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  1. we get homefield they will be plenty of stupid media stories to watch. i'm already sick of all the love. i need the hate.
  2. god i'm so glad keith brooking is on a bad cowboys team. that just makes my ******* day.
  3. we have no problem saying that black people are naturally better athaletes...
  4. i think ya need to give finneran his props he's been making big time plays every game this year!
  5. clay mathews was a fan fav for sure
  6. this knee thing seemed to be a fluke injury. were winning now with him were getting pressure on the qb. we actually have the luxury of waiting on guys like ja98 and peria jerry. there upside is still high.
  7. somebodies gonna need AA. making toasts at 11 in the morning
  8. i think we'll stick with being a smash mouth team. it gives you such an advantage against most teams.
  9. last 3 games the pocket has been real nice. and jerry is still getting over an injury plus he's seen limited time on the field. his problem is field awareness.
  10. i think he gambles with injuries. but it's paid off in moore big time.
  11. jerry isn't seeing the entire field yet.
  12. if the road to the superbowl goes through the dome. well get your dance ready that's all i gotta say.
  13. pretty sure had roddy not been hurt the prior weeks he'd have a 200 yard game. this dude keeps it up is gonna have a 300 yard game...
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