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  1. If jobs are being destroyed faster than they are being created then why has unemployment decreased over the last decade. We have 4.7% unemployment as opposed. In 2007 we had 5% unemployment that peaked around 10% and is back below 5% again. If what you say is true then we should have more unemployment. This technological trend goes back further than 2007. Really this entire Century has been part of the technological economy. Not conflating anything on purpose. Doesnt change the fact that technology is good for jobs.
  2. So, it isnt going to be exactly like the industrial revolution. The principle applies but the changes are not the exact same changes. However, people live better lives and have more opportunities now than they did even a few short years ago. The power of 'the good ole days' is amazing to me. Ten years ago the same people who think that we need UBI would have told their elders that the 80's are gone man, this is the future and it is awesome. Now they are the crumugeons telling us that the future is bleak and that we need them to save us. Well, we need the government to spend taxpayers money to help prop up their businesses the same way the old businesses that they once out competed want the government to prop them up. The disdain for millineals by GenXers is the same. My older brother sounds like some one eyed old sailer talking about "these **** kids".
  3. The Luddites are always wringing their hands over the buggy whip makers. The world changes. Change is good.
  4. I have read that there are about twelve million mobile app developers worldwide. That is twelve million jobs that couldnt exist eleven years ago. I realize it isnt a propotional growth rate, but that is approximately a million jobs a year.
  5. Of course you do. The old monopoly system was horrible. According to wiki, there were 233,000 taxi drivers in 2012 making an average of 22k. Uber is on pace to replace that entire number in a little more than 4 months. Uber drivers make more than 22k on average, some even make six figures. Rideshare has improved the taxi market for drivers and customers. The old monopolies aren't doing as well.
  6. I would be willing to bet that uber produces more part time and more full time jobs than the taxi industry. I seriously doubt if rideshare produces fewer professional drivers. By its nature an open market has more options. So, yea, its hard to keep running a business like yellow cabs in New York that has a license cost of 1.32 million dollars vs. uber that costs nothing if you already have a car. The left is always worried about the poor unless your talking about them doing job that competes with one of their monopolies.
  7. You think that taxis are losing 50,000 jobs a month?
  8. It is a bit ironic that one of the driving reasons for these laws is mistrust in jurists. In order to curtail what was seen as injustice because of the license given to judges now we have automatic injustice built into the system. At least in the past we had the option to get rid of judges that made poor decisions. These laws only change with and act of the legislature.
  9. uber ~ 50,000 new drivers monthly
  10. So defeatist. We can move into the the next economic paradigm without creating a massive lower class. Remember when everybody was a farmer and industrialization created more products with marginally less labor. We moved into the most prosperous epoch ever. Why not look to future as a place of promise instead of doom.
  11. I have no problem with Arya mimicking Waldor Frey's voice. She is physically mimicking a man 50 years older than here and seveal inches taller so well that his wife is fooled. Is it such a stretch that she can also mimick his voice?
  12. How did somebody with those opinions remain republican so long. Just goes to show that party affiliation is tribal not ideological.
  13. eh, if president for life and stacking the supreme court is your bag