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  1. Can dish, but...
  2. How many deaths are acceptable to you?
  3. True. We also are not accounting for those people who would have died even if they hadn’t contracted covid19.
  4. This will help a lot. Also there will be a perceived acceleration of cases.
  5. I traded my bottle of Whistle Pig for a quarter bottle of Four Roses Small Batch and a half bottle of Old Forrester 1920.
  6. I think that a tiny portion of attention seeking ******** exists in every population. Social media has amplified that section so much that the good people have decided to sign in with the loudmouths. Something like 2% of the population are responsible for 80% of tweets and we treat them like they represent the whole population. Hopefully GenZ will be savvy enough to just ignore them because us Xers, Boomers, and Millennial have canonized a bunch of trouble makers.
  7. I have essentially left this board. I pop in now and again, but barely enough to be a regular. I have waned for a number of reasons. Firstly, the political debate has been fever pitch too long. Secondly, I have hashed out nearly all of the big arguments that these boards can service. I find that message boards lack something necessary for honest discussion. Maybe its too many people in the conversation, or maybe its because written communication cannot convey the entirety of communication like personal interaction. Regardless, I find that in person I have completely cordial discussions with people with whom I disagree, and those same conversations devolve online. Thirdly, my life has become very busy. I have three jobs and a business. Two of those jobs are multi-state and one is high level management. I have a family and i am building a house. Arguing about some jibe between politicians or on of their promises to make your life better just doesn't do it for me anymore. I have considered leaving outright, but I have enjoyed some discussions, and I hold out hope that people will start to regrow a sense of humor at some point in time.
  8. Cough *blantons* cough!
  9. Go to a bourbon festival where the vendors set up tasting and food pairings. You get to try lots of bottles and see what is to your taste. Dont think you have to like something just because its supposed to be good. I have a bottle of Whistle Pig that rates like 8/10, but I dont care for it. So, if you come to my house Im gonna offer you a glass of Whistle Pig Straight Rye 10yr, which is a good whisky that I have had for like three years now.
  10. Gritz Nailed it. I would add Four Roses to the list of good bourbons for starters.
  11. One of my younger brothers has horrific vison at distance: something like 20/500 in one eye. But he has great command of sight picture, so he shot expert on every qualification in the navy. I asked him how it was possible and he said he just shot in the middle of the target even though he couldn't see it (whatever that means). Everything he shoots is blurry.
  12. That’s college football. Georgia is good and they beat plenty of good teams. UGA hasn’t been able to put together an unstoppable team like LSU, Clemson, and Alabama has lately. That is a complicated equation that starts with the Alumni and goes through coaches to player culture. Comparing UGA to ATL is lazy. Atlanta is a historically bad team that has become average to above average lately.
  13. There has been something off with the receivers all season. Lots of drops have stalled the offense even against easy opponents.
  14. Not a good comparison. Georgia is always good. Falcons like to just fall to pieces for an entire season now and then.
  15. Ya mon. All they have to do is win every other play and its an easy win. If only UGA listened to you they might be in the SEC championship once in a while.