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  1. Im on your side. S****show is the kind of regal statesmanlike discourse we used to have in thee good ole days. This country is going to H**** in a S****box.
  2. Yea calling a country a ****show is nothing like calling a country a ****hole. It is obvious and only a stupid person wouldn't see that ****show is a respectful evaluation and ****hole is racism.
  3. Next they will say he said ****show as if that is somehow less offensive.
  4. 143,000,000 people will pay lower taxes next year. There are ~155 million in the labor pool.
  5. It’s not your money. All the money is ours. Your part is what we let you have. If someone comes along and let’s you have more than we want you to have, they took it from us.
  6. Nah. Just seems like anything is possible in this political environment. We are talking about comedian turned Senator, a whack-a-doo running for senate riding a horse to the polls, and a reality TV star winning an election vs a former first lady. Suddenly, Dwayne Elizando Mountain Dew Camacho doesnt seem so far out.
  7. LOL See why I dont bet.
  8. If I were a betting man, I would bet on Al Franken rescinding his intent to resign.
  9. So, Palestinians are vegetables? Wait.., fruit! No; hive minded insects.
  10. Weinstein was part of Clinton inc. whether explicitly or by reputation he was protected by the Clintons. No way this story goes public if his besties are in the White House.
  11. Even if he does show a return, I think he is determined to lose money. I told him that he should sell if he gets in a good position but he says he will just re-invest. Has anyone learned from the series of bubbles we just came through.
  12. I know someone who opened a credit card and charged $4k buying bitcoin.
  13. We must act according to the wishes of the violent.