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  1. We don't chat in the app you ******* lol. How else were we gonna get ahold of Fiddy.
  2. 1. No. This is on the Yahoo App/site for the FF group. 2. Idk. 3. He didn't say. Just that he had to talk to customer service. 4. Fiddy. 5. See SFLA post. 6. That would be yooooouuuuurrrr New Orrrrrrlllleeeaaannnsss Saaaaaaaiiiiints, by 3 games. Omg. I never realized KYS. Jesus. Fiddy is a master troll. He really plays on another level than the rest of us. Lolololololol.
  3. For those not in rhe fantasy group:
  4. Also, I'm gonna kick Fiddy square in the *** when he gets the site running.
  5. While we wait for the real RC to get up and running. Lookie what I found on the main board: Those same restaurants and bars that Falcon fans frequent during games aren't open during soccer matches? Or... Orrrrr.... Orrrrrrrrrr! Nobody gives a flying **** about the Falcons, like we've all been saying.
  6. Yup. He usually is gone for a few days around holidays. Especially now, with the baby. He'll get it taken care of tomorrow.
  7. I don't have his email. Only spot we talk is .net. I'm assuming he either hasn't been on or he has to handle it at work.
  8. Stfu lol.
  9. She dropped the last charges and said on the stand she lied.
  10. I don't understand why it's so hard for people to put together. "She's lying again!!" Negative. Just improves probability that she was telling the truth the first time.
  11. The lady is the headcase? Lol. There is a high, high probability that the man is a repeat abuser and the woman was coerced into recanting her story the first time, and now he beat her again.
  12. You know it's true. Your hate for the football team just blinds you.
  13. New Orleans is the culinary capital of the world.