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  1. With the midterms coming up, he is going to need the Russians hack elections all over the US.
  2. Inequality is an issue, but it is not something that is special in our society. It is reasonable to be concerned about finding a solution, but to pretend that it is somehow a fundamental flaw specific to our culture is wrong minded. Do the rich get richer; yes they do. Is that because of capitalism; no it is not. The cause is much bigger than capitalism. This disparity exists across all cultures, political systems, and economies. It seems that the cause of inequality is shared by all of these systems.
  3. Makes sense to me. First they have to pave a way for the profits to funnel to Senators, then it will happen faster than you can say are you holding.
  4. Of course you can show me that we stand out as a society with inequality as opposed to others but you just prefer dumb personal attacks.
  5. Interestingly, those countries that have been founded on the ideas of the left have been the most murderous of all time.
  6. lol People who think that public school teachers being paid nearly twice as much a private school teachers to produce nearly half the result are sociopaths. At best it is a waste of good teaching resources.
  7. Yea, that sounds about right.
  8. Is that what we are doing here? How about you make a case before asking me to disprove it.
  9. Yet the poor in our country live better than most people.
  10. They everyone is doing all of them wrong.
  11. All systems benefit a few over the many. Hatred is your choice.
  12. Its easy to hate a few people that you will never meet.
  13. Lol. Single payer state healthcare lacks middlemen.
  14. Of course. You usually arent ready for big changes in your life. Most people get married before they are 'ready'. Most people arent 'ready' to have children. You just decide to do something and make it fit your life.
  15. Look, Im pretty sure that there isnt a job that people will not say isnt harder than a school teacher. Last year I worked 16 hours a day for 89 days straight completing five projects on contracts totaling close to twenty million dollars. I was responsible for the work of at least sixty people. On a couple of phases the work was so specific that the amount of mistakes were just astounding. I probably hired and fired twenty people in those three months. At the last minute I had to learn an entire new field of work which required about 250 hours of serious book study. So, you know I fit that in in my spare time at night. Then i had to teach a team of five to do the new thing that learned on the fly. Im not saying that teaching a classroom of 30 kids a subject that I studied for three to five years for seven hours a day isnt challenging, but you dont have many 36 hour days in the public school teacher game. Oh, yea, and I home school my kids.