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  1. Wow thanks for the breaking news. awesome the best news since the falcons announced Finn wasn't coming back.. now back to re-runs of Happy Days.. j/k...
  2. I think its to much to compare him to Manning or Brady let give him more seasons to play. he has never had a losing season, but has no playoff wins. i want playoff wins because that gets us to the championships games.
  3. should have put a both button..we lost the game because of the Defense and Ryan. the D couldn't stop anything, and Ryan couldn't keep a drive alive his throws was sub-par.. but 1st pick should be on the Defensive side
  4. Ryan has a baby arm so we have to deal with it.. it take him 30-35 completion just for him to throw for 300 yards. cuz hes captain check down.. we need scat backs who can take the check down and run turner, and jason cant do that.. and im tired of Jenkins, and HD already get some more WR also TD..
  5. ok, but u cant win the super bowl at the end of the regular season, u need playoff wins to get there. so playoff wins are important
  6. Yeah thats nice but 13-3 and get blowout at home this is an ok season, not great..
  7. Can u compare him to more ppl of his era??? like Flacco, Sanchez,Rodgers!!!!!! those guys have about 2+ playoff wins.. Ice man has none!! didnt do enough in both of his playoff games...
  8. how i get a negative i was happy, crying cuz of joy
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