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  1. ykw got me into this team back in 04. Blank, smith, Ryan kept me here to stay. Proud to be the only Falcons fan at work, thankfully no saints fans there, but consistently talk smack to the packer fan.
  2. somebody has to bring this up, sorry. but Peter King kinda called this one on us.
  3. That commercial makes the dude look ridiculous. To me he looks like a young Roddy White right out of college. Lets just hope he doesn't take as Roddy did to make a solid impact.
  4. I already told my girlfriend not to freak out if I say hasselbeck's name in my sleep tonight.
  5. The brick wall is gone. About 2 hours away from completing a cinder-block wall for replacement.
  6. same thing they worked on before the week before the thursday night ravens game. Blitz packages and the no huddle offense. Right now all they can do is gameplan for making the falcons better, but in one week they'll do a more specific gameplan against whatever opponent we face. Turner probably is working on ball control, Matt Ryan is working on why harry douglas is never open. Eric weems is working on when he should or should not call a fair catch, and William Moore is practicing hitting the brick wall in house trying to knock it over.
  7. just changed my avatar. This is me in my seat at about 7:30. easily 45 minutes before the ravens game. Let's talk about the guy in the niners jersey. If a guy in a niners jersey can be at an Atlanta game on time, then why cant you? Sorry for putting it in here, but i'm still not sure why I cant make my own posts yet!?
  8. I dont think we need to be dumping drinks on anyone. Pushing them on the field so the get arrested is an entirely different story. "who dat, who dat, who dat saints fan behind them bars!?" I for one find this a much more acceptable scenario and you dont have to waste money on a spilled coke.
  9. I typically watch the games at home usually. I can't ever hear whats going on or see too well at sports bars.

  10. always cool to meet other Falcons fans in Greensboro, considering there is only about 3 of us I think. Where do you watch the games at?

  11. Saw more falcon fans at the bar this sunday than ever before but.they.all had on jerseys so I was ok with it.
  12. There's no way we should be undefeated right now. too many close games we won. More importantly, if we had not had our offense perform so poorly in the steeler game, or our defense get spanked in the eagles game we wouldnt be where we are now. I'm a firm believer in life that a good *** kicking makes you get better. this is very true in football. I think both of those losses showed some weaknesses that we've corrected. I'm glad that they were exposed in the earlier weeks instead of say in the playoffs.
  13. I checked into it in 08 as well. from what I understand you buy a ticket, and if the game doesnt happen, or home field doesnt happen or whatever, you get refunded. Please tell me if I'm wrong, but I feel like thats how it goes down. Not too bad really, considering you have more than a one week window to buy tickets.
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