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  1. I want Jamie Newman. The former Wake Forest QB. He had 26 TD pass, 6 rushing adding 500+ on the ground. 6'4 228lbs would look nice here. He could be a 1 yr stop gap until Beck,Mathis,or whoever we sign is ready in 2021. Costello(STAN) and Hunter (Clem) are options too, but I think or atleast hope, Newman is the guy.
  2. Right lol. Do you think we get Brock since he decommited?
  3. Not recruiting related but by the numbers Pickens blew Haselwood out the water statistics wise. Go DAWGS
  4. Swift is better than Taylor. More versatile. He is 5'9 215, that packs a punch, and is hard to tackle being that compact.
  5. Nice but I was thinking along the lines of Swift,Marvin Wilson(DT),and Shaun Wade. Starting RB, DT,and FS/CB within our first 3 picks. I think it's a underrated class at LB Simmons and Moses the best, but Murray(OKLA),Phillips(LSU ),and Crowder(UGA) will be on the boards rounds 3-5. Crowder is Campbell 2.0, but better ball skills, and will be there in the 4th or 5th. I am hoping we hire a GM that values the return game. Barner was solid but the impact Hardeman made for KC, would be nice here.
  6. That's the reason I want Bieniemy was the next HC. Someone who values the run game and the OL.
  7. We are gonna have to get cheaper, and younger at CB1 and RB1. If we could walk away with Okudah and a RB I would be happy. That's why I want Bieniemy as HC. He would bring a run game and a good OL coach with him(hopefully).
  8. I can definitely see Tru and Free money coming off the books(cut) this off-season... hopefully or trade Tru on draft draft
  9. We are gonna miss Young. Okudah may be the target. I'm hoping we can sign a pass rusher on FA, draft Okudah, and get Weaver(Boise) and a RB in the 2nd Rd.
  10. No it's time for something fresh. A seven game losing streak is never good. He has had those type of streaks in previous seasons. 5-0 in 2015 then we went on a losing streak. 28-3 in 2016 SB. Our home record has been a joke under him since 2017, especially against AFC opponents Far as TD, I think he is a good cap guy, but he can't identity trench players. He has drafted great skill position players. He can stay as a consultant,only if the new GM has full control. Otherwise goodbye. Atleast Lindstrom looked great today
  11. This will be the reason the FO drafts Okudah. They will stay Tru is fragile (true) and release him. I'm sure the next GM is gonna want to dump that contract.
  12. That's the reason we have had a up and down OL since TD has been here. That Pacific west drafting is the reason he should be fired. Sam Baker, Schweitzer,Harlow all were/are mediocre. A new GM would put a end to all of that..... hopefully. Draft more SEC,BIG 10,and ACC lineman Falcons front office.
  13. This is what I really wanna do. Swift would help bring some excitement to this dull offense. And Simmons teamed with Debo and Foye would be nice
  14. Swift would make us dynamic on offense. He can play in the slot too, allowing another RB to be in the backfield on certain formation's
  15. Pickens will be fine. In the heat of the moment it's hard to determine what you will or won't do. If anything he showed he isn't a pushover
  16. I like Kinlaw better than Brown. He is just as big and more disruptive. Better pass rush too. Okudah is a good CB, but I doubt we cut Tru and we have Oliver/Sheffield. Epenesa looks like a good but not great DE. 8 yr starter type,solid but not spectacular. This team needs more impact type players on D.
  17. I wasn't mad when he left UGA. It's business and he wanted to play. It worked out for him as well as UGA. Fields is my choice because I know Lawrence is out of reach.
  18. Greg Roman as HC Trade Matt in 2021...draft Fields
  19. DRob needs to be schemed into this game. Same as Cook
  20. Absolutely correct. They know Matt is limited as a QB. He needs a run game and a TE to be effective. Not knocking him but that's his and several other QBs game. Resigning Free was a mistake,letting go of Coleman was too. The biggest thing is why haven't we had consistency with our coaching staff offensively. The Saints have lost only a hand full of coordinators and NE keeps coaches too. They lost some too throughout the years. Maybe we should have kept Sark and let his offense grow.
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