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  1. Tampa Bay has made alot of improvements. If we can stop Stephen Jackson, we can stop Micheal Turner. Put Aquib Talib on roddy White. Put Ronde Barber on Tony Gonzolez. Bucs win 24-17.
  2. Screw you, The Falcons haven't beaten a legit team team either. And, no the Saints are not legit, they got blown out by the cardinals and browns. and almost lost to two awful 49ers and Panthers teams.
  3. Hoping Bucs build off win at Cincinnati

  4. The Falcons deserved to be overlooked, because they barely beat a team that got blown out by the Seahawks and Chiefs.
  5. The Saints aren't the same Saints from 2009. The Saints aren't scoring points like 2009. I think they are in a superbowl hangover. The Saints almost loss to one of the worst teams in the NFL(49ers). The Saints are the defending superbowl champions, but they are not playing like they played in 2009. Im still not impressed by the Falcons. PIT:Loss to a third string QB. ARZ:Beat one of the worst teams in the NFL. N.O:Saints Field goal kicker choked. I think the Falcons are going to make Colin Cowherd look like an idiot. Because the Falcons aren't that good.
  6. Steelers Saints Panthers Cowboys Falcons passing yards: 198
  7. The Line is too low. I thought it would be Saints by 6.
  8. Two words:Arizona Cardinals. Talk to me after the Atl/NO game next week. I telling you ya'll just beat one of the worst teams in the NFL and you think you can look down on the Bucs.
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