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  1. Poe is probably gonna get big bucks.
  2. Shouldn't have been a problem since he created RC.
  3. Luke missed a solid 75 tackles in the Saints playoff game.
  4. Jarvis Landry would be ridiculous. Dude catches everything. If we could manage it, it would be huge. Give me Landry over Graham.
  5. What about your nuts?
  6. **** me lol.
  7. It's not. A choke is a collection of failure by the group. This was one player missing his assignment. You don't choke with 4 lead changes in 3 minutes. Choking is building a huge lead, having momentum switch, making a collection of bad calls/failures to make a play, and ultimately blowing the lead over time. If only we had an example of that recently.
  8. **** that. We need to find him and shotgun the **** out of him.
  9. True dat.
  10. Trying to get some work done before this weather sets in. Supposed to be miserable for the next few days.
  11. I wish the 4th down pass would have just fluttered to the ground, and our hopes would have died there.
  12. Was really hoping for Roquan Smith. That's a pipe dream now. Wouldn't mind Hurst from Michigan. DE, DT, or LB. Wouldn't mind Fitzpatrick to play the slot at some point either, but I have no idea where he's projected at this point.
  13. **** you.