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  1. Yo BB reinstate my ole ethanga62890 account bro
  2. I'd argue Detroit doesn't have that much of a better passing game tbh but yes Rodgers and Brees yeah no.
  3. Don't be stupid. Our OL is almost last in run blocking. Thats not just inconsistent. Where are you getting 2.9 from? Turner is averaging 4.1 and hasn't averaged lower than 3 since week 4 @ seattle. Try again.
  4. Thanks Jay! I want to hear everybody in the stadium going SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON every time he starts doing his celebration.
  5. When you make Qbing a science. I think you earn that label. agree 100%
  6. See i don't know about that. I think he and his players wouldn't get along the greatest if he was a coach. Unless it was with the Colts.
  7. I kinda disagree with you though. We are 9th in passing 18th in rushing. Granted that's due to shoddy OL play but we are turning more into a team that is slightly more pass heavy but can still grind it out with the run. Definitely needs to be established every game though.
  8. I hope so! I was more adding on to your point to be honest. I knew what you meant bro. Can't wait to have him back next year.
  9. There are a few exceptions but for the most part yeah. I think Tony could be one of the few to succeed at both. He has the right temperament. Singletary doesn't.
  10. Its very rare to see someone with a name like Voice of Reason and actually be the Voice of Reason.
  11. The reason your original post is ******** is that Snelling is averaging under 3 yards a carry and Turner is averaging over 4.
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