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  1. Did she just tell him not to get Handsy?? Lol love the energy tho
  2. And if im not mistaken, wasn't Foles looking solid until Kelly? If anything, Foles is a really really ridiculously good back up QB.... I could be wrong.
  3. That wee bit of green there in Texas, yeah that's where I live. Crazy! Whole start of Texas is playing the game except that area.
  4. Is Quinn calling the defense? If not, he needs to do what's best for the team and take over. He took over last year, surely he can do it again.
  5. I almost had a heart attack. One thing I feel good about is, that in years past our defense wouldn't have made the stop. That was a big one that put the game away.
  6. Oops, Actually I meant your avatar.