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  1. There not Giving up on Harry. They've already said it in a interview. Harry will be our #4.
  2. There's no way we let Clabo,blalock and Dahl all go. We will try to keep 1 or 2. No way we let all 3 walk.
  3. Your out of your mind. If anything Meier is the odd man out. $ and contracts aside keeping Jenkins over weems is a no brainer.
  4. Im kinda surprised we didnt use him more last year but I find it hard to believe we will use him this year with the addition of Julio plus Harry's knee progressing. If he wouldnt get on the field at WR last year no way he will this year.
  5. I never said anything about trading Jenkins I hope and think he will play a valuable role for us next season.
  6. * Eric Weems as good as he is on special teams he would be some good trade bait. Much like Allen Rossum was back in the day. TD and Smitty would be in a tough predicament when it comes to our WRs. We would have Roddy, Jones, Jenkins, Douglas, Meier and Weems. I dont see us keeping 6 Wrs but we could. With TD and Smitty liking both Meier and Weems I think they would have to make a decision. Weems is tradable. There are plenty of players on this team that can return punts(Franks, Douglas, Jones) * Clabo and the OL- I look for us to keep Clabo. He should be our #1 priority on our OL. We could le
  7. Really like that 22 on Quizz I think that will look sweet
  8. Besides that I think Jay Adams had very good coverage. Who knows that could only be all of it.
  9. I like having a bigger WR in the slot to create mismatches. Jones would be a beast I think.
  10. Oh yea def. I am just speaking hypothetically and mainly asking this because I feel like he plays with a chip on his shoulder and feel like everywhere he has been he has proved people wrong and dont think he will stop here. Rodgers, who rushed for more than 1,000 yards in each of his three seasons at Oregon State and also caught 151 passes, believes he can be more than a third-down specialist in the NFL. In fact, he thinks he can be an every-down back. Jacquizz Rodgers says people doubted Ray Rice and Maurice Jones-Drew because of their size, too. He intends to be just as stunning. (AP Photo)
  11. I really like Matthews as well.. Espically in the 7th great get.
  12. Not really. His game is more make you miss and is pretty physical. His straight line speed isnt very good. He is just real quick. I really think he could carry the load. That little joker is tuff.
  13. Everyone is saying he is a great change of pace back which I agree with but I think he can carry the full load if need be. He did it in college for 3 years and just seems to have the right attitude and chip on his shoulder to prove people wrong. MJD and Ray Rice did it so why cant he?
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