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  1. What are you trying to prove? You're trying so hard to bend the stats to make yourself look good to us Falcons fans. It's pathetic! Yall come across as very uneducated as well. Insisting the thread was about who had the better ranked offense when clearly that wasn't even the case. Even if it was about offensive rankings, who cares? Take your offensive ranking and have fun with it. We have more wins, and beat you in NO. I mean, seriously, I could understand all the lip flapping if yall had just beat us after the upcoming mnf game, but it obvious, at this point, you are the inferior team no matter how you want to try to spin it. Btw, neither of you acknowledged how crappy your opponents over the last 5 have been compared to ours. Your higher score average doesn't mean as much now, does it. I really don't see how you knuckleheads continue with all this jibber jabber. 11-2 vs. 10-3 Cardinals/Browns We BEAT YOU - IN NEW ORLEANS! case closed
  2. Haha! You just totally contradicted yourself!
  3. Heh, well you obviously do, just sayin.... Look, I have no problem with anyone who wants to be a fan of the Falcs! I thought the topic was bandwagomn fans, not new fans of the team. There is a difference.
  4. Word, lol. I hear you and basically feel the same way. It's not like I'm going to actively impede anyone from doing what they want. It's their own decision. I just like my way better.
  5. They're more than welcome by my standards if they are actually going to be fans. How do you feel about those same people if they're rooting for the saints next year?
  6. I respectfully disagree. Labels exist for a reason. Plenty of fans are diehards. They have one team they root for. Plenty of people are bandwagoners. Only there when a team is doing well or on espn a bunch. The problem many diehard fans have with bandwagoners, I believe, is that they are only there for the good times. It's great they buy a hat or whatever, but they are just going buy someone else's next year. I guess it's good for the economy. When you are there for the thick and thin, it is frustrating when someone just up and decides to be a fan for the good part. They aren't going to be there when things aren't going as well. They be rooting for the cowboys or eagles, etc. Now, if it leads to them becoming a long tenured fan, then I can agree with you.
  7. I moved from Memphis to Atlanta in 2002. Never was a big Titans fan because of the way they did in Memphis. I didn't really become a diehard NFL fan until I moved to Atl. All the Vick buzz was impossible to ignore and I became an instant lifelong fan of the Falcons in 02. I absolutely loved Vick but I'm not a player fan. I loved the rest of the team equally. I was upset and wanted to believe Vick when everything went down, but did the right thing as a Falcons fan and moved on. Funny how things work out sometimes. Really couldn't have turned out much better for us! So I'm in Denver CO now, reppin the Birds. Why does true fandom seem to be such a strange concept to people? I'm also a hardcore Grizzlies fan. That's an NBA team in Memphis if you didn't know. No bandwagoning going on here. heheh
  8. The #1 play was a helmet to helmet. Not to mention I've seen about 20 in this game so far.
  9. You have checked the schedule, right? http://www.nfl.com/teams/atlantafalcons/schedule?team=ATL&id=0200
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