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  1. Some players play with a lot of passion. Players cry in sports all the time. Football included. A Saints fan?!? That’s THE Saints fan to you, J!
  2. He’s 22. Any of you ever play sports?
  3. Actually just saw it on an ESPN MNF graphic and it surprised me enough to remember it. This. This is good.
  4. There wasn’t much of the game that I had any confidence either.
  5. Lmao. This hardly cracks the top 5 most painful losses of the decade. 4 for sure ahead of it. I don’t have any pain left to give this team lol.
  6. I really, really questioned the call to keep the time out. It didn’t make much sense. Maybe they were worried about a sack because of the pressure the Vikings were generating. To be fair, I wasn’t a fan of the play calling all day. But I don’t question Payton often. Don’t my man me.
  7. I posted the stats that I did because that’s what I knew off the top of my head. I didn’t go do any research and frankly, I don’t care to. I don’t care what GB did at home for 66 years. You think those teams in the 50s are going to help them in their first playoff game? This is how a loser thinks. The Saints have the most wins in the NFL the last 3 seasons. We aren’t the same. Saints last 2 years: 0 SB wins. Falcons last 50+ years: 0 SB wins. Id say we’re not.
  8. It is 1-5, but the only bad one on that list is the 2010 loss to a bad Seattle team. Other losses are to the Bears in the NFCC in 2006, when they probably shouldn’t have even been there. Played well above their talent level all year. 2011 against the 9ers was tough, and they should have won that game, but it’s not like they were favored. 2013 they lost to the SB champs. 2017 was a fluke.
  9. The Saints are 15-3 outside since 2017. I’m not worried about this team traveling. They play defense and have a stout running game. Those things travel.
  10. Don’t worry Packman. After the Saints smash the Vikings, they’ll be on their way to Lambeau to kick your team around the field. GB is a waste of a first round bye if I’ve ever seen one.
  11. You forgot the 49er ending in 2011. I have no pain left to give. Not completely untrue. I’m glad you posted. It’s been almost 30 seconds since I’ve seen them. Have fun, not...being in the playoffs?..I guess? I wouldn’t call it forgetting. Difference is, we just finished our second straight 13-3, while y’all just finished up your second straight 7-9. Am I still supposed to be upset about 7-9? Cause it’s a distant memory.
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