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  1. How in Gods name is Trufant better than Matt Ryan? I dont understand the love this guy gets all the time. Hes good at the moment, but hes no where near elite
  2. Funny how every DC weve had under Smith and Dimi has sucked a big one. Gotta be a common theme there somewhere. Nolan will shine anywhere he goes. Garaunteed
  3. Tice coached the Vikings at their peak with Randy Moss. The guy wouldnt skip a beat taking over as HC.
  4. You sir win the internet for the day. Its funny because its so true
  5. You are so full of crap. All you do is bash Ryan. So answer the question. Give us a better option. Youre just like the other keyboard warriors here. Backpeddal when you get called out and would be the first to cry foul when we get someone like Joey Harrington. So answer the question. Youre always sooking about Ryan. Enlighten us all with your master plan on who we replace him with.
  6. Does anyone still really need to be reminded why hes tentative?
  7. You lost what little bit of credibility you had with "we had good defence". Get over it already. Matt Ryan is the best player we have on this team.
  8. The record is getting old dude. Go find a team with a QB you like. Its almost as if all you morons finally found something other than Vick to talk about
  9. Its like putting a gold handle on a toilet door. You can pretty it up all you want but its still a $hithouse.
  10. Rogers, Lacy and Nelson all get Ebola and spread it through the team.
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