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  1. I’ve gotten into reading short books. I work so much these days, I find it hard to make time to read. Right now I’m reading Of Mice and Men. Next up is Metamorphosis,. My wife and her family have a book club. They are reading A Gentleman in Moscow. I’m thinking of getting in in that one.
  2. Isnt the 18-25 demographic about one quarter the population? I havent the time to dig through numbers, so Im probably wrong here, but doesnt it make sense that one quarter the population represents around one quarter the cases? Could this be the result of testing and as well as an increase in cases?
  3. From a perspective of disrepect for veterans then calling veterans scumbags is obviously worse. However, these two are categorically different. Public actions in support of a movement that has mobilized riots across the country killing tens and destroying hundreds of millions in property is more dangerous. Curbing the current violence seems to be a higher tier priority to me.
  4. We have already driven up the price and watered down the product. Making it 'free' will just continue the trend. This is why a bachelors degree is not as valuable as it once was; because its not the same thing. The predatory lending is a result of government backed loans that cannot be bankrupted. Guess who made so you cant bankrupt on a student loan?
  5. Student loan forgiveness is the most regressive tax strategy ever. So, we are going to give a state backed loan to the most privileged people in our society, then forgive that debt and pay it with taxes collected from people who went to work instead of college. Why not just have a poor tax on people who don't go to college.
  6. This is not unusual. Asia is rife with conspiracy theories about America.
  7. Yes. New Zealand is the natural comparison to the United States. With so many things in common, how could anyone see it otherwise.
  8. I just hired ten people. Most had lost their jobs or were unable to go back to school because of COVID restrictions. One had worked at a hotel for twenty years. He had a hand written letter of recommendation from his previous director of operations. We hired him for a five dollar an hour decrease in pay. Another worked previously as a corporate accountant: we hired him as an entry level laborer. The economic repercussions of this shutdown are real and severe. Everyone cannot just work from home indefinitely.
  9. It’s the parents fault in the case of traditionally schooled kids as well. All the responsibility for a child’s education is on the parents. If your child grows adulthood without the necessary skills, academic, vocational, or social, That’s on you my friend.
  10. My son homeschooled before COVID-19, so, we’ll be doing the same thing.
  11. He was going to see the peaceful protest.
  12. 9-5 I manage a electrical contracting company.
  13. We got $2900. Last year I lost 185k. This year I’m doing great. I have over 800hrs OT so far this year. We have been giving by intentionally supporting our local business and overtopping to the extreme.with daily take out. I think my wife may have found a charity too.
  14. I’ve been training two new employees this week. Next week I will be opening a new office. We are very busy.
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