  4. First thing that comes to mind is Gaines Adams. Not sure the details of his ailment but he unexpectedly passed away. Its the heart, manageable or not its a tricky situation. How many times do people underestimate an injury only for things to get worse? A competitor will always claim they're okay and won't affect their being. In the end Its a tough sport, it will be a strain. I just hope he makes the right decision and lives a long happy life.
  5. And if im not mistaken, wasn't Foles looking solid until Kelly? If anything, Foles is a really really ridiculously good back up QB.... I could be wrong.
  6. That wee bit of green there in Texas, yeah that's where I live. Crazy! Whole start of Texas is playing the game except that area.
  7. Is Quinn calling the defense? If not, he needs to do what's best for the team and take over. He took over last year, surely he can do it again.
  8. I almost had a heart attack. One thing I feel good about is, that in years past our defense wouldn't have made the stop. That was a big one that put the game away.
  9. How can they leave off Grady Jarret on the Dline? This they might boom and reach an "A" grade status. Just my opinion of course.
  10. Yes, so did I. I think the defense was able to do what they did down the stretch was because Neal and Jones weren't playing like rookies. Not to take away from the others. They were great.
  11. I personally thought the same could be said about Jones. But that's just my opinion
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