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  1. Not unaware. The “position change” was majorly overblown, and an excuse for his supporters. I once had the pass rush/coverage numbers for him for the 2017 season and Cam Jordan dropped into coverage almost the same amount of times. He did have fewer pass rushing opportunities than the year prior, but not by much. He’s always pressured at around the same rate. He just converted at an unsustainable rate in 2016. I’m not some clueless rival. I study and watch a lot of film. Beasley will never have another season like 2016. Takk is the bookend.
  2. What if it’s $49 in cocaine and the change for the hooker?
  3. I honestly don’t remember.
  4. I’m gonna buy a bag of cocaine and a cheap hooker with your $50. So who’s the real winner here?
  5. I don’t think you can say that definitively. If he had say 5 seasons, 4-15-6-15-8, then I think you could say he has shown he can if it’s schemed for him. As it stands, he had one season, where he feasted on terrible OTs, as well as rookie QBs with little to no pocket awareness, as well as a few sacks that just don’t get replicated very often. He converted an absolutely unsustainable number of his pressures into sacks, and when that conversion number went back to normal, the sack numbers dropped again. He hasn’t proven anything. I’d say he’s closer to proving he’s not a great pass rusher than he is to proving he’s a good one.
  6. I know Mono. I know he’ll honor it. Just making sure we’re on.
  7. So we’re on? $50 he reaches double digit sacks?
  8. I wouldn’t call it accidentally, but certainly flukey.
  9. I knowww maannnn. I was just talking a little trash back lol.
  10. Some of us had a better upbringing than others. You cant be upset with me about that. You’re an adult now. Make better choices lol.
  11. What’s my fandom have to do with anything?
  12. @Monoxide I’ll take that action boss. Takk very easily has he most potential at DE on your roster. How you can look at his measurables and see anything but that is kind of strange. Dudes explosive and long. Technique needs work, but has the potential to be a top pass rusher in the league for a long time if he can keep his head on straight.