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  1. We have on record. No taking it back now. Nothing else to say.
  2. The biblical command to be praus ( strength under control, meek) is tied to the biblical command to protect the weak. Hence, be capable and gentle or dangerous and under control.
  3. It’s not mercy if you can’t do harm.
  4. Jordan Peterson is late to the game. This has been a well known concept in Christianity from the start.
  5. A man should not be harmless. He should be dangerous and under control.
  6. What a chickifide response. "Nice, truck. You must have a little ****."
  7. That is a fantasy. The reality is getting rid of guns for the law abiding.
  8. My guns dont kill children. How is disarming me going to stop someone in texas who legally prohibited to own a gun from illegally buying a gun and shooting people. If you know that you would never shoot a classroom full of kids, how does you selling those guns help?
  9. Columnist fails gun check, blames store owners by Becket Adams | June 20, 2016 07:54 PM https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/columnist-fails-gun-check-blames-store-owners
  10. Especially if I have a gun.
  11. Just sayin
  12. Yes. Trump making fun of Warren for pretending to be a minority to gain advantage is going to turn his base against him. You found the silver bullet. Warren should choose Rachel Dolezal as her running mate to maximize Trump's big weakness.