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  1. I was pondering it earlier. Wouldn't it be dope to draft Chaisson at 16, then trade back up for Swift or a S at pick 21.
  2. Swift can have an Kamara type impact on offense. He is a good receiving back. The UGA coordinator used him wrong this season.
  3. Both are 5'9 215+, and played against elite competition and had great games against it. Dobbins has more mileage on him as far as carries,and both are good receiving backs. Swift may be slightly more athletic, but either would look great in black and red. Who ya got?
  4. He will draft Chaisson at 16. Then trade both 2nd round picks to get back in round 1 and draft Swift.
  5. I just don't want him to be on the board on the 3/4th round and we pass on him like we did Hardeman. Dimitroff ignores the SEC alot. I'm not saying you have to draft every player out the SEC, but familiar names at position of need will help put butts in the seats and wins on the board.
  6. That's true. I think we will address G again in the draft, high like 2nd round with a player like Cushenberry,or Hennessy.
  7. If it isn't Okudah, I don't want a first Rd CB. I rather let Tru,Oliver,and Sheff gel. Then cut/trade Tru next off-season. Next draft has better CB coming out. Wade,Surtain Jr,Stokes,etc.
  8. The guy is a special talent. Playmaker and offensive game wrecker(Dimitroff words). WR,KR,PR, Wildcat QB. Think a slighter built, more athletic Sanu. I'm sure he will be a 2nd/3rd Rd pick, but we have seen what the Hardeman,Deebo Samuel type talents have done for a offense/ST. Matt is getting older and he needs weapons(RB,TE) especially if we let Hooper leave. What are y'all thoughts on Bowden JR?
  9. Or do we draft a player like Cushenberry III in the 3rd/4th Rd to compete at LG in 2020, and move him to C in 2021?
  10. I doubt Ngakoue make it to FA, I'm sure JAX will tag him. The likes of Armstead,Lynch,Quinn,and resigning Clayborn don't seem to far fetched. The LG position needs a true starter and not a stopgap like Carpenter,Brown,or Fusco. Thuney will solidify it, but Glasgow is versatile and can also play C. We won't get Chase Young, and Clowney/Chris Jones will be overpaid. Thoughts?
  11. Thank you. How does he get a pass??? We have fired EVERYBODY but him
  12. We will be the new DBU in the next oncoming drafts.
  13. Been hearing rumors that Campbell may move to FS. I always thought he would be a all pro S, but a very good CB.
  14. Okudah,Chaisson,Swift,McKinney,Burrow,Kinlaw,Brown,Higgins,Simmons,Murray,
  15. If he signs a pass rusher in FA, TD will trade up to get Okudah....mark my words
  16. Is Aaron Lynch contract up with the Bears. He is 6'6 270 and shouldn't cost us alot of $$. Draft K9 and a DT and the front is back to being fast and physical.
  17. What if Simmons and Chaisson are on the board at 16??? Who makes the D better. Both will play OLB, but Chaisson can rush, and Simmons can cover.
  18. I like the Glasgow signing. He is ALMOST more of a priority signing than Hoop and Campbell.
  19. Matt Hennessy in the late rounds and let him develop. He will have DT/DE feeling drunk after blocks.
  20. Kinlaw and Gross-Matos are my targets.
  21. I know alot of folks here want him, but I would rather trade for Jamal Adams. Not saying we are, but taking a FS at 16 won't help this team.
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